We had thought we would have had the time to go witness first hand Temidayo Teniola’s white wedding in California, USA, but alas, time and other logistics beyond our control have conspired to not permit what would have been a super fantastic experience and coverage. But it is super obvious though that, Africa’s lady of television, the award winning and super stylish Mosunmola Abudu, is leaving no stones unturned, to host her only daughter (she also has a son) to a “superlative, quite impressive wedding ceremony.

This wedding is spanning Lagos, Nigeria, London, the United Kingdom and then Cali, that’s talking about California, in the US of A. A trip around the world a LA Lisa Standfield’s famous 90s hit song!

It all began a few weeks back, when Lagos was shaken to its marrow when Mo, one of the only women in Nigeria that can be referred to by just a coinage of their first name alone, gathered the who-is-who together at the Oriental Hotel, Victoria Island, Lagos for the traditional wedding of her only daughter to one of the sons of the super rich boss and owner of Calverton Group, in the person of Chief Remi Muyideen Makanjuola. Many that attended that Lagos end of these 3-pronged event wouldn’t forget that event in a hurry in all ramifications. With that event, Mo Abudu showed she was no fluke at organizing A-class, 7-stars, topnotch events, especially a wedding for her child. There was an over abundance of everything that sets parties apart from parties.

Was it the guest list? Was it the food and drinks? Was it the decor? Was it the style that was on display? Was it the drama? The elements must have specially conjoined together for good effect, because people gave good kudos afterward to both the founder of EbonyLife TV and the family of her daughter’s husband, the Makanjuolas for a super duper good job well done.

The event was managed by the superlative duo of Ibidunni Ituah-Ighodalo of Elizabeth R and Funke Bucknor-Obruthe of Zapphaire Events. Decor was done by the master of them all, Uche Majekodunmi of Newton & David. For Mo and by extension Chief Remi Makanjuola only the very best would do, so no expense was spared to make that happen. With the ultimate himself, KSA on the bandstand supported by the current king of the season- Burna Boy and Tiwa “the queen” Savage.

The bride and the groom must have been well pleased by what their parents teamed up to do for them. Mo and her ex-husband-Tokunbo Abudu, a prominent lawyer and businessman must have been super happy that their daughter was getting married, a first from their home. Chief Remi Makanjuola and Lady Cassandra Omage (not his wife) too must have been super elated too as was obvious.

The whole wedding thing began in August of last year, that’s 2018. It was a more subtle of all the events that has heralded the wedding ceremonies. The world class “introduction” was in January of 2019 and the Abeokuta, Ogun State palatial home of Temidayo’s paternal grand-dad’s home was the venue. After that was the Lagos, Sunday, March 24, 2019 traditional wedding at the Oriental Hotel. Then a few days ago in London was the court and registry wedding which was at the Westminster House Registry in Marylebone, London. And then by this weekend, the white wedding, meaning church shebang, is holding in California. USA.

And for all our information, just as young Temidayo is about doing her white wedding, we are happy to announce that she’s already many months gone!!!! Hip hip hooray!!! What we mean by that is that, she is already pregnant. How far gone she is? We do not know. But we are very happy for the couple as Mo would be eagerly awaiting the birth of her 1st grandchild!

Congratulations to everyone!!!!

The tall dude of a husband Adebola Teslim Imohiosen Makanjuola works at Visionscape Nigeria as a Project manager. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in International Business/Trade and Commerce from the University of Portsmouth and also a Masters of Art in Global Business Management and Leadership from Regents University, London. 

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  1. The pregnancy bulge showed at the trade despite all the corsetry. Wishing her a safe delivery and happy marriage.

  2. Aunty Mo the social climber per excellence fall hand o, thought she will hook her daughter up with one of the boys having a 24carat last name.This marriage is more for her than the daughter.I just hope the hubby realise he has limited time to make a lot of money or else …..

    1. Who you be? And who you be wey no no say that silent billionaires are better than noisy billionaires????!!! Limited time to make money ba wo? All you LSA peeps wey no know better thing keep on showing your ignorance. Chai!!!!

    2. Nne leave aunty MO to social climb whilst you have the option to go down LOW.. Why take panadol on someone's else's headach? Frustrated bunch!!!!

  3. People should learn to be happy with those celebrating so when it's their turn the world with celebrate them too.. I've always prayed and still praying to God to give me a life partner that'll love and adore me.

    1. So shall it be for you my daughter. You would find the right man that would love you and adore you IJN. Please don’t put cement in your ass or plaster your face with POP or show off cleavage . You can be sexy in a decent way. Don’t worry, you would testify soon. Also limit friends and always zip your mouth. e- Kisses

    1. It's still same pregnancy, she used to have a flat tummy. She probably showed early…that pregnancy in the pictures up here has gone far.

  4. You still haven’t answered why you took that post down I was so here for the tea on Veronica Odeka.

    1. Anonymous 4:10am,pls how do I read stories on LSA? I ve gone there and I don't understand how it works,pls help a sis.thanks

  5. Temidayo may everyone both near and far allow you to enjoy your marriage and just rest their machinations for the time being

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