She started her beautiful label all of 5 years ago (half a decade ago in 2014, January 04 to be more precise).  Meaning by the grace of God come January 2020, it would be an outstanding 6 years of excellence in the crazy fashion business in Nigeria. Her name is ‘Olaitan Olubi’, double O from her initials, don’t worry she’s not double 07 and the ‘Laitan is anglicized as Liiighton. Her brand is named “Magnetic Elegance”. And truth be told, its a very apt name as there’s this drawing (magnetic) attraction towards her quite elegant brand & herself. She actually came up with the name of the brand because it describes her personality, “ ME” Magnetic elegance ( attractive and all).

Most of the time or all of the time you see her and that she’s wearing those supremely elegant and stand out outfits, they are all most likely made by her. She has been described quite often by most as “Nigeria’s most beautiful lady in the fashion business” and we are truly not in doubt about that description at all, as we wholeheartedly subscribe to that assertion too.

Men!!!! she is beautiful……. And not only is Olaitan stunningly beautiful and she knows it too and therefore exudes confidence but in a quite humble way. To add to the flava, she is also badass stylish and a awesome fashionista of note too for a young lady. A total wrap of excellence we believe you are saying already. And if she continues like this, she’s most likely going to turn out to be an ‘undisputed classic fashion icon of note’ in the future.

In just 5 years of existence, the Bells University Graduate of Banking and Finance has obviously done well for herself no doubt. In fact you need to view her ‘breathtaking showroom’ in Lekki, Lagos for you to totally understand very well what we mean. She had wanted to make a mark in the financial sector of Nigeria, where she could have done very well as she’s said to be quite brilliant, meaning beauty with brain, but her love and allure for fashion and style actually was what just took over and then subdued all else and the rest they say is now history.

The Abeokuta, Ogun State stunner par excellence in just half a decade has had the world salivating and eating from her palm and still asking for more.

So do we all agree that she’s an absolute stunner??????

More incredible pictures after the break.

By Maestros Media

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  1. Finally a face to such a talented brand. Always thought she wore fabsols designs but it’s good to see 2 designers as best friends not competing and complaining like tiannah. She looks plastic and ghostly but a successful woman nonetheless

  2. Let’s celebrate our own guys!
    She is a product of GRACE
    She has done well for herself
    She will be celebrated soon
    This is just the beginning Olaitan !!
    ………Susan J.

    1. Stop the rumors or name one person she has slept with with receipts. Don’t break her home with rumors

    2. If I say make I talk about Mabel runs ehh! Trust me she's seriously sleeping around majorly with her husband clients .. she's a dirty nasty girl that men fuck in their offices.. Mabel understands what am talking about

  3. She’s not a fine girl. These are filtered pics. We know Laitan sells more than fashion and I really wonder the logic behind this post cuz her gist is everywhere. She dates yahoo boys….her major means of livelihood. Will come back to read comments thereafter I’d spill more.

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