Busola Dakolo

What would or could have made a mother of children and a wife of a well known husband, decide to come out openly to talk about what supposedly happened to her many many years back that nearly messed up her growing up? What would she & husband want to gain by bringing a supposed, very successful man of God down? Is there a time frame allowed for rape and the consequences of it, if the terrible violation had truly occurred?

For Busola to have finally summed up the courage, the gut to spill and break the Pandora’s box of mess, if she and family were smart enough, they would have made sure to have done their due diligence first. The one the have decided and are determined to expose is not a small fry at all in any way and manner. You are coming against the might, power and influence of a whole church! If that church that the man presides over love him, like we know COZA loves Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo, then the might of the church and her influence are what you know you would have to contend with. And that’s not a small thing at all.

For Busola to come out like she has, she must have first settled it in secret with her God. Secondly she must have settled it well also with her partner and in this case her husband Timi Dakolo. Timi would have had to give his express backing and unflinching support as the head of the family. Mennnn, this dude is a strong man ooooooo. And he would have had to steel himself to withstand any scrutiny and attack that would come against his family from all sides. This is more a battle of David against Goliath any way one would look at it.

Going further, to do this kind of battle, the couple would have had to have settle with their church too and gotten their church backing with the support of the leader of that particular church too is also very important. If one is correct, the family we think worships at the House on the Rock. Then also, they must have gotten the advises and assurances of their lawyers too, who would have had to weigh the merits and demerits of the exposure before they would give a go ahead or the all clear to go at it.
So this matter is not a small matter and it is one that could drag for a long while.

Let’s try to examine the mind of Busola a bit. First and foremost, for her to have done what she’s done, we are too sure she must have well understood that maxim, that says very clearly, that “he or she that must come to equity, must do so with clean hands”. This is so because, if this thing ever becomes a court case, every can of worms, true and false will be exposed! So it must be established that prior to the supposed rape, that truly she was actually a virgin and not a wanton. The other side would do everything possible to expose, deal with and damage her reputation to prove their innocence.

If truly the rapes happened, and it happened so long ago, why did she take so long to come out to expose the violation? Why now after she’s married and has kids? Why bring undue or supposedly unnecessary attention your way, especially when you are not in need of any monetary gain? Maybe she’s only just finally gained enough strength and emotional balance after all this while to expose what she went through and that she needed healing from now? Maybe they, that’s her husband and her just heard again something that must have triggered a reaction, which must have said to them, “enough is a enough”. This has just got to stop! Some people might just not be able to understand  & rationalize that someone they know to be more than vile, is seen by the public as a Saint.

What process should she and her family have adopted to expose the shame and stopped it from happening to others??? Maybe they have the understanding that to report to the police first would just have been another journey to no where. What if they knew that the matter would just have been swept under the carpet, especially again as the so called violation(s) didn’t just happen now and the way victims are even treated by our so called law enforcement officials is another thing. Also they could have envisaged the intimidation that would arise and just thought to adopt the method they have used now.

What if they had taken their time to investigate some other cases first, gotten confessions and evidences and even have witnesses in their tens who are willing to come out and speak at the right time!!!! Like we had said earlier above, they would have needed to do their due diligence first before coming out to out their so called adversary.

It is said that Busola after the YouTube video expose and the attendant hoopla had gone on to say that the pastor and church should go ahead and sue if they dared!!! If she actually truly said that, she must then be so sure of what she has at hand then and must be well prepared for this battle, which would take a while oooooo.

In the days to come though, she and her husband’s name would be dragged in the mud in every conceivable way possible as the rain would surely pour in torrents unabated. The church and their friends would come out with fangs and claws drawn to defend their own. Hmmm they Timi & Busola must develop thick skins. The threat of all shades and intimidation would be unbelievable and crazy. Their so called adversary is a pastor and not a small fry at all and one that has seemingly endless funds. Also if the allegations are not true, he would fight with his very soul to clear his name and get damages too at that.

All in all, the burden of proof is on Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo to prove nothing ever truly happened of the sort as described by Busola and also that he has never ever been involved in any cases of rape, intimidation, sexual violation, misconducts before. He has come out to say he has never ever violated anyone before, ever ever, even when he was an unbeliever. So that’s a start. Pastor and church have also smartly anticipated that many would or could soon ride on the wave of this expose to even reveal far more, unpalatable things. And from the little we have heard and seen, many things are being unearthed already.

We await this court case with glee and all excitement.

People have said why didn’t Busola go to court in the first place? Yeah she didn’t go to court naaaa, so she came out to say certain things, a few of which tallied with the claims made by Ese Walters many years back. Pastor Fatoyinbo has the opportunity now, once and for all prove all liars wrong. So please sue their asses tight.

So Busola lied abi prove it.

So they have tried to blackmail you now, prove it.

This case from all I see is going to be the opening of an unprecedented and unwanted terrible can of worms. So let’s see if the marines would hear these stories or not!!!! PLEASE PASTOR CLEAR YOUR NAME OOOOOOO!!!!! I so badly want to believe you. I pray and hope you can cope with what is going to be unleashed in the next many days?????  You have to defend your honour against so so very many ooooooo. Hmmmmmm!!!!!

For those who believe Busola Dakolo, please pray very well for her and her family oooooo. She needs all the spiritual help and support, encouragement and protection possible right now. She has stirred the hornets nest & may she come out of it unscathe! Also for Pastor Biodun as it is now, it is only the host of heaven that can help to clear this mess you have been exposed to. If truly you are innocent as you have claimed against Busola, Ese and some others who are hellbent on letting the world know what they have supposedly suffered, may heaven be on your side oooooo. 

By Maestros Media

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  1. God bless you Aloba…you spoke my mind. Is she ready for the enormity of deep stuffs that might come out in the open? Will her children be spared in the end. Even if the end of this so called man of God has come, is she the weapon. My heart prays that all will end well for her. Ohun to wa leyin eefa, oju eeje lo. It is well

    1. No man is God. The TRUTH always wins.Unfortunately we live in a country that people are blind to your atrocities once you are RICH OR FAMOUS. SMH. Not judging but this is not first accusation with the man. All these men of lust and not men of cloth. Pastor my foot!!!

    2. No man is God. The TRUTH always wins.Unfortunately we live in a country that people are blind to your atrocities once you are RICH OR FAMOUS. SMH. Not judging but this is not first accusation with the man. All these men of lust and not men of cloth. Pastor my foot!!!

    3. No man is God. The TRUTH always wins.Unfortunately we live in a country that people are blind to your atrocities once you are RICH OR FAMOUS. SMH. Not judging but this is not first accusation with the man. All these men of lust and not men of cloth. Pastor my foot!!!

    4. Abegi, ki lo wa leyin eefa?! What is up that cannot be brought down? That is how you people will be promoting a culture of silence and fear. Enough is enough!

    1. Yes, I too read the article and wonder what he was talking about. Rape is a very serious matter. Most men in Nigeria still “don’t get it” and take it lightly. Aloba is taking this very important matter lightly especially at this moment we have a national discussion about it. This is not a laughing matter-unless he himself gets his kick from molesting women – a good percentage of Nigerian men do. This IS personal.

  2. With that your black face, see the rubbish you have written up there. You are the kind whose children would be victims but you would rather silence them than let the perpetrator come to the open. Continue using your platform to support evil shogbo?

  3. I don’t really like this write up. Who the hell are they in coza church? Which might or power do they have to stand against Jehovah? hahahahahshahahaha, I laugh heartily. Nebuchadnezzar was a mighty king and God brought him down, God is the one fighting that cursed pastor but you all think it is timi dakolo’s wife, hmmm. I have heard too much about him, he is not the only pastor in Nigeria but he has taken God’s grace for granted for far toooo long but I believe strongly that his end has come. This time around he won’t survive this with a ‘pat on the wrist’

    1. At Blair Well said. He is a man of roving eyes and for I know, God has not created anyone that he cannot capture. This man is a disgrace to true Pastor

  4. Na wa ooooo. Please anyone that understands English should please help explain this article to those who don't understand it. Was there any where I supported a rapist???? Was there anywhere that I said Busola lied? Na wa ooooo

  5. I understand you Aloba…hey my people the write up is Aloba's sarcastic style. People were upset and didn't read through the sarcasm.

    1. Saying it was a sarcastic style is a cop out. He even wrote if the rape truly happened. His whole article had veiled messages emphasizing how difficult things will be ahead. Basically it would have been better she kept quiet. Typical rape apologist.

      ***If truly the rape happened, and it happened so long ago, why did she take so long to come out to expose the violation?***

      Secondly, Rape is not something to use a sarcastic approach to convey a message on, a mesage that can easily be misinterpreted. Aloba, you can do better.

  6. Anonymous 8:56am, thank you! You articulated better than I did In My comment. This is not a time to be sarcastic! Especially his questioning if the rape truely happened? This is just the height of insensitivity. And Aloba should be more exposed and intelligent than this, I am still disappointed.

  7. To you all, who have not taken the time to properly read the entire article, may be I need to explain certain things. One there's no where in the article that rape or rapist was supported. No part of all the write up supported Pastor Fatoyinbo. In writing the article I was reiterating what I had read some people were saying how they were trying to rationalize the whole thing and then I was responding to their points too. No one would pray That anyone would be violated, whether they are close to one or distant to one. That we said things about the future, is also to alert the world to how the man is said to belong to a certain sect, who could want to retaliate on behalf of their own. So there is the need for vigilance and prayer. To pray for the truth to prevail is just the most simple prayer in the world.i stated clearly that for Busola to come out meant she had gut and strength and that what would a married woman of three kids be looking to gain, coming out as she has done. To try to rope me in as a rape apologist is just a way to intentionally rope me in.

    1. Aloba are you saying you did not know this man in ilorin?? Do you beleive he changed 100% (gave his life to christ) its just a question because we that knew him are being judgmental oooo (which is not good) but the past always comes to haunt

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