Femi Fani-Kayode, This Time You Went Too Far. By Lolu Akinwunmi

Femi Fani-Kayode

I have just read a tirade against Pastor William Kumuyi of the Deeper Life Ministries from Femi Fani-Kayode. I am still shocked by the intensity of the attack and the use of very abusive, caustic and acidic language.

As an African, a Yoruba man and a Christian, I consider the lengthy piece disrespectful, irreverent, unOmoluwabi, and in bad taste. I also feel ashamed that another Yoruba man of my generation would so seriously fly off the handle.

What did Kumuyi do to warrant this from Femi?

Apparently Kumuyi said instead of cursing and abusing the President, Christians should pray for him. And the cleric was quoting the Bible from 1Timothy 2.2 that commands believers to “pray for kings and those in authority that we may live peaceful and quiet lives in all godliness and holiness”.

Pastor Kumuyi was simply aligning with his doctrinal belief. He didn’t compel anyone. He didn’t abuse. He didn’t curse. It wasn’t even an admonition. It was simply an advice. No one needs to comply if you don’t agree.

Secondly, and outside of his ecumenical commitments is the issue of his rights; human rights. The constitution allows this. He has a right to even say he prefers one politician to the other. He may be a man of God, but he’s also a Nigerian with civic rights and responsibilities.

Femi in an intolerant and flagarant and illiterate misuse of scriptures and scriptural references drew obtuse lines to rubbish Kumuyi. It was not necessary. Clearly an overkill. Perhaps it would have been enough to say he didn’t agree with the cleric.

Femi disregarded all these in the most flagarant abuse of another’s rights. He spoke like a man possessed or high on some narcotics. His piece did not reflect something from a stable mind. Even if he was Atiku, and I know Atiku isn’t likely to speak to Kumuyi this way, he wouldn’t have any reasons to so speak.

Femi used to represent a generational promise. Over time he allowed something worse than partisanship to derail him. Indeed what he did isn’t pro any party or doctrinal position. I have no further words to describe it.

By Maestros Media

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  1. Boda Lolu, no vex. Boda Femi no go collect im medicine for Yaba Left. E don tey when m doctors dey wait for am. Ejo, e dakun. Boda o gbadun Besides Boda Femi no dey sleep well for night again. With 4boys pelu tomato Jos, haaaaa no be beans oooo.

  2. Ffk the druggie,let the Buhari administration give him an appointment and watch his mouth close for ever. I pity his wife Snow White.

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