Adebola & Temidayo Makanjuola 

Temidayo Makanjuola nee Abudu

Mo Abudu & Ruth Osime 

Pat Faniran, Ekua Abudu, Ruth Osime & guest

Ruth Osime 

Good friends. Supportive and loyal ones for that matter are hard to find so when you have some, you keep them. At least Mo ABUDU’S friends have shown to her that they are true friends in the real sense of it, as they were around her when their supports was needed most and they all showed up looking very glam and super tasty.

So the final leg in the wedding diary of Mo’s daughter-Temidayo to the son-Adebola of Remi Makanjuola, the owner of Calverton Group finally held in California last weekend and from the look of it, it was a fun fun galore all the way and quite colourful gathering too by the look of it.

The editor of This Day Style Magazine, Ruth Osime who had been at the Paris wedding of the Anumudu’s had flown to America, like Pat Faniran another close friend to join up with Ekua Abudu & others, to give their stylish friend, the multiple award winning, super stylish and ageless MO Abudu, the owner and founder of Ebony Life TV all the support she needed to make her daughter’s day quite eventful & a success.

From everything seen, it is quite obvious that mother and daughter are quite close, more like younger sister and elder sibling kind of friendship. She is in fact Mo’s only daughter as her other kid is a boy, better put a man. It is also quite obvious for the world to see and witness that husband and wife, that’s Temmie D and her husband are quite close and super into each other, with those long affectionate and lingering looks, smiling gently at each other like no one else exists in their surreal world. Being together for 8 good years, we are sure that’s why that is so obvious. They have grown together like good wine and have matured very well at least it seems.

Bride’s mother didn’t disappoint at all in her supremely gorgeous and outstanding outfit, you would think she’s the one getting married ooooooo. Her body and the outfit were superb. Ruth, the style maven who had dazzled all comers with her outfit in Paris for another wedding, favored a green ruffled top and silver pant combo ensemble that was totally on point. We are actually green with envy. Young Eunice Omole was also in attendance looking as good as always as were many other stylish people too, likes of Grace Egbagbe who has lost a lot of weight, Debola Williams, Omoni Oboli, make up czarina Banke Meshida-Lawal, Azuka Ogujuiba and Co were in attendance.

See the pictures and salivate!!!!

Azuka Ogujuiba 

Banke Meshida-Lawal & guest

Banke Meshida-Lawal & Banke Balogun

Grace Egbagbe & the couple 

Debola Williams & Mo Abudu 

Ruth Osime & Grace Egbagbe 

Banke Meshida-Lawal, Grace Egbagbe & Banke Balogun 

Pat Faniran & Ruth Osime 

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    1. Looool. You’re so silly. Isn’t Ruth like 55? She looks great abeg. Whatever you’re angry about, God heal you ehn. ✌?

    1. Emotional stress iro wo. Someone that's been fuxking even before the official divorce. Soon she and her bestie will be dragging phallus.

    2. Please let her Fuck anyone if she wants to.After all she is now a single woman.
      Ladi has been Fucking around since 19 gbogboro,even all through the marriage.

      Is her life supposed to come to a standstill because she divorced a man.Let her live.

    3. Who says she shouldn't fuck anyone? Infact she can fuck round Ladi's circle and Ify's husband. Afterall she fucked someone we all know during their crisis. All I meant is that no one should blame her divorce on her fashion fall out.

    4. GBG who did banke fuck then that we all know??? Want to check I it's not my husband cos my husband bis known here.

    5. Chai divorce is such an embarrassment. Banke that was once a wish now a mess that people are asking if she's sleeping with their husbands. Marriage lasted just 7 yrs.

  1. What happened to Aunty Ify? I tot I saw her 59th or was it 60th birthday pics the other day, she still looked slimmer than this.

  2. Azuka, what is it with you and sleeves boob tops always? it's not nice on you, please dress for you new found size.

  3. beautiful bride,but i don't understand the groom's looks.sometimes,he looks young or vice versa.


  4. As for Banke, it happens. Probably, her feet were hurting, hence her dropping her shoes for more comfy slippers. That purse has shoes. Is that not her wedding band on her finger? Never say never.

    1. Even widowed people continue wearing their rings after the death of their spouses, not to talk of separated and divorced people.

  5. Nobody is talking about grace egbagbe’s look. She appears really ill, has lost so much weight

  6. Nobody is talking about grace egbagbe’s look. She appears really ill, has lost so much weight

    1. That was what I noticed first, she is quite emaciated. Hope all is well with her. Banke B seems bigger.

  7. The bride wore best styles for pregnancy. May she deliver safely. The groom's face is amusing.

  8. The bride wore best styles for pregnancy. May she deliver safely. The groom's face is amusing.

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