It is very obvious that ex-model, shoe designer and former very public partner of Nigeria’s bad boy rapper Ikechukwu, by name Sarah Ofili now Sarah Adukeh is in the happiest space of her life presently. Over the years and since after she got married, she has been able to re-invent her life. She dated Ikechukwu then who had a great career for a few years, but whose trajectory has gone totally comatose now for 4 turbulent years. Gone now are the days of just appearing in the news just for the sake of it. It is most obvious now that with responsibility now comes maturity and we greatly commend her for this.

Everything about the gorgeous lady now speaks contentment. She exudes love from deep within that radiates all around her on the outside so gorgeously. And now at just about clocking 35 years old and on the 9 month course (pregnant) and in fact in her 3rd trimester at that (what a beautiful birthday gift), she’s so happy to let the world see her at her most gorgeous form now, with her beautiful baby bump.

Sarah who is now Mrs. Adukeh had gotten married in December of 2017 at a beautiful traditional ceremony in Asaba, Delta State to her then beau now husband and just near 2 years after (would be 2 years exactly this December of 2019), the couple are now expecting their first child together.

The elated mama (mom) to be gushing with pride, was so happy to exclaim her joy as she waxed lyrical on her ig page saying –

“What a day! What a journey! What a time of my life!! Counting down to my 35th bday, and am just so grateful to be able to celebrate such a milestone with my most precious gift from God. Aint God good!!!? am not one to write epistles on the gram… but let me tk a min to appreciate my peeps! @jujufierce @mniqsamuel @p.i.n.e_a.p.p.l.e_ thank u for making my journey alot easier, Thank you for the laughs, tears, encouragement and sitting for hrs thru the shoot making sure it was exactly wat i wanted! Thank you @jujufierce for the endless effortless hrs u put into making everything happen even wen i wanted to give up, Now i wish we tk more baby bump pics ?? AND BIGGEST THANK YOU TO MY HUBBY @zsihughez for everythinggggg.” (sic)

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  1. After Musa Danjuma finished spoiling this babes undercarriage, her new beau Zsi Hughez is foolish enough to marry Sara?? D whole town has dipped their fingers in that pounded yam pls wonders shall never end

  2. so what if she dated Muss? is muss a married man or did she tell u she's a virgin? you are just a useless somebody.

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