Many days for the thief, one day for the owner is the popular saying of the sages. And that seem to be the thing in this article as a Lagos based, Chinese man from Hong Kong by name David Chang who is the MD of Centro Design & Decoration Works, who absconded with N55 million given to him for a construction job, before later giving a bounced cheque for the same amount, has been declared wanted by the Nigerian Police.. See the bulletin above.

The sharp dude took or was paid  money from a company to do a project, only for him to take the money away and the company had to finish the project with their own money.

After he was found and asked to return the money, he now further committed further of offence when he intentionally gave a bounced cheque to pay the money back, but the cheque bounced twice . He was reported to the police and invited, but disappeared is nowhere to be found as we speak.

He loves to frequent night clubs in Victoria Island and he is a frequent visitor at Jade Palce on Adeola Odeku, Victoria Island, Lagos. His office is at 12 Eric Moore Street, Wemabod Estate, Ikeja, Lagos, a place he has since deserted .

If found please report to the nearest police station or call the fraud unit on 08151118555 or 08028470995

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  1. It's best to be sure about a story before posting… You dont just blog to attract traffic to your site especially this kind of story that's quite critical

  2. Is it that you people don't read at all. That's a police bulletin released to the public. If the dude was as innocent as stated, why hasn't he gone back to the same Police that he gave his word to before to defend himself? Why is he running from one place to another, hiding?

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