Chioma Ikokwu of Good Hair Ltd
Akunna Nwala-Akano of Kuku’s Hair

Anyone that claims that there’s no money in the hair business, either luxury or normal had better have a rethink as contrary to what most believe, there seem to be some sort of Naira rain of epic proportion happening in that sector of the lifestyle business. And those who are very involved in the business, who have invested very well in it, are just smiling and smiling to the banks daily. And from what we have garnered, it’s not just #mizwanneka, who is also known as the hair boss, who had razzled-dazzled all comers a few weeks back, when she took delivery of her mind-blowing, N120m Naira valued 2020 matte black & dazzling G-Swag and later went forward to open her new, dazzling place in the Lekki Phase 1 area, which she claims to have bought outright, that is enjoying the largesse from doing good business in the sector. (Someone claims she only has a long lease on the spot and has not yet bought the place outright).

It seems like others too like her, who are also very prominent in the same type of business are not also doing shabbily at all and there are evidences to show that all is super well too on their sides in a massive way too, but they might just be loads more incognito or better still feel better being under the radar than others. Truth though is that it seems like the sky is actually massive enough for all the birds around to fly about unencumbered.

From what we hear, Chioma Ikokwu of Good Hair Ltd, whose other partner is the very stylish Kika, who had earlier this year gotten her own classy condominium in old Ikoyi which we hear is still getting fixed to meet that fully badass upscale standards. That particular purchase had gotten many others in her world salivating as they never expected it. Chioma is said to have already paid for, and she is eagerly awaiting the delivery of her own brand spanking new, ‘senior utility vehicle’ SUV too. From the unconfirmed information at our disposal, it’s like this new machine that’s coming in soon, most likely before the end of the year to be more precise, might actually be a ‘2019 Range Rover Velar’.

The beautiful Velar from what we know of it, is a ‘mid range luxury SUV’, and one of the great cars in the Land Rover/Range Rover range of SUVs.  And from the available information about the 2019 Velar, it actually starts from about $49,950 which is approximately about (N18,000,000) & can rise to about $75,000 which is about N27, 000,000), this cost here doesn’t include the duty and Co, which comes to the new standard 70% made uo of 35% duty and another 35% levy tax. When that 70% is added to the cost of purchase, the landing cost of the car could come to plus or minus between N30,600,000 to N45, 900,000 Naira. Although N46m is  a whooping sum on its own, it is still a far cry from N120m which is how much #mizwanneka’s G Wagon cost. Meaning #mizwanneka could have bought just bought 3 Velars, if she just added 17million Naira to N120m.

The Velar though, is still a awesome package in anyway or manner one wants to look at too. Maybe though, Chioma could change her mind now and order instead a G wagon. As the G Wagon has now come to be the standard by which others are judged in the sector now, that’s for anyone that wants to stand out from all others. So for now Nwanneka is in a different Liga all by herself.

Lest we forget, Good Hair Ltd hair from what we could gather come at between N250000 to N600,000 Naira. But special order could go far above the margin stated here.

For Akunna Nwala Akano though, who is the excellently delectable, totally bodacious, awesomely shaped boss at Kuku’s Hair also based on the island, with the actual location of her office being the Lekki Phase 1 axis. She’s also obviously doing super well too from the looks of it. In actual fact, this married mother of one is rated as selling some of the best hair in the hair sector today. She’s reputed as having mostly the very upscale, very high up there clientele as her preferred customers. She’s actually done super well for herself, having been in the hair business for a decade now, having started in 2009. Just imagine selling a full head of hair from about N130,000 Naira for the cheap and chearful to as much as N1m plus Naira.

Her range of the super exotic hairs which starts from N450,000, is acclaimed by most to be her best seller by far & unmatchable by others in the business. So just imagine if 10 of her high-flying customers would buy a full head of hair at some point, that would come to at least N4.5m Naira alone. And it could go for far higher up than that, as some of this clientele could buy the range that’s above N450,000. We are too sure that you all know that in Nigeria, it’s strictly about outdoing each other on the style stake, so the more expensive one is garbed, the better!

So one can now begin to understand why these hair merchants, are all such definite high flyers. Wearing and carrying the latest garbs from all of the best brands around without a whimper and with undeniable sass and oomph. Akunna’s incredible bag collection from what we have heard, is actually one to die for, as it includes several crocodile skinned Hermes Birkin which goes for not less than $40000 that’s about N14 plus million for just a bag! And she owns more than one of such! And there’s the speculation also that, she even has/own an ostrich Birkin, added to the several normal ones she also owns. The ostrich Hermes could go for as much as $54000 or in fact more, depending. That alone is about N20m for just a bag! 1 bag at that! One ostrich bag and 2 Croco would actually buy & bring in without any stress the highest end, brand spanking, factory minted Velar!

To show how good business has been for Akunna, she only just a few weeks back, took delivery of not less than 3 not cheap at all cars, made up of a Range Rover, a Toyota SUV and a Toyota Hilux. All of these cars in one fell swoop and which would have cost her, not less than several tens of millions in Naira.

So if any one now claims for any reason that the hair business in Nigeria is not a virtual goldmine, then they do not know nothing then.

By Maestros Media

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  1. Hair business lucrative my ass. The business cannot even pay their business overhead. Thought you know better Aloba!!!! Stop making people feel like a failure by promoting false information.

  2. I’m a believer that when you work so hard for money, it’s often difficult to lavish it in that manner. You must be able to afford 10 birkin bags without a sniff for you to buy one. However, if it comes as a gift, it’s perfectly understandable.

  3. For many girls out there to be made to think that their hair business or startup will buy them a house in Ikoyi, several birkin bags amongst other lavish lifestyles in a short period of time is a disservice to the girl-child. No one is judging but influencers have a duty to influence ethically. Youths are already frustrated and becoming a nuisance to our country. This overt well celebrated vanity remains that natural opium that has drugged our youth into oblivion. I celebrate their entrepreneurial spirit but their disproportionate lifestyle fools no one.

  4. Anon 3pm please I need to send you a bottle of champagne ?. You finish work! I cannot even add anything to your comment.

  5. All this so called big runs girl carry FAKE BAGS!! None of them can pay cash of what the bags are worth with their hard earned cash trust me on this.. I sell first grade fake bags and few of your so called big babes are my customers..

    1. You wish. You guys must always come out to discredit a hardworking lady. Why?????? Kuku has run this business for years. Hard work truly pays. Stop being stupid and myopic saying people can’t pay that much for a bag. If you can’t pay that’s your problem. Some people don’t give a SHIT. You die today, someone else will eat all you’ve worked for so why not. Kukus hair is not the only business she has going for her and she is MARRIED to a quiet hardworking young man who is even more successful than she is. You only know she exist because she wants to sell her hair to you.
      As for Chioma, again I say, hard work pays. If you love the finer things of life and you have the means, go ahead and make yourself happy. She’s from money and she works. She has a business. Go and work hard and stop analyzing people’s lives. Runs girl blast your oesophagus . Weak and bitter generation.

  6. Wonders shall never end! Akunna that's still spending all she got from the bank CEO. Someone who was mistress for years…now claiming lucrative hair business and hardworking husband.

    Ladies don't let anyone make you feel unaccomplished in business.

  7. Please stop putting genuine entrepreneurs under pressure and let them grow organically. These mamas are obviously not depending on the “stipends” their businesses generate when compared with their lifestyles. The level of rivalry going on amongst these ladies is unimaginable even the married ones that we keep hearing are worse than their single counterparts…Mrs. Ngozi when are you launching yours???

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