If you’ve always wanted to be a model and at the same be an advocate for change now is the time to make a move at no cost at all.

Luxury Model search Nigeria (LMSN) is a competition that seeks to discover the next female leader. Luxury Model Search Model Nigeria is different from the usual beauty pageant and model search, it stands as a platform where young and intelligent ladies can break into the fashion and entertainment industry. The Luxury Model Search Nigeria would be a model search/beauty pageant with the end goal of finding that one girl that will be a leader with exemplary qualities asides beauty. The LSMN can be said to be the search for a girl with beauty and brains who can stand on her own and knows what she wants.

The LMSN competition will begin with auditions across Nigeria, Port Harcourt – June 22, 2019, Abuja – June 29, 2019 and Lagos – July 6, 2019. At the end of all the auditions, 20 girls will emerge as finalists and move on to the grand finale which is set to hold on Sunday, August 4, 2019 at the Landmark Event Centre, Lagos.
The winner of the LMSN will win 1 Million naira alongside an international modelling contract with Suzzie D Celebrity Network, while the first and second runner up will win, N500,000 and N250,000 respectively.

The uniqueness of the LMSN competition lies in the fact that it welcomes girls of any size or weight unlike other pageants and modelling competitions that are restricted to a certain size. The other requirements for LMSN asides being beautiful, smart and Nigerian are that the ladies should not be less than 5ft7, must have no tattoos, be between the ages 16 to 25 as well as be unmarried and available to travel internationally.

The most amazing part of the competition is that anyone who fits the criteria can attend and participate in the auditions for free, as the registration forms are totally free.

The Luxury Model Search Nigeria is the brain child of Suzzie D, who is the CEO of Suzzie D Celebrity Network.

For more information on how to be a part of the LMSN competition please log on to www.luxurymodelsearchng.com

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