Zikel Cosmetics is a Nigerian beauty brand that is set to give all others in the same business a run for their money. The growing concern that’s already shaking the beauty industry powerfully, has about ’50 products’ under their brand, and that’s still growing too. In just under a few years of her existence, going to just 3 years to be more precise, it has extended her growing tentacles across Nigeria and even the West African sub-region via franchising and other marketing channels and its still growing steadily in leaps. Many who have used & are still using their various products, readily testifies to the reliability of the many products in the range.

A testament to how good their products are, is also in the level of their brand ambassadors, who have endorsed the brand in just 3 years of existence. They have had 3 brand ambassadors so far, and they are all very well known, quite stylish personalities in the entertainment industry, who all hold their own very well. There’s Halima Abubakar, thr Kogi bombshell actress and producer, there’s the awesomely beautiful Mercy MacJoe and then the most current and the biggest of them all so far, being the one and only Tonto Dikeh. Who was signed on, not too long ago with loads of fanfare, to a very ‘lucrative contract’, said to be one of the biggest in the country so far.

Zikel Cosmetics prides itself as an ‘affordable luxury’ range of beauty products made for the ‘African woman of distinction’, who wants to use beauty products that helps to bring out her best features, without having any adverse effect whatsoever on her skin. Their products, are clinically tested for the most delicate skins, so it’s not just about selling alone, what the products help to achieve at the end is very important too. .

As part of the brand’s ideology/philosophy to contribute her own quota to the society by been very ‘socially responsible’, it has organized its own unique type of beauty contest which it has called the “Face of Zikel international 2019” to empower young and beautiful ladies. The upcoming unique beauty event with her grand finale slated for Sunday, July 14, 2019 at the prestigious Bespoke Event Center, Lekki, Lagos is the maiden edition of the annual contest and it promises to be a massive event by all standards possible. Already invitation cards have gone out a great deal and many stars in the country and other celebrities plus those involved in the beauty field have promised to storm the classy event in great numbers.

We were at the camp where about 50 plus stunning contestants from all over the country and even from outside are camped and going through rigorous competitive drills to prepare them ahead for the Sunday, grand finale.

In all, about 10 titles would be competed for, some would be won at the camp and the others would be at the grand finale proper. The titles on line for prospective winners are the: Face of Zikel World: Universe: Photogenic: Popularity: Amity: Glamour: Tourism: Ecowas:  & Charismatic. The main title though is the Face of Zikel world 2019 and the lucky winner, would on Sunday be carting home a million Naira (1 million NAIRA cash): would embark on an all expenses paid trip to Dubai, the UAE: 6 months unlimited supply of Zikel Cosmetics products amongst many things that the winner and other consolidation prizes that others would cart home.

It has been fun galore at the camp as we speak, been the 1st day of camp, the gals had their accreditations done and were introduced to the products and then grilled on the rules of the camp and other things by their pageant manager who was assisted by the chaperones. After a quick change, they thereafter had a swell welcome party by the pool side of their camp venue. All were looking very hot? & smashing in their swimsuits and bikinis. The gals came from all over Nigeria, including a contestant that flew in from the UK and about 2 from Ghana. The camp is on till Sunday as more activities and surprises are still in store for the contestants as packaged by Zikel Cosmetics, the organizers of the Face of Zikel international 2019 competition.

Check out a few of the pictures of the contestants that we met today.

More pictures after the break.

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