How best can one describe this suave gentleman of a guy? Fine boy, stylish dude, graceful guy, well loved by people, stupendously wealthy, awesomely well connected, highly focused, fun loving are some of the near perfect nomenclature that tries to piece a little about the guy, that many refer to as an enigma to form a perfectly fitted jigsaw-puzzle.

The man from the oil rich Uyo in Akwa Ibom State born to Obong Asuquo UDOFIA, is none other than Akanimo UDOFIA aka Akan or AK47 or the ‘African Prince’. What you decide to call him depends on your closeness or access to him and all his nicknames or coinages of his name have their exciting meanings too, but that’s the story for another day and time.

The illustrious son of Uyo, an undoubted billionaire and philanthropist extraordinaire is a Gemini. Meaning his birthday falls in the present month of June and also he exudes unimaginable magnetic sex appeal. So as the man of immense means clocks the new 40 which is – 50, now referred to again as the beginning of life, all roads to celebrate Akan’s jubilee leads to the idyllic island of Mykonos.

For those who don’t know, Mykonos is the super beautiful Greek island in the Cyclades group in the Aegean seas. It is favored by the well to do and the famous for the first class package of ultimate fun and much more that it offers. The beaches are exceptional and the joints which are much frequented by world famous DeeJays from around the world are to die for. Some have claimed that its actually one of the most beautiful places on earth. Those that go there are a mix of the most stunning ladies, the liquid and the fun loving.

It is in Mykonos that we hear that the Managing Director of ‘Desicon Group (Engineering)’, who was speculated sometime ago to have wanted to run for the Governorship of Akwa Ibom State, would have a first class gathering of pals to celebrate him hitting the golden age. You can only hit 50 just once in a lifetime, so we hear that this could easily turn out to be an epic party of the very best kind, a gathering of immense proportion. Akan is so super rich, that he can make some extraordinary things happen.

So much has changed in the last 2 or 3 decades for Akanimo, who graduated from the University of Uyo, Akwa-Ibom before going to get his MBA from the prominent Harvard Business School, Boston Massachusetts. Since after, it has been a gradual growth from strength to strength. From a company (Desicon) that he took over from his dad, he has since urned into a multi billion dollar company, that’s connected to the best of the best in the oil and gas sector of economy. Desicon where he is the MD, is involved in Engineering, Procurement and Construction. They are in fact one of the market leaders in their sector, employing over 300 plus people. Desicon as engaged in business of at least about $10 billion dollars till date. The international businessman is a Director at Saipem Contracting Nigeria, while he is also the Chairman of Vision 2000 Ltd.

Akanimo personally, has had not less than 25 years of experience in the oil and gas industry, meaning he is an expert in the field. So as he adds a year and clocks 50, we wish for him the very best that life on his level can further offer. Happy birthday. 

By Maestros Media

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    1. No wonder Bonang always on a short trips to Nigeria. She is consistent with these trips. Na only man waka dey carry dis girls enter niaja like dat.

    2. Ezine better make the most of it and stop reporting people up and down. You ain’t the first and won’t be the last so relax. He’s not planning to marry you either he’s just chilling as with others.
      That said happy birthday A.K. hope Kika will be there? ?

    3. Don’t mind Ezinne
      She was reporting Anita, Idia, Odilli. She should go and find husband like Powede

  1. Akan used to date one Portharcourt girl Anwuri in the past. I wonder if they are still together or if she’s began to think of getting married

    1. Don’t say very married oh! They are having issues in the marriage. Time will tell. So if you want to shoot your shot in advance eh! But as you can see, the line is long.

    2. Issues are sorted please. That’s old jist. She’s back from living abroad to living in Lagos. That’s a big step if you know all what went down. ?

  2. I think I have seen this person before on my business class trip to London. Fine man. I was not interested in any chat ups but he looks good in person. It could also be that it’s a look alike.

    1. You and Akan on business class? Maybe 20 years ago. Then he upgraded to First Class and currently he flies private.

      Maybe a look alike.

    2. See aa your lie backfire i think the last time AK entered business class was 20 years ago. I must belong lol

    1. Don’t be angry. Didn’t see a ring and usually Aloba would have glorified the man’s wife. Na question I ask abeg

    1. That bffshoes lady is really pompous and arrogant in a subtle way. She tries to be motivational on IG but you often get the sense of who she is in some reckless posts she makes.

  3. I can’t even think of a Lagos Big Girl that AK has not knacked. He likes threesome and the likes. He’s very proud

    1. This comment deserves a gold star! Hope he covers up. Condoms are damn cheap.

      Apart from the excess money, Akan is a late bloomer. What he’s doing now, his mates did all these things in their 30s.

  4. Aunty Mo again? Aye aunty yi ma de ti baje o!Her own don spoil patapata.Shameless agbaiya always looking like a feline cat.All for designer garbs that will ultimately become rags.

    Small time now, they will jump on a chair and start talking about how they struggled to get to the top.Awon Motivational liars.

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