Senator Florence Ita-Giwa 

Group MD, Herbert Wigwe, former AIG Imoukhuede 

Herbert & AIG with the Emir of Kano

Seem like they are not just only relevant in Nigeria, but they are in a steady climb to take over the world as the “premium/premiere banking institution” in Nigeria. After their merger with Diamond Bank which before the merger was one of the top Nigerian banks, the new entity that emerged from the merger and that is still referred to as Access Bank h, still under the able stewardship of Herbert Wigwe, their Group MD have since become probably Nigeria’s biggest and number 1 banking institution bar none and they are still climbing.

The goodness of the season has even touched or extended to their UK, London subsidiary too as well, as they recently too, declared some good profit for the year ended. So it’s not just only about trailblazing as per expansion and profitability in Nigeria, they are also big-big when it comes to CSR, by that we believe you all know that that means “corporate social responsibility”.

So their annual charity train moved again to London like they normally do every year. It is the annual “Access Polo Tournament” which they do in conjunction or in collaboration with Fifth Chukker. This beautiful relationship is a charity event aimed at helping to raise funds annually towards raising fund in partnership with Unicef Nigeria for education projects in the North to build and equip 70 new classrooms.

The annual event has become a must visit or better still must be a part of for Nigerians both at home and abroad. This year’s multi-days event was another exciting one as expected and those who attended were in their summery best, with both the current Group MD, Herbert Wigwe and the former GMD, Aigboje Aig-Imoukhuede looking super dapper over the 2 days. The Emir of Kano, who who knew to be a dapper and stylish prince before he became a Royal father, showed that even in his full traditional royal garb, he still knows what’s up as he dazzled in his Christian Louboutin spike shoes. Amechi Okobi and many others who were in attendance like Yutee Rone, Adrianna Sarz, Linda Ikeji, Senator Florence Ita-Giwa and very many others, all looked like fine or should we say pretty peacocks in dazzling array.

The incomparable Asa was on the bandstand to dazzle all comers as the guests over 2 days enjoyed the best of the game of kings.

See their pictures.

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Linda Ikeji 

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  1. Maestro what’s your aim making this post? Do you want us to start dropping the names of these girls? By the way I don’t see chioma good hair pictures here. She was very well in attendance to support her beau . Winks

  2. So can we do a roll call of their MD Albert Wigwe’s concubines? Drop names pls, let’s compare and contrast.

  3. Kiran Matharoo was also there. Those girls tho “Hoe is life” I hope they can look back at their lives 10 years from now and be proud of the choices they made.

    1. Not hoes but questionable character or something close to that! How do you just pack bags and travel to watch polo in UK when we know that 99.999% of the women there don’t understand “how many chukkas” are required for each play. Wannabes and cheap women!!

  4. Only one of the sisters was there, Kiran. Won’t be shocked if she’s one of the MD’s babes. As were the rest of them there. Oga is a woman wrapper but I hear he’s very generous that’s why those slay queens don’t wanna leave.

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