Seem like the out gone weekend totally belonged to the inimitable Chioma Ikokwu, the dazzling co-partner at Good Hair Ltd and affiliates. Good Hair is that hair brand that’s said to be one of the biggest in town that’s raking in dough, massive money left, right and center, with the main branch in London and sub HQ in Lagos, Nigeria.

We had only just featured her in an article as one of the extraordinary millionairess Hair-preneurs raking in the money left, right and center in the state of aquatic excellence of Nigeria and causing panic as she razzle-dazzles with her style and all. It was while that article was still hot and causing issues, that the stylish Chioma, just released a few pictures, dazzling pictures at that, literally showing herself off in her outstanding law outfit, making many to go into overdrive, thinking maybe she has just been called to bar.

Alas, that’s so far from it. In way far from it. Yes, though Chioma Ikokwu is a qualified lawyer by all standards you can judge it by. She was in fact called to the Nigerian Bar, as far back as 6 years ago, in 2013 to be more precise. The super brilliant lady had before her call to bar in 2013, gotten her ‘LLB’ from the ‘University of Birmingham’ in 2010, before immediately proceeding to the ‘University of London’, where she obtained her LLM, that’s the ‘Masters in Law in International and Environmental Law & International Commercial Arbitration’, & she bagged both with DISTINCTION. That is First Class in her LLB and distinction in her Masters and then off to the Nigerian Law School she went, where she continued the streak by bagging  a 21.

For the Anambra born Chioma, it’s not only just about fashion and style alone or just even about the lifestyle business, that’s talking about the Good Hair Ltd & affiliates by which most know her. The former UK based Chioma, who with her delightsome friend Kika Osunde, had set up the now quite successful series of businesses, has even practiced her law profession quietly away from the public eye as the other things were simultaneously coming up, both in Lebanon and Nigeria for that matter. And she still does the law very well too, and in fact the reason for the pictures above from what we could gather is because she’s also made up her mind to practice the law more prominently unlike how she had done before and if things work out as she plans, she might even start her own law chamber too soon.

If she’s as focused in this law business now as she is with her other businesses or investments, maybe the highly prestigious tag of Senior Advocate of Nigeria, which is the equivalent of a Queen’s Counsel, could soon be added to her name tag too soon enough, which would also mean another well deserved distinction, added to the already well decorated cap on her head.

Which brings us to one of the topmost question everyone wants to ask the already very comfortable lass, when would the wedding bells be jingling? 2020 or when?

Hello Barrister at Law, Miss Ikokwu….

By Maestros Media

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