Is she or is she not a mermaid in disguise? Or gorgeous and unbelievably beautiful can a young lady be. With a skin that’s like pure butter or is it milk? That’s just well molded and so delicate. And then to add to it all, those big, piercing and delightfully beautiful or gorgeous eyeballs that can turn a eunuch or saint wild with rampart desires!!!

One of the reasons again one would ask if she’s a mermaid or an angel in disguise is also because she favors far above any other color, the color of purity, which is WHITE! Just imagine that skin tone in white??? We have always believed that, white is probably the no one or best color in the world, but one that needs the highest maintenance by all standards. So the one that must favor it and wear it often, must first and foremost be mad neat and must also have plenty of it. It’s not the color for too much repetition.

Olaitan Olubi aka Liiighton is obviously super neat, even with her outstanding and in your face make up. Check her several pictures and see and salute.

Those eye lashes like venus flytraps are always stand out. Need we say much about what she does? Especially when we only just featured her not too long ago. But for those who might not know or are just coming across her for the first time, she is the brain behind the fashion brand, “Magnetic Elegance” and in just a short period of existence, she’s made a mark in her vocation. With a good clientele list of the who-is-who.

With Laitan anything she wears must be a ‘statement piece’, from the wristwatch, to the bag(s), to the shoes and more. All of these pieces don’t come cheap at all!!! We are talking about bags of from $5000 upwards, watches of from $10000 upwards.

So we welcome you again to the world of Olaitan Olubi aka Liiighton https://instagram.com/liiighton?igshid=1q5id43r98f3i

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