The most eagerly awaited Fashion, Lifestyle and Fun package of 2019 beckons with great anticipation and everyone, and we mean everyone, including the organizers of the soar away successful series cannot wait for the days to land.

This is what it means that the anticipation is palpable. For 4 years now, one of the undisputed premier Nigerian banks, that’s GTBank for you, has shown to the world, how a premier lifestyle event should be planned and executed. Truth be told, they haven’t yet succeeded in disappointing and we are mighty, mighty glad about that.

The level of organization is always top notch, in fact 5-stars, totally first class rate. The fashion shows/runways have always been awesomely impressive. The attendances have always been awesome and unbelievable. The media coverage, totally exceptional and impressive. Even the annual Masterclasses, that features some of the best in their fields from across the globe, have been extraordinary. So this 2019 offering or better still edition, is also most likely going to meet & in fact better/surpass the mark already set by #GTBank.

Over the 2 days, which is Saturday & Sunday, 17 highly creative & supremely talented designers from. Nigeria, Africa & around the world, would showcase their gorgeous and most likely, awe inspiring & gasp inducing designs to the world. Expect to see our very own Lanre Da Silva Ajayi, Odion Mimonet, Ituen Basi, Nkwo Onwuka, Laquan Smith, the unbelievably awesome Sukeina. And then there’s Thula Sindi & a host of others too. All of them, masters of their game. It’s a thousand (1000) people, maximum capacity, arena of style & fashion. That would showcase the immense Gladiator’s collections. So you had better come early to get your seats.

As expected, GTBank would put together a mesmeric showcase again over the 2 days. And apart from what would come out on the Runway/catwalk, which are always fun, different and awesome to look at, you’ll also get to see unbelievable street styles, in colorful array too, the kind that would shock & excite & make you smile too, as you ponder on the audacity of the designs, all at the same time. It’s all the plenty doses of fun, all added together that’s the awesome package.

There would be 10 excellent Masterclasses manned by some of the very bests in their professions in the fashion, beauty & lifestyle sector across the world. The awesome Kim Kimble, the hair magician from the US; the ageless runway/catwalk empress Millen Magese & Adesuwa Aighewi, the magical Sir John, the super creative Roksanda illincic, the incredible Law Roach, David Au, Ogidi Women:Masters of Craft & others, would inspire by telling all & showing practical demonstrations, about their experiences & tricks of the game. Only 500 seats per Masterclass, are available over the 2 days, so you had better get to the venue on time too.

But the most important part of these 2 days experiences, wouldn’t just be about the Runway/catwalk shows & the Masterclasses alone, the icing on the cake, in fact the meat of it all, are the 130 vendors which includes the magical crafts village, that would show their wares & parade their services over the 2 days.

These 130 vendors actually mean like the very universe to #gtbank. When #gtbank talks about supporting enterprise, they weren’t playing lip service to it at all. Part of the support they have spoken about, is this platform they have created for these sellers of goods and services, in the lifestyle sector; to meet with the customers/buyers in the best of environments. It’s a thing that people always look forward to, a type of a ‘first class lifestyle bazaar’.

For these shop owners, they would encounter at least 5000 to 10000 or more possible customers/clienteles/buyers  spread over the 2 days. The more you sell, the more you make money and the more you Bank. And once seller & buyer meet, it could become a forever relationship, especially if both are satisfied with each other. What more excellent bridge building beats that? You just need to be a part of the script in this experience, to feel what we are talking about.

So get your garbs ready and dust those your stylish shoes, let’s all meet up at 1 Water Corporation Drive, by Landmark come this Saturday and Sunday.

We would be on the lookout for you. The most stylish over the 2 days would be greatly celebrated. Ciao!!!!

By Maestros Media

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