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We don’t want to sound alarmist for any reason whatsoever. But when you begin to hear some things repeatedly in the midst of some people who should know, then you know it’s not a joke neither are they just throwing words around like they have nothing to do. Yes, we truly understand that an idle hand is a devil’s workshop. But we also know very well that many of these people are not charlatans, neither are they bereft of work, so not engaging in idle talk.

What we have heard consistently over the last few weeks is that, Lagos is actually, very broke! What????? Where did you get that from? A whole Lagos???? You mean a whole state of aquatic excellence, that’s so freaking rich compared to all other states? Imagine with all the avenues for internally generated revenue? This same Lagos that’s the envy of all the other states, such that every one else wants to copy their style and model? Yes ooooo, it’s the same Lagos.

According to the very underground gist, the state is so very broke, such that if care is not taken, she might not be able to pay salaries or better still meet her obligations as at when due, from the next few months! Some are even claiming that the last administration didn’t leave much at all or didn’t leave anything at all (that’s pretty hard to believe though). The no funds at all tale, might actually be the reason why the points man for that particular administration in the person of Akinwunmi Ambode and some of his commissioners are going through unbelievable scrutiny for sometime now.

Unlike how it used to obtain, with the state house of assembly normally getting well taken care of, with good flow, it seems like the expected flow to them haven’t been as forthcoming as expected and as at when due. And because that administration and this current administration being one of the same, with the difference just only been that the people running the affairs of each, are different, this is why they would prefer not to bring too much attention/scrutiny to the problem, but would prefer to just handle it more internally like a Yoruba saying goes – “when 2 parleys are not in tandem and not united, at the end both might end up losing”(ti awo o ba gba awo nigbowo, awo a tee, awo a fa ya”).

Is this outrageous tale of brokenness the reason why our current Governor seem to be impotent? Or it’s just that things are so overwhelming, he is just still grappling with the humongous issues, whilst looking for the best solutions to fit each to solve them once and for all? Even if it’s as true as we have stated it, this story would be denied with vehemence. Since it’s APC that was there before and even before, and it’s still APC that’s there now, it’s better to keep all under wrap then to cause more issues. If this administration which would only do a term, except something extraordinary happens to change that, doesn’t come good at the end of it all, APC might find it hard to win again at the next election, except if the opposition would be foolish again, to field an incompetent loser. 

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