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That Alaiyeluwa (his majesty) Kabiyesi (the one that shouldn’t be questioned) Oba (King) Saheed Ademola Elegushi, Kusenla III is a man (king) of style cannot be queried. Since it’s something that’s super obvious for all to see.

His royal majesty, a man of the people at just 43, is a handsome man by all account and a very stylish king by all standards too. In fact, he is one man that carries the grace about himself so effortlessly. Truth is, his royal or regal mien, his aura is in fact very enveloping.

The thing is that Kabiyesi’s style is not just limited to his royal garbs alone. We in fact love that his outfits either continental or traditional, are very classy and classic, not for him those overly garish or unnecessarily colorful gabs, but always very simple, royal and on point and that sense of style also extends to his royal chariots too. We have also noticed that his wives too, are on that upscale, sumptuously stylish and regal level too. Most especially Olori Sekinat Aramide Elegushi, who is well known to favour only the classiest of fabrics, from the HKG upwards and more. In fact, there are not many that can match, Olori Sekinat on that level, as they might go totally bankrupt. Now we understand why husband and dear wife. are so in tune with one another, style is part of where they are also one.

It is quite obvious for all to see that, the ‘young elder’ is a lover of machines. By that we mean treasures-on-wheels. Cars that leave the mouth agape in open wonder. Apart from the normal off the hook SUVs that’s already in his garage or stable, 2 of the cars that actually takes the cake without a whimper his Rolls & now his Maybach. And they are obviously the pick of the pack too. First is his royal majesty’s custom made ‘Rolls Royce Gushi’ that he added to his still growing collection about 2 or more years ago. That car/chariot/machine/juggernaut, used to enjoy solely or might still be enjoying a pride of place in the heart of machine loving king.

But he has since brought in, since sometime this year and rather quietly also too, a companion for Lady Gushi as we have tagged the Rolls. In fact it’s a flamboyant and stately sister for the ‘Rolls Royce Gushi’ which we heard had cost him then about $500,000 plus dollars then. This is new baby, is a top of the class/range, Mercedes Maybach that is said to have come in at a princely $400,000 (that’s about N144,000,000 million Naira). It could in fact be slightly more or less, depending on the exchange rate used, we on our own have calculated here based on (N360 Naira to $1dollar).

The stunningly beautiful and gorgeously charming Maybach is jet black. When we first came across the Rolls Royce a while back then, we saw it then in her own transparent climate control bubble, which we heard helps to maintain it’s colour and what have you. But we don’t actually know now, if this Maybach too enjoys the sort of pampering that the Rolls used to enjoy too then.

The Maybach, with her quite distinctive logo of m over M for those who might not know, is the super-super luxury arm of the already super duper Mercedes Benz brand. The auto giant Daimler-Benz actually acquired the brand as far back as in 1960. The brand is in a class of its own in terms of individuality and exclusivity. They don’t come more awesome than this. Former Governor of Delta State, James Ibori who was a great cars aficionado, actually used to favour the brand a whole lot in his heydays and he was said to have owned a few across the continents then.

So his royal majesty in getting one of it to add to his million dollars rated or valued garage, knew what he wanted and went ahead to get it with much aplomb too. With the acquisition of the inimitable Maybach, the stylish husband of 2 awesomely gorgeous Oloris (queens), who also collects badass wrist-watches, the likes of Franck Muller, Rolexes etc, has taken it another notch up on the style quotient amongst all the super well to do royal fathers in Nigeria.

Kabiyesi sir, ka ade kpe lori oooo. More grease to your stylish elbow.

Salute sir!!!!

Note well. The Maybach above are not actually the King’s exact own. These pictures were sourced online for the story.

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