For those who might not know or might not easily remember who Olori (Queen) Hadiza is, she’s the exciting 2nd, & younger wife of the very handsome and stylish, his royal majesty, Alaiyeluwa, Oba Saheed Ademola Elegushi, the Elegushi of Elegushi and the Kusenla III of Ikateland and environs.

Queen Hadiza from Kano, was married amidst plenty of pomp and excitement earlier in the year in Kano at one of the most exciting traditional nuptials of the year in town. And to show how much the King, who is in fact one of the youngest royal fathers in Nigeria valued his then fiance later wife, the kind of gifts that she had received from her husband as part of the tradition that follows the marriage rite, is still seen today as one of the most staggering from a husband to his intended. The gifts boasts of jewelry, clothes and so much more. And the nuptial was widely celebrated.

People had expected that soon after all the ceremonies had emded that the new queen would soon pack to her matrimonial home, but alas that didn’t happen as was expected immediately. And then people wondered very much after the wedding about when the new queen/junior wife would be packing into her husband’s home, so as to give the lovely and super stylish queen in the house, the senior wife in the person of the dazzling Olori Sekinat Elegushi the required assistance needed, so both can begin to take care of their husband very well together too, in unity and love.

But we have had to wait for several months, before Queen Hadiza would officially visit or step into her husband’s Palace and home and in doing the visit, she did it with loads of fanfare to the admiration of all and sundry.

The visit or better still the queen’s homecoming came at a most auspicious of occasion too, which was during the 10th anniversary and remembrance ceremony of the passage of the reigning king’s dad to go be with his ancestors. The anniversary ceremony was held at the Palace with pomp and Queen (Olori) Hadiza’s presence added a lot of pep to the whole event as she was the gorgeous cynosure of all eyes at the occasion.

The Olori 2, blessed with a gorgeous body and a super pretty face and known to be super stylish handled, what was likely her first official assignment with the required oomph & dispatch it needed. She was all around her handsome and well respected husband to assist with whatever and wherever, Olori 2- Queen Hadiza, was said to have handled all things needed quite well and properly too and must have assisted her senior colleague very well in the circumstances.

What has made this homecoming particularly important is the fact that prior to now, the new Olori apparently used to favour more an apartment or accommodation at an hotel more in GRA, Ikeja whenever she comes visiting to see her husband. With this homecoming now, it must mean that she would always be more at home at the palace now than before. Maybe her shuttling between Abuja and Lagos wouid reduce, as she would be coming home more and more often henceforth.

Just imagine having 2 dazzling, quite beautiful and stylish wives as queens to take care of one! Would Oba Elegushi ever follow in the illustrious footsteps of such personage as the Alaafin of Oyo who is said to have between 6 & 10 wives? Hmmmmmm? We don’t know, but time would tell.

What a good story though in the lesson of living together in love, unity and harmony. We commend the 2 Oloris (Queens) Sekinat & Hadiza, for a good job well done.

Meanwhile, something super exciting, something super wonderful is upcoming soon, it promises to be a ‘twin blessing’ (double blessing) that would surely gladden all hearts. As soon as the confirmation drops we would be the 1st to let you all know about it.

Extra extra read all about it……. Xoxo Gossip lord. 

By Maestros Media

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  1. She needs to move into Lagos and be bolder, see her clinging on to her husband. I hope olori Seki has "changed".

    1. No madam, a leopard cannot change its spots. Just that now that it's public knowledge she'll stop the party car park doggies.

    2. GGB, free Seki. Kilode gan. She fuck your husband? Wo fi si le mehn. Nah you see her for parking lot? Please…..rest it

    3. GGB even I can confirm you are a bloody liar, and you think Elegushi’s family would know about this (since you have been claiming it’s public knowledge) especially Iya Oba and wouldn’t have used such happening to have sent Seki away? Do you know how much Iya Oba and Oba’s siblings hate Seki? When this guy was virtually an educated tout it was Seki that was there for him against all odds. You people should fear God and stop all these lies. If you like say I’m the Olori, that’s your problem. Anyway continue as you would be rewarded accordingly by God.

    4. Anon 10:05, do you think it's easy for a married woman sleeping around to be caught? The gist is the reason why they kept the Kano wedding away from her. Go and tell Seki to cool down herbhot panties as she would be rewarded accordingly by God.

    5. I suspect this GGB is a friend like enemy, enemy like friend who is just deeply jealous of seki. Seki probably has the life she wish she had. Unfortunate human being spreading falsehood about seki. Granted seki is proud and always flexing on top of everyone but to say she was caught in a car…Haba! Ko le da fun e o GGB. May your name be soiled in this same manner. Kilode? All jealousy

  2. Omo maalo gba eburu yo si won…she’s caught Sekinat unaware…Queen Gushi egba foLOUN… Hadiza has come to stay… No shaking… see fine Queen wit no professional makeup… dis one no need Banke magic hand to go out…

  3. This Hadiza had been seeing Oba since 2017 and none of Seki's bandwagon saw nor suspected. Or else they would have destroyed the liason way they did to Bumi.

  4. This Hadiza had been seeing Oba since 2017 and none of Seki's bandwagon saw nor suspected. Or else they would have destroyed the liason way they did to Bumi.

    1. E kabo, Sista agbaya. Jealousy kill you there. Your own is loading. Ode omo. Jaa da nu!!! Hadiza peeps, welcome o. Another shall come too.

  5. Please leave Olori Seki alone oo She cannot come and kill herself because of a man. Happy for the new Olori – it is her time and she should use it well.

  6. This man is a king, he can take several wives. May we the onlookers not be the ones to initiate trouble where they hardly exist. Seki is beautiful in her own right, I hear she has a good heart, may God give her the serenity to accept the things she cannot change. She loves her husband, he loves her right back. May God grant her wisdom to act maturely and rise above her challenges. Amin.

    1. If you die today GGB na Olori Seki matter kill u. Just jumping on comments to spew your venoms. You ll remain sad o, u are always with her on all these your acclaimed trips with here apparently. Go and sit somewhere and mind your empty life. The time u use in vibrating over Seki’s issue would have made you A Dangote by now. Mass failure, Never do well.

    2. It's you and those you're supporting that'll fail and be more shamed. Oloshi alatenuje. I'm going to open email for you all to come attack so I can unleash first class curses on Seki and her girls.

    3. It's you and those you're supporting that'll fail and be more shamed. Oloshi alatenuje. I'm going to open email for you all to come attack so I can unleash first class curses on Seki and her girls.

    4. Have never even met her in my life but your going on and on about her made me come after you. If only you know who this is, you will know I can buy you and your generation without battling an eye lid. I’m not an elebi like you GGB. Whoever say u shouldn’t unleash curses on Seki and her girls is a bastard o. If all those curses don’t now manifest in your life multiple times for the world to see then call me a bastard. What exactly did she buy from you that she didn’t pay for? Go and sit down somewhere joor. Mass Failure.

  7. May you not wound yourself on top of Sekinat’s matter.The lady has moved on. Why don’t you just fervently pray for your husband to take a new wife too so can feel
    How it is and then you can actually react they way you expect anyone who life throws such should?

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