Birthday gal-Chioma 


When you are happening and happy, it shows. And if you can afford all the good things, why not then just have all the fun, most especially with friends that you all connect so well together and that you can have unreserved fun with, without necessarily being worried about anything, whatsoever.

So for one of the duo of the very hardworking gals behind the Good Hair, Brass & Copper brands, that’s talking about Chioma Ikokwu, you can only hit 30 once in a lifetime. So to celebrate her day and mark the birthday in a special way, she decided to go to the idyllic location that stands out. And not just her alone, she went in tow with a few of her closest circle of friends, most especially with her number 1 sidekick, the older Kika.

From the looks of things and pictures we saw as are above and below. They must have had an absolute belter of fun in Mykonos, Greece. The place is gradually becoming the choice location for the discerning Nigerians with the good resources to have fun in such a place like the picturesque Greek island. Billionaire oil and gas investor, Akanimo AK47 Udofia only very recently, had in Mykonos a mother of all private birthday shindig in Mykonos and now as Chioma clocked 30, she flew from Paris, France where she had attended the wedding of Enyinna and Joyce Anumudu then briefly to Santorini before going to Mykonos, it takes 2.5hrs by ferry from Santorini to Mykonos, while same trip via helicopter ride is about 30mins, where she and friends converged to have the fun of their lives. It’s obviously the lifestyle of the rich, famous and jet setters unparalled for this fashionista.

The fun loving gals obviously let down their hairs to have first class, 5-stars fun, cruising their own yacht or boat ride, posing and jumping into the clear blue sea. having helicopter ride and just all the fun one can package into a short holiday on a stunningly beautiful island. In the pictures you would see the gals in all white everything ensembles, in their bikinis & swimsuit and other colorful outfits, enjoying without a care in the world. Can one truly blame these young ladies??? When you have worked hard for your funds how you now spend the money is not of any one’s concern. Like it is said all work and no play, makes princess a dull gal. So if you work pretty hard, then you are allowed your commensurate measure of fun too. This party was actually tagged #omasdirty30.

So go go gal. Happy birthday Chioma. Long may you live to have more fun that we can always report too.

Far more exciting pictures after the break.

Helicopter pilot in the making? 

Captain Chioma..  

Gbe bodi e….. Sho Sho ko Sho Sho.. 

Jump, strike a pose….. Water


OG style temple 

Ozinna Anumudu 

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  1. Chioma stop all these fake life for the gram…it is disgusting…guys pls go and visit hushpuppi page on instagram and check choimas page on ig and snap chat …they used the same chopper, same pilot , and were at the same destination at the same time "mykonos greece" …sleeping with hushpuppi and married men that liv a fake life for d gram …and she will be writting hardwork when she got her house, making young girls that truly work hard feel bad…giving useless motivation speech on d gram…shameless hoe! Pls do your asewo in peace stop taunting young genuine hardworking girls…smh

    1. This comment lacks any sense and shows a distinct lack of exposure of a failed Instagram detective . Mykonos is a tiny Island and there aren’t a huge variety of service providers like you’d think. Similar to Monaco / Nice I still recognise the pilots I used from Nice airport to Monaco and it’s the same guy in Toke Makinwa , Paul Pogba and other people I’ve seen on IG . So don’t add 1+1 = 11 for us here

    2. Madam voltron…we have travelled before…Pls even if it is a small island, it shouldn't be at the same time with hushpuppi naaa….I follow both of you on snap n ig….that is when u post all your life on social media…This is what u get…nobody is holy but do your asewo in peace abeg…no dey lie or give motivational speech…abeg…hoe!

  2. Me too. Let the 411 start in 1,2 and 3 Lol Where are u MamaBorngirl, GBG, Blairwitch and others? Waiting for the sugar and milk for my tea in order to enjoy it. Can’t wait!!!

  3. See the body ooo this one no bi wetin we dey see for her instagram page ooo anyways them they all do am.

  4. Chioma it’s ok we understand!!! You can’t believe it. Yes we know!!! Easy you hear. Don’t let those boobs get the floor like Aunty Kika’s.

  5. I’ve always said it everything about these girls are fake! Fake designer goods, fake lifestyle just everything for the gram. They want to belong so badly it’s actually so sad

  6. All these fake Lagos friendships those people she carry on her head didn’t wish her a happy birthday yesterday them toke, abikd and co girl open your eyes and know your friends.

  7. I hear Toke snatched a billionaire from her so I think they are at war. Read it somewhere. Wonders shall never end, I think they are fighting Freda too. All these runs girls steady fighting each other.

  8. Chioma leave all this noise making to kika. you don’t need it and were much better off when you were ‘the quiet one’

  9. Chioma the witch! Very sneaky two faced bitch! She’s a devil in disguise! Practically offers you something and make you suffer in return. Treats her staffs anyhow,forget what you see online.They always change staffs everyday,Witt the ridiculous prices they sell their wigs she pays her staffs nonsense after making them work over night and the insults too, used to have someone close to me that worked there. Person complained every day till the person left. She feels if you work under her it means you’re suffering and you don’t have any other choice. But as for kika,God bless her soul.

  10. Who doesn’t know what chioma’s stock in trade is???? From yahoo boys to white guys to bank MDs….plz you can fool the world but not everyone. Hardworking my ass…maybe hardworking in the bedroom though riding multiple dicks and licking pussies

  11. Chai na so this girl body be?instagram pictures is really deceiving people.all the happy birthday to her.


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