Pastor Paul Adefarasin 

Just in case you are wondering which Pastor Paul at least you can see from the pictures, that we are not referring to the one that many call or refers to as Apostle Paul in the scriptures/Bible, but we are referring to the one that presides over the congregation at famous ‘House on the Rock Church, otherwise known as ‘HOTR’. Why would we be asking about Pastor Paul Adefarasin in the first place and why do we think there was or is the need to hear from him?

It’s maybe because he is the current pastor of both Timi and Busola Dakolo. So as sheep under his shepherdship/leadership this issue really concerns him then, if ever there is a word like shepherdship!

We know for a fact also that the sheep who have recognized and known leaders or shepherds wouldn’t take or make decisions nor would they ever go to a war without the full backing of their captain. The captain here being Pastor Paul Adefarasin, who is the Head of the local assembly they attend.

We had come up with a theory at the very beginning of this saga, in our very first article when this rape saga was initially outed. And what we had said then was that, for Busola and Timi Dakolo to have come out at all, they must have done what we had called their due diligence. And part of doing that their due diligence on our thought, would have meant first, they agreeing with each other to give the battle at hand, all that it would need without flinching, once they came out. Once they had first agreed on that, they would then have had to commit all to God too as the battle ahead is not a little one. Part of committing all to God, would have meant that they would have first told their church; the church here could refer to jist their pastor alone or the elders of that their church. Once they have gotten the all clear from here to do what they believe is necessary. They would have also consulted with those who could interpret the law well and by this we mean lawyers. These interpreters of the law, wouod have weighed the matter or issue at hand objectively, who would then have given them the go ahead to give the issue at hand a proper go.

By the time they must have done all of these things above and maybe more, they would then wear thick skins and would be ready for all the bashings and crazy scrutiny and others that would surely come their way. As the first thing the other side would want to do, is to dig holes in their accusations, as they would try very hard to discredit them also. Our theory is based on the fact that, “no one goes to war without preparing at least very well ahead for it”. In the ‘art of war’, it pays to know your enemy well, anticipating and getting ready for what could come up at any given time. Being able to at least predict maneuverings that could spring up, so as to minimize surprises (attacks) to the barest minimum!

You can see very well that after the initial interview done by Busola that unleashed everything and broke open the can of worms, she has since returned back into her quietude. It’s has been only her husband, supporting from the flanks, that comes out now intermittently to address certain issues and he too immediately afterwards then withdraws again to observe, prepare and respond if it needs be.

So how has their pastor seen this whole matter, especially as it concerns a brother man of God, who has been accused by his daughter and by extention his son, of preying and violation and utter misconduct???

The outspoken man of God, has since maintained a, should we say ‘dignified silence’!!!! Is this dignified silence like saying what an elder knows, he doesn’t toy or play with? Maybe when the time is right, then he would speak? One of the qualities of shepherds, good ones at that, is that they wouldn’t allow their sheep to fall into harms way, no matter what.

Would he have been in a dilemma, as the case or issue at hand concerns his son and daughter in the Lord who are victims and on the other side the accused, is a fellow church founder, a man of God too, who is commissioned like him.

What’s Pastor Paul’s take on this whole matter? Can we say what Pastor Paul thinks on the matter is also how the church feels on the matter?

We are eager to know!!!!

By Maestros Media

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  1. In all this Timi has shown what a true husband and man should be like – someone who provides a covering for his wife and protects her. He's really earned my respect personally.

    Aloba, I am not sure what dust you are trying to raise re: Pastor Paul but whatever it is, it's dead on arrival :p

    1. Considering how he allegedly carried on with some smallie some years back, I'm surprised he had this in him.

    2. Poor Timi Dakolo,he did not do his homework well, he allowed Busola's liee to drag him into mud. That babe dated Biodun because she invited him to her parents house and apparently she must have told him that her parents were away. She would have gained some form of financial favours from him prior to his visit.We all know that 17 years under graduate student in Nigeria EYES don open well well. We need Biodun to talk.

    3. Anon 8:27 elenu yamayama. Typical Nigerian idiot who comments just to be heard! That's why most of you end up in jail abroad since you don't understand the difference between minor and others.

    4. 12.07 pls tell them abeg, so many black guys have landed in jail in the UK cos of their warped thinking about rape which they carried from naija.

    5. Elenu Yamayama to you and your entire family. You are going to be the jailbird! Ode! Bunch of irresponsible girls! Ashewo !

    6. @ 8.27 STFU You are non factor and please go back to the bush you came from. About Pastor Paul? Did u call him Pastor? Which pastor??? That’s all I have to say for now. None of these men are men of the cloth including Ituah.

    7. @ 8.27 STFU You are non factor and please go back to the bush you came from. About Pastor Paul? Did u call him Pastor? Which pastor??? That’s all I have to say for now. None of these men are men of the cloth including Ituah.

  2. Sometimes when some of you want to sound smart you actually expose your ignorance. What dust is anyone raising here? The reason for asking is just plain and simple, even the Pastor considered as the biggest of them as said something, so him talking is just a Norman thing, if he doesn't want to talk it's his mouth. What's dead on arrival. Mtscheeeeeew!!!!! Thats why all these people take you on a foolish ride.

    1. Shut it! Who asked for your own ignorant opinion, or you don't know how to waka pass? Rapist supporters in disguise, see them crawling out.

      HAS said not as said, olodo h-factor mschew

    1. Na hin born you? If not, then it is this same mentality that have gotten women into trouble with these sexual predators called pastors. We all have only one set of parents. And even God is GOD not “daddy”.

  3. When you people are tired you will stop this useless story line of yours because it's not any better, a minor cannot consent to sex and it's still rape.

    Busola's account comes across as credible and she has gone a step further to file a complaint with the police which lends further credence.

    Biodun Fatoyinbo has several rape allegations against him that have swirled around for years. So why always Biodun Fatoyinbo? Let's not talk about the stories of inappropriate sexual relationships he carried on as a married man and "man of God." Again why only him? Is he the only one with penis?

    It looks like the chickens have finally come home to roost. You people should rest, because it seems all the denials are bringing more people willing to tell their stories including Nnenna. So una well done.

    1. You clearly don’t know what a minor means. The age of consent in Nigeria is 11 years so Busola being 17 at the time was definitely not a minor

  4. He is silent because he has been accused so many times of being the one using timi to fight coza and its pastor. Go check wale janas comment on the issue he stated it there again. I love that he is quite . In due time he will speak .

  5. A fine pastor like this, he may have his own skeletons and he is trying not to be a hypocrite.

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