Lamborghini Mercy….. by Bbyonce

The king & his Muse (Swankyjerry & Mercy Eke) 

Style Queen in the making

Don’t get scared, we are not talking of naked flame of any kind here, but just merely playing with words or should we say making use of an appropriate figure of speech literally. The focus of our attention is none else than the dazzling winner of the ‘BBNaija Pepperdem 2019’ & that’s talking about Mercy Eke. She was the last lady and last person standing of all the housemates at the last BBNaija series where she pulverized and annihilated all comers.

Her winning percentage was far more than that of the 2 runners-up Mike & Frood combined. That was just a mere show of the sheer power of the effect she had on people. People actually went all out, to vote her to win. Never before had someone so ignited people like that. We doubt if any elections in Nigeria, had ever gotten such level of excitement and participation ever before.

With Mercy, you either fall deeply in love with her & her antics or you just don’t like her. But there was just something very infectious about her. First was that confidence and later fear. Or was it that her signature dance, where she just turns her bum on you at the slightest opportunity and then just twerk her life away with utter abandon? One thing again that was noticed about her from day one was her style.

From what we saw till the end, she never repeated an outfit all through her 99 days in that stifling house. She even had more than enough wigs to flaunt, to the extent she could loan some out. For us we believed that she used the house as her runway, the perfect stepping stone. She was well prepared for the show obviously and with every opportunity given her, she razzle-dazzled us with one impressive outfit after another, always playing to her strength, showing her curves. Truth be told, she was truly the ‘queen of highlights’, she earned that title well.

She was one person that kept many glued to the TV as everyone wanted to see what she was going to wear or come out with every weekend. The person that did her bum did a good job and she too knew how to work it to maximum effect. Either glam or casual, she was always on point. So she deservedly won. If she didn’t, maybe many would have felt short-changed. And they could have protested!!!!!!

And to show that style-wise, she isn’t a flash in the pan, she has refused to let down her guard even after leaving the house. Wounding us (in a good way) day in, day out with her impressive style options. She hasn’t yet placed a foot wrong in the style department. In fact, we believe she must have won more converts or fans to her side since she emerged from the house.

We actually didn’t write a single line for her, all through her stay in the house, even as she caught our attention while she was a house mate. But now we just couldn’t resist saying our 2 cents.

It’s so incredibly obvious that “Mercy Eke aka Lamborghini Mercy”, the gorgeousness with the million Naira ass (M.N.A), is unofficially, the ‘most stylish’ of all the BBN season’s housemates bar NONE. And by that we are combining all the different Big Brother Housemates.

We couldn’t just resist how she totally mesmerized us in no small way/measure in this her short, blue outfit. We had 1st thought it was Toke, but had to do a double take, as Toke is a lot more petite.

Here in the picture is Mercy the incredible and her badass stylist, the one and only SwankyJerry. This is perhaps one of the most perfect collaborations we would ever see. Borrowing a statement from our good colleague, Kemi Ashefon, who tagged it the  “stylist & his muse”, we have thought to say the king stylist and his princess charming muse, that statement perfectly suites/fit what is captured here.

All great designers from the incredible Christian Dior to the incomparable YSL to the awesome Jean Paul Gauthier & more, all had their favorite muse, who perfectly encapsulated & expressed their most fantastic inner most expressions of style. With Mercy Eke, Nigeria’s most famous & one of the most magical of stylist-Swankyjerry seem to have found his forever, most perfect muse yet. And we are truly and overwhelmingly excited about it.

We are in fact, expecting MAGIC of the most incredible & awesome type. Mercy seems to be the most perfect blank canvas ever, either to express style or even for make up too. See in this pictures above, also make up done by the magical hands of bibyonce.

Need we say more!!!

By Maestros Media

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  1. Anon 8:26, both Toke & Mercy tampered with their skin tone big time but when u get close to them , Toke is flawless , no single black patch on her ,unlike Mercy. This pic here covered a lot, but i’m sure that with money , Dencia will correct the anomalies soonest.

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