Except for maybe her instagram page which she still constantly updates, seems like the gazelle with the long legs and sultry eyes and with those sumptuously looking lips has given publicity a wide berth.

Gone seems to be those heady days, when she was always in the news every other day. But for a bit now, the very very talented and highly creative fashion designer and head honcho behind her eponymous or name sake brand-Vonne has thought to embrace more of quietude nowadays.

If it’s a deliberate decision on her part, it seems like it’s working and working well too. She was viewed “as one of the future of fashion at a point” and the lioness- she’s August born and a feline (cat) in the true sense of the word (Leo gal) is a creative gem, whenever she’s focused on the brand, churning out very nice collection that always gets very good reactions from all and sundry.

What she absolutely absolutely needs more and more, is more focus/steadfastness and consistency. For she seems to sometime drift or should we say coast for a long while after each success.

It’s a countdown already to the birthday of the gorgeous fashionista and mother of one (a gorgeous teen coming into her own already). Apart from English and her native Ibo language that she speaks so dexterously, she is said to speak French too because she was born in Paris, France over 3 decades ago to a dad, a knight in the catholic church.

Happy birthday in long advance to the show off designer.

More stupendously gorgeous pictures after the break.

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  1. She is super busy replying any negative comment,make them no spoil market for her after paying Aloba to put the post up lol

  2. Is she still with the Prince? She finally wisened up and stole him from her former buddy and quietly chopped the money. The low profile shut down any gist, one has to assume that is finally courting attention again it's because she's shopping for her next sponsor

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