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Still on this matter, which would not just go away like some want it to. And we are talking about the Busola and Co vs. Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo rape issue/saga. As expected the idea from those who support Pastor Fatoyinbo was to do everything possible to discredit the person and personalities of the victims who have come out to give their confessions. So the idea was to employ unnecessary and unfounded rumors that cannot be verified to try to intimidate these victims and pooh-pooh their confessions.

Some of the rumors that were flying around and were seemingly growing wings were that, Busola and Timi got married in COZA-a lie. That COZA or Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo sponsored their honeymoon-a lie. That they got cash and car gift from COZA or Pastor Fatoyinbo-a lie. That Timi used to work at COZA as a sound engineer or music director etc-another lie. All of those things subtly planted like after they had enjoyed the man’s largesse, they now want to ridicule him have all since fallen down like a pack of badly arranged cards. We have heard some things already in this unfolding saga and we have been baffled by what some have given as explanations to rationalize their take on the issue. One of our major conclusions is that, women are the outright and outrageous enemies of themselves.

See below though as Pastor Yemi Davids of Global Impact church, who officiated the marriage spoke about his role in the nuptial. Later also below see as Timi himself punched hole after hole on all the unfounded rumors that many were preaching and spreading about.

Busola Dakolo got married from my church and I knew of the rape – Pastor Yemi Davids

Just after Timi Dakolo debunked claims of Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo officiating his wedding to Busola, Pastor Yemi Davids of Global Impact Church has also confirmed that the couple got married in his church.

Pastor Yemi Davids who also revealed that he has been privy to some personal struggles Busola has had over the years, stated that what she said is her truth and should be honored even though there was a denial.

The Global Impact Church Pastor who stated that he supports any process that will bring justice, healing and resolution in the matter, wrote;

“Hmmm I feel the need to do this as a Husband, Father and Pastor. @busoladakolo got married from our church to @timidakolo and as a friend to the family, I’ve been privy to some of the personal struggle Busola has had over the years, based on the details she expressed at the recent interview. This is her truth and it should be honored. 

I commend her for her bravery and I pray this helps her healing process. I also noticed that there was a denial of the allegation. It is important that the truth comes out. Rape is a serious offense and it is unacceptable. A process that unveils the truth in this hurtful situation in the body must begin immediately. We leaders must be accountable and I support at arriving at Justice, Healing and Resolution at this matter. #TruthSetsFree #SayNoToRape 

Timi Dakolo’s fantastic point by point response to all the fallacies that’s growing wings and flying about-

Desperate people do desperate things, including ridiculous attempts at a smear campaign. So let me address this foolishness once and for all

1• First, the ridiculous rumour that Biodun wedded us. Please watch the video yourself, does the Pastor look like Biodun Fatoyinbo?  His name is Pastor Seyi of Global Impact church, officiating the wedding and that is a statement from Yemi Davids, Pastor of Global impact church on this issue …but nameless and faceless cyberbullies can’t read, can they?

2• I have never met or been in the same space with Biodun Fatoyinbo nor do I ever want to be and have never been a member of COZA

3• I guess that also answers the desperate attempt to say I was a music director in COZA. Funny as I have never been a music director in ANY church! A church can’t have an anonymous music director, can they? Foolishness!

4• Apparently, I had a child, divorced and remarried Busola – Spirit wife and child tings # AfricaMagic, and Busola was given monetary gift, car and flown to Chicago. No be only Chicago, na Soweto. Please do better, tell more believable lies.

Again I say, desperate people will do desperate things …but as I said before …WE. ARE READY.

We came out to speak on this painful matter. To bear the shame that goes with this, to be ridiculed, to be doubted …just so that others might be saved and justice served. We are not backing down and no amount of manufactured lies can stop the truth that has started to unveil…

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  1. Good for them. Irrespective of the doubters and the backlash this couple got from gullible and stupid people that idolize Fatoyinbo, there is nothing as powerful as saying your truth. Kudos to Busola for saying her truth and being FREE. Good for her and shame on those Doubters

    1. They're no loopholes unless you want there to be. She named names and till date none of those names she mentioned have come out to say she lied against them.
      Biodun wrote that nonsense letter and threatened to sue. Has he done so yet? No. If it were a lie, why wouldn't he file suit for defamation, Pastor Gucci has the means to engage lawyers ASAP to do this but he hasn't.

      Please you people from COZA we k ow your pastor has a thing for abusing women sexually, we know you people don't care and will continue to attend the church. Just be quiet, by August your "pastor" will be back on the pulpit.

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