Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo 

The flamboyant senior pastor of the Commonwealth Of Zion Assembly (COZA) Abuja, the FCT has finally jettisoned quietude and responded robustly to the allegations of repeated rape brought against him by the beautiful wife of Bayelsan born music star Timi Dakolo, in the person of Busola Dakolo.

In a recorded interview aired on YouTube and which has gained so much traction as conducted by Chude Jideonwu of Y! Naija, the man of God was accused as being a rapist by Busola Dakolo. The lady in interview made sure to relate how her relationship with the pastor developed into what later became rape. But in a subsequent 2 pages press release, that was released on his personal Instagram page, the Pastor has denied ever raping before, even as an unbeliever. In that release he stated categorically that even while not yet a Christian he had never molested anyone in his life before, not to talk about when he had become a Christian.

From his statement, he went on to insinuate and infer that the said YouTube airing by Y! Naija was a calculated attempt to blackmail him, bring his name to disrepute and cast aspersions on his person and by extension a way to bring down his church . He went further to state that this particular attempt is in fact one out of the numerous attempts.

So in the light of his statement, he has also said that the church has made up their mind to seek redress through the law courts. In his response Pastor stated that the interview was fallacious and non-existent and which are all denied.

See the pastor’s denial in its full entirety above. 

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  1. All he's saying is he didn't RAPE her, doesn't mean he didn't have carnal knowledge of her. Mewa nsele no dunia – things are happening.

    1. There is no such thing as “dating” a minor ie a child below 18 and an adult in a position of authority over them eg a teacher, Pastor etc. It cannot be consensual and any consent given is disregarded by law. It is simply called statutory rape. It is criminal. The reason for this is that any mature person can easily groom a naive child and get them to ‘consent’ them a sexual relationship. This is why it is STATUTORY rape. If the timeline of this incidence is determined to be correct he will go to jail whether or not they were dating/engaged/in love/complicated/friends with benefits/Netflix &chilling/forceful rape she was a minor it was rape. #keepyourpenisawayfromchildren

  2. I am just glad that Rape has been brought to the forefront in Nigeria. It is something that was getting worse and had become pervasive and accepted as normal. Now, we have a national debate and discussion and it is creating a lot of awareness on this topic. From the multiple comments I have read online, I am surprised a lot of men AND women do know that an opposite sex forcibly having non consensual sex with you is a crime and wrong. Fatoyinbo will be the poster man of our era, the devil used him to serve a purpose-a teachable moment in our cultural history. I thank God.

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