For me I believe there are the special type of people in this our same society, on this our clime that deserves celebration and commendations. Normal citizens like you and I, who do not go about, deliberately in search of and looking for fame, not the clout chasing lot, but those who for their chivalry or chivalrous acts and their love for humanity such things that have become normal to them, fame of its own freewill, just attracts, and in fact wants to celebrate them to high heavens.

Joseph Edgar seem to be living true to his name Joseph and maybe like the biblical Joseph too, he must have had a dream too and was then sown a coat of many colours too, but his just seem to attract a lot of goodwill his way. He is first and foremost a consummate investment banker of the most unbelievable kind. That’s the vocation he has known for more than 2 decades now. He is one person who trained under the best the industry could boast of and by virtue of his somewhat brilliance, has met and he knows many people that are of great value and those who love him and maybe, because of something they must have discovered in him, are willing to do just about anything for him or those or things connected to him.

Brilliant, crazy, passionate, extraordinary, humane, selfless  are some of the very kind adjectives that can try to encapsulate this man, who was 50 many weeks back. He is in fact, a philanthropist of the most awesome, extraordinary kind. He is not a billionaire, neither a multi-millionaire, so we can not boast of him just dropping 5 billion in one fell swoop. But unlike those moneybags, what they do not seem to have, he possesses in over abundance, that’s the heart of gold and an unpretentious consistency that baffles all. Just imagine someone who might not necessarily have the millions personally, he himself might even be hungry and also need help at any given time, but yet, he would still stick out his neck, far out for others, without bating an eyelid.

He is a writer too, but of the crazy kind of type. His writing style is tongue-in-cheek, a satirical master of the highest order. He is in fact at the top of Primera liga of those who have adopted satires as their cup of tea. His newest book, a satirical masterpiece which he titled Aaaaarrrgg… amd which has sold a sizable number and has gotten unbelievably very fantastic review from a whole lot of top people. This somewhat autobiography is his 3rd book. He is a columnist and contributor to This Day, RipplesNg & most recently Opera News.

For us he actually defines what it means being an influencer. By that we mean in the real or true sense of the word, not in the toy way that, that word is used now., because for us, who is that influencer truly, who has not used his or her mettle, his/her connection, his/her wealth to improve the lives of others?

Joseph Edgar, the man. An extraordinary man, in any which way you want to look at it. One who has used his mouth and clout, and all that is in his possession to bless others, be it in the entertainment sector. A sector he recently entered in, in a most awesome, most powerful and exciting way to promote some of the best produced stage plays in this country till date. There is the current rave of the moment ‘Emotan’ ehixh displays thr rich cultural heritage of Benin, there was the sexually explosive 3SOME. there were others like Oba Eshugbayi, LoudWhispers and Isale Eko, he is currently working on the biggest so far, titled Aremu. A play that would chronicle and bring to life, all about the lifr and time of the former 2 time leader of the country, retired General, Head of State & President, the stateman known to all as Chief Aremu Olusegun Obasanjo.

He has helped to resuscitate a dying culture, that’s talking about the love for stage play, from something dying, something like on her last kneel, having seemingly lost her luster to something many now look forward to or that others even want to experience and explore for the first time now. He brags a lot, in fact a whole lot, some would even call him a loud mouth, but he does same in the most positive and honourable way one can imagine. Like it is said, he brags correct.

Just imagine that an individual, not a corporate entity in any way or of any kind for that matter, not one in the mold of a Dangote or Otedola or Alakija and more, but who by our estimate can stand shoulder to shoulder with any of these people mentioned, who in the last few years all by himself, using just his clout, but has raised for the well-being & care of others not less than N100m. We mean ‘One hundred million Naira’. All for the good of others, for one intervention in one area or the other.

In just 3 hours of this morning alone (21/11/2019) he has raised N156,000 for the school fees of a child of a woman who via getting raped was infested with the HIV virus.

By Maestros Media

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  1. Well Written. And Joseph's description by this writer is APT. May God continue to keep Joseph and Bless him abundantly in Jesus name!

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