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I was honored yesterday to have been one of those, about 10 of us in all, invited to have a sneak peek (they called it special screening of the newest or better still latest movie in town, by a Nigerian called #theblinglagosians.

Leaving my place as early as 9am on a Saturday to attend a film premiere must have meant either the people were extremely important or there was just a reason that could have galvanized me to want to go catch such a movie and at that early hour of a Saturday. One of those things that pushed me was that, I had seen the trailer and it gotten to me, so my curiosity was heightened. Secondly the main person involved, that being Bolanle Austen-Peters, the super humble promoter of Terra Kulture, who is also the promoter of a few of the best stage plays of recent is someone I particularly hold high up there. So I wanted to see what she had to offer as per her first directorial debut, if I am right?

I have been disappointed by many of the Nigerian movies that have been packaged of late, which I greatly believe have been totally over hyped, in every sense of the word. So I had my heart in my mouth, praying that this one, wouldn’t join the league of such crass & arrant nonsense that have been released for consumption, gba jen sinmi (abeg take let me rest). Just because there isn’t much to compare with, must we see or watch bullshits in the name of entertainment??? I must specially commend the producers of ‘King of Boys’ though, for that special movie. Kemi Adetiba deserves a salute and plenty of accolades for that movie.

So going to see #theblinglagosians I had my heart in my mouth and it was because I had made up my mind that friendship or none I was going to be brutally frank about my assessment, not minding whose ox is gored. For we need to be truthful if we truly want improvements of any kind in what we do.

So I got to the venue and was ushered into the exclusive seating area like others were. I was offered popcorn and a drink and we settled down to watch what after seeing it through, for me I consider  “the best movie” shot in Nigeria by a Nigerian so far, in a long while. I was glad, I was honoured to watch this movie amongst the exclusive crowd first.

From the get go, at the appearance of the 1st set of actors my attention was gotten. Let me make a small confession here. 80% of the time as I watch a movie at the cinema, after just about 15 to 20 minutes, I normally always sleep off only to wake up, just before the movie ends. For me to be awake, it must mean that the movie/film must be captivating. It must grab my attention from the get go. #theblinglagosians got my attention from the beginning through out till the very end. It was a sweet, sonorous, captivating, well scripted, well acted movie with an excellent play track or music score, that told the story at wherever it injected. I must especially doff my hat for one of the truest musicians in this land, the one and only Brymo for his songs. This is in fact one of the first time that I wouldn’t mind buying the soundtrack of a Nigerian movie. It was very obvious that attention to detail was in full effect.

Just because the movie is just coming out, I cannot be too explicit about it, but I ll try to say what I am permitted to say as much as possible. The opening scene was awesome. I particularly love the “wafe ku la leyi” part, which was epic as those words actually came to morbid past.

From that time on, those casts executed their parts exemplarily. These for me are some of the best Nigerian actors I have encountered. From Gbenga Titiloye, to Elvina Ibru, to Alex Ekubo, to Osas Ighodaro, To Bros Shaggy, to Helen Paul, to Adeola Aiyeola, to the incomparable Toyin Aimakhu, to just about everyone including the Waka pass, that played nominal but functional roles. There’s no way, that this movie wouldn’t pack all the awards. In fact it was a consensus that it must win both the individual and all other awards.

That Gbenga Titiloye could act is now a giving, but Elvina Ibru deserves special commendation for role adaptation, so also the incredible Alex Ekubo, the super hilarious Toyin Aimakhu who would win an Oscar any day for her comedic abilities. Alex, Bro Shaggy, Deola, Tana Adelana,  Helen Paul were all mesmeric.

The storyline had a great flow, those who edited did a super fantastic job. The make up and costumes were on point. Characterization and cinematography excellent. Role Interpretation on point. A movie must pass across a message at least or several messages as a whole to make a good one. This particular movie made sense no be small. You can fall or fail, but your ability to rise after the fall or fail is what would set you apart.

The Movie #theblinglagosians depicted the very plastic Lagos life at its best. It was real, relatable, fun, intriguing, captivating. I must say kudos to every one involved in the movie.

Would I watch it again? Oooo yes. In fact, again and again. Would I recommend it? Highly too at that. Far better than one bullshit that was totally top heavy that was over hyped of recent.

I must commend and thank #bolanleaustenpeters for putting her money where her mouth is and especially for not seeing us that would watch as nitwits that just about every nonsense can be thrown at. Nice movie. 4.75 stars out of 5 stars from me.

Abiola Olatunde Aloba

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  1. ? “far better than one bullshit that was totally totally top heavy that was overhyped of recent” what did MOments with herself do to you na

  2. Ok I will definitely be seeing the movie. I can’t remember the last time I watched a naija movie, as each time I tried I was very disappointed. This I shall be watching. Thanks for the review.

  3. I suspect this will be far much better than that rubbish Ms. Mo produces.
    Bolanle produces quality work and I am soooo looking forward to this movie. The cast looks solid.

  4. Saw it today and no, this your hype doesn’t cut it…. at a point, one wasn’t understanding the side stories again. It’s just there in my opinion.

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