Rev. Biodun Fatoyinbo 

We have had the opportunity to sit back away from the chaos to watch & observe all that had gone down since the unprecedented uproar & hoopla that followed the revelations by Busola Dakolo, ace photographer and wife of top rated musician Timi Dakolo and mother of 3, who had said that she was ‘raped twice’ in the space of one week by her former pastor, Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo when she was just 17 years old.

At first after the allegation was made in an interview that has since gone platinum viral, Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo the man at the center of the (storm) accusations, who has since step aside for investigation was quiet and never said anything, until his wife in his defense came up on Sunday to say her husband is not a rapist and has never been a rapist. He the pastor himself was said to have proclaimed that he was never a rapist either as an unbeliever or a believer.

Curiosly from the pastor and his wife’s counter against the unpalatable allegations, they were only able to address the matter of rape alone. They never at any point denied not knowing Busola. We want to now ask as we have examined their robust response very well and scrutinized it from top to bottom, and we observed that, Pastor Fatoyinbo never ever, even for once in any of his statements, never claimed not to have never had any type of “sexual relationship” with Busola!

He and madam have only addressed the issue of rape only! Both never addressed Busola’s case directly on total, they only responded that there had never been rape, either before or after!

So are we to then believe that yes, something akin to sexual, actually happened, but whatever the type of relationship that it was, it wasn’t rape or a violation or forced? Is the pastor then admitting that something actually went down then with the 17 year old and is now insinuating then that it was consensual????

A more robust response would or could have been that, yes I know Busola, and there was never any type of (forced or consensual) sexual relationship between us, not to now talk of rape!!!!! So did pastor have something with Busola????? 

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