Friday, June 2, 2023
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Seems like the entertainment scene has some new exciting entrants or can we afford to call them debutantes who wants to take over desperately from those they consider as their icons who are well celebrated, well decorated fashionistas of high repute likes of TM, Chioma, Kika and the likes!

The way Kika, Chioma, TM and others more authentic fashionistas, who have jobs that they do and that they can readily point to; show daily or should we say weekly show their prowess as Africa’s own Kim K/Kylie Jenner showing off all their latest garbs and colorful acquisitions, traveling to some of the most exotic places/destinations around the world like they are just strolling to Ogudu or Ikeja and splashing same on their social media pages with utter and colorful abandon, has inspired many wannabes/desperadoes and the likes, without any form of pedigree or job that one can readily point to, to also want to live the good life too and at all cost or any cost, no matter what. But can we blame them? Seems like in Nigeria, it’s not how, it’s just you arriving on the scene gbam!

The way Jyoti and Kiran Matharoo fly about to some of the most exotic places in the world, wearing such chic outfits, lounging at exotic hotels, beaches, cruising wonder on wheels, showing off pictures of gorgeous gourmets that are well displayed to perfection, has caused major issues. We dare say. These ladies seem to have opened the eyes of many a ladies to possibilities they never thought existed before.

A lot of the time you could see these young and not so young ladies opening social media handles/platforms to do copy cat or lookalike pictures/posts, just so they call sell their wares. The targets for these their copy cat outrageous displays are these so called ‘nouveau rich boys’ that seem to be all over the continents now, who seem to have some ‘inexhaustible amount of money’ to flaunt and spend, to fly about either in private jets or first class; drive about super exotic cars-just name any-Rolls Royces, Lamborghinis. Ferraris, Porsche etc; wear all the best blings and garbs; drink all the so called best drinks; eat the best cuisines at the best restaurants and lounges; literally just generally having the so called, best times of their lives.

These boys, likes of Hush Puppi, Mompha etc have so much money to spend, that even when they actually venture to visit Nigeria alone, just like they do also at other destinations they visit, the kind of money they spend on just a night of fun & revelry, runs into tens of millions of Naira and that to them is chicken feed. So you must now just imagine how desperate some girls would be, just to try to get these super liquid guys attention or to lay their claws upon any of them, by force, by fire. Na to go to any length possible ooooooo……

So away from all the shenanigans above. Who are these 2 new ladies on scene? Who seem to be causing loads of hoopla? Are they in fact truly newbies? Or have they been around for much longer, but just under the radar? What is their call to fame? We are actually asking about #ASHLEYMINGS & PAM?

Both seem to have become the new darlings on the scene and both are not relenting at all as they are on everyone’s ? lips. While some are claiming that they are just wannabes and not authentic one bit, some are saying they are just ladies just having fun, just like Cyndie Lauper sang in that her classic single of many years back.

From our findings though Pam is Zim, but she’s based in London. She is good at dating men and may have a doctorate in bedmatics too. She’s gone under the knife very many times to achieve the state she’s at now, though she likes to claim like she’s never done nothing. Done Timmy tuck, liposuction, breast augmentation all the works.

Truth he told, her tattooed voluptuous body is badass stunning now, though those who know says she’s botched!

1 of those she’s dated is Hush who apparently got down and wasn’t satisfied and claims her Bermuda Triangle pongs like no man business. It is even claimed that he had to leave his designer underwear at the Villa where the action supposedly happened as he couldn’t bear the nauseous pong. In fact, the claim now is that he wants to get back the payment he made for the villa use. The other dude that conquered, swam that ocean and ran 40-40 is a popular Yahoo boy with brain attached to his name, who dumped her like a bad habit to now follow a Kenyan bombshell, cosmetic entrepreneur and socialite – HM.

Just imagine someone who should know her describing her thus- “She’s sleeps with men for lifestyle and money. What??????

For #ashleyming she’s supposedly from ‘SA’ or from that area, and like someone described her too and we quote “she’s small, but mighty”! Hmmmmm. She once dated a popular, well to do young Nigerian. At one point she had sent in their gist to a now notorious but rested online platform-GL, but she  now made an inexcusable mistake of forgetting to crop her name from what she had sent in. What was the pain of Pam as she was dumped, became the gain of Ashley, as the dude that dumped Pam came into her hands.

Both ladies are supposedly the most current rave of the moment. 

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  1. My advice: AIDS is real, many have gone. Some instagram slay queens have died from the disease and their friends and families have refused to say the cause of their death. He who has ears, let him hear. These things are vanities that does not worth your life at all. Your family needs you. In the next few years now you find out that these things that rock our world are no more, more beautiful ones come and we get older and younger ones take the attention.

  2. My advice: AIDS is real, many have gone. Some instagram slay queens have died from the disease and their friends and families have refused to say the cause of their death. He who has ears, let him hear. These things are vanities that does not worth your life at all. Your family needs you. In the next few years now you find out that these things that rock our world are no more, more beautiful ones come and we get older and younger ones take the attention.

    • Facts !!!!!!! Getting banged and passed around monied guyzs for bags, shoes and trips. This life sha. They will still not hear !!!!

    • AIDS is real and everyone having unprotected sex is at risk not just slay queens and sex workers. Many "respectable" married women have also contracted HIV from their husbands and consequently died of AIDS and people have also refused to say why they died. Because they chose the "vanity" of "what will people say" & remaining married instead of their own health. I get the message but sermonizing women who know what they're doing and are more likely to be protecting themselves while they have sex? What's the point? You, have you ever had unprotected sex? Even within the bounds of what you believe is a monagamous relationship? If yes then you're also at risk.

      Meanwhile Aloba thanks for the gist but it's not 2016.

  3. I will tell you something. There's is nothing more precious than honour and be independent…Labels and expensive handbangs can't define who you are as a individual…I rather envy a "poor" but hardworking woman lifestyle than all these "influencers"and fake life…Rubbish …pure trash.

  4. As innn that brew on that page was piping hot…..the fire spread like wildfire on whats app and the shocker was this pamela spilled the beans on her own sister to blogs about having a sickness so when her sister found out she cut her off for 3 years!!!! Imagine now they are forming besties to save face 😮

  5. I hate reading useless gist of girls sleeping around with Useless men , even if you do for whatever reasons let it be with guys who will respect (overtime when u earn it ),continually take care of you & possibly love you.what is all this yamayama boys.mtshew

  6. As deep as pammacb is spiritually and mentally, it’s a total shame seeing the kind of men she parades herself with. Yahoo boys that are half the body size of wizkid, yet she talks about Kings and queens. Cheap prostitution is all she’s good for, no one can take her seriously

  7. But most men on social media have one infection or the other! If a guy on social media who is not married or married asks for sex without rubber, ?‍♀️ ?‍♀️ run ?‍♀️ pls! He has something and wants to spread it fast!

  8. As a family guy! I mind what I eat! I don’t date single ladies! Girls are easy this days! Go on social network and you get them! Guys! Don’t eat ass! That’s another deadly way of contacting diseases!

    • You mind what you eat and you don’t date single ladies? You date married women who also date other men. I hope you know that. Some married women are more promiscuous than single ladies. The joke is on you. Keep on sharing just remember to rubberise.


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