Don Jazzy

The 10 (3.5kva) Generators

The laptop 

In the last one week the head honcho at Mavin Records, the one and only and in fact the incredible Don Jazzy has been extending his good fortune, the hands of Grace, the way of many Nigerians.

We came across his kind gesture to fans and have thought that this is the kind of very important thing that needs to be made loud, so others in far more better positions can see what it is like to contribute to the betterment of others around them, not necessarily those you know from anywhere at all.

And from what we heard, being his brothers keeper is a normal thing that he is used to doing. Such good deeds are like a cup of tea to him that he does very often without batting an eye. So this time around he had asked that those who needed something to help with what they do should send in a picture of the particular things in #with50k and those who knew that when the Don ask for such a thing, he doesn’t joke around and wants to pour down the rain, heeded his call quickly.

And just like that computer, camera and (generators 3.5 litre) at least 10 of such generators exchanged hands. Not less than 20 people were part of the enviable largesse!

This is undeniable how to be wealthy. Not stockpiling unnecessary cars around to show off and to intimidate and harass people and then not helping souls around you. 

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