And we nearly forgot. Truly and truly if she doesn’t deserve it, we wouldn’t have even ever looked her way at all, even with a side eye. But to not look at all, to not say a word, to not acknowledge the fact that she’s a celebrity worth celebrating at all, would just mean one has allowed envy- that terrible witch without a conscience, who never sees anything good in anyone or anything to eat deep into one’s innards. So even if just for the fun and laughter, she brings our way, by her effort, we must celebrate her.

Any way or any how one wants  look at it, however that you want to gauge it, the small gal BIG God damsel, has paid her dues, or better still is paying her dues. Pun intended. You don’t get the kind of massive reviews and critique she gets, if you are not somebody! Or if you don’t count or you are just sleeping permanently not amounting to anything or plain dead. It’s only the dead that doesn’t get spoken of, that is soon forgotten!!!!

Omotoke Makinwa… Toke Makinwa for short, TM to some, our or the ultimate Nigerian princess of swaggerliciousness, the petite bombshell petrel of our time, the princess or is it empress of hotness/sassiness?, the real, undisputed queen of highlights, the in your face, lifestyle entrepreneur, the social media celebrity like someone called her, the soon to be our own Kylie Jenner. The one who seemingly, somewhat, kind of, uses criticisms and envy as a stool to climb to higher heights, is a year older today.

Better put, she is 420 months old today, meaning she’s 12775 days old, meaning she’s 306600 hours old. And all of that just translates to that, she’s 35 years old today, Sunday, November 3, 2019 the first Sunday of November 2019.

She was born many many years back on ‘Saturday’, November 3, 1984, which is in fact a leap year, that’s if there’s any special significance to a leap year. Maybe that’s the reason her name is special, as Omotoke evokes the beauty and value of a child. If one would be ambiguous in thought, maybe because she was born on that last day of the week-the Saturday-God’s day of rest, heralding a new week, a new dawn, which a Sunday, maybe that’s the reason for why her ? star seems to shine a little more, more than that of others….. so good and so distinct too.

Just imagine the combo of a Saturday, of a leap year!

To say too much, would be like one is doing unnecessary repetitions of a whole load of things that many have said already before. So to mark her 35th, the lifestyle entrepreneur/OAP/author and so much more, who knows the best way to use every given opportunity to her own advantage, decided to mark it with the launch of a new collection of her TM luxury bag. But before that instead of just receiving presents from her family and friends and admirers, who are just too numerous, she too thought to do a special thing, when she gifted her PA a car for her loyalty, dedication and hard work.

So on this occasion of her 35th birthday, we have thought to say a very healthy happy birthday to the gorgeous 5 ft 1 giant of a lady, who we believe would still continue to dazzle the world many more years to come.

Happy birthday ? Toke!
Long may you Live!

By Maestros Media

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