The news was rife over the weekend and even till now, that ace actress and celebrity, the one and only Tonto Dikeh having ran foul of the laws in Dubai where she had gone to attend the wedding of Big Bro Nigeria 2018 couple #Bamteddy2019 and also the annual ‘One Africa Concert’ was arrested and in detention and was likely facing deportation. It was claimed that she would be first facing charges of misconduct, maybe harassment also and maybe possession of illegal substances, said to have been found in her possession upon being searched.

Part of the reason why many felt that Tonto might have been arrested and was still in detention is because, unlike how she would have normally taken over Dubai as expected, like going all over the places and splashing pictures of same all over the social media, she being the original goldfish, show gal without a hiding place. This particular trip that held a lot of promises from the get go, seem to have become very subdued all of a sudden after her reported altercation at a venue. This is especially after the noise that had heralded her arrival in the same Dubai initially.

So to ascertain her whereabouts and to find out what was also actually going on and the true nature of things, knowing full well also that there are many sides to a story, we did try to put a call through to the mother of one, so we can at least put to rest all the speculations and unfounded theories, if that’s what they are, as expounded online already.

At first the phone just rang out without anyone picking up. Then immediately afterwards, she first responded back via her What’s app trying to do a Whats app call. But it’s a well known thing in the Emirate, that whats app calls to and from Dubai can be near impossible. So she thereafter called us again, but now with a Dubai nos  +971 50 620#%@$. And she responded thus to our quick enquiries- What’s going on? Where are you? Are you calling from Jail or detention?

“Don’t mind these people, they are frustrated. Their papa is the one in jail!

I  had an altercation with the police when we were getting into Paul O’s event. You know how Dubai is. You have to dress decent and everything. So initially when they just see you dressed with your breasts out or dressed sexy, they just feel you are a business woman. And business women are actually prostitutes. That’s what they call them here.

So one of them now said “sharamuta” under his breath and I know what sharamuta is, so that’s why I got upset. But we settled that.

The only thing is, the only offense I committed was that you don’t record. In Dubai, you don’t record a police officer. It’s against the law. 

I am fine, I am ok. 

Question – When are you likely to come back?

Tonto- I would be back by next week.

I am having fun. I am lounging at the apartment given to me at the Burj. I am having a helluva time. Then she says she would be calling me back as her brother had come to pick her…….

You can follow my new IG page to see my activities”. 

By Maestros Media

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