You see them looking glam and and all that and you think that God must have sat down specially to bless them more than others, with the kind of life they package for themselves that they live. First class traveling or business class is the norm. Anything less is like an anathema.

The package so good that you feel they are just working quite hard and that it’s what they claim to do that’s bringing in all the dough, but alas that’s not the whole truth. They make you begin to slightly question God in your mind, like He was somewhat partial, but it takes a person of wisdom to understand that the Almighty God is not partial at all, in fact in His book or vocabulary there’s nothing like favour as it cannot sit on the seat of justice. What actually favors this lot is nature itself, since they are going with the tide, all things would work out fine for them.

Many of these ladies are actually involved in the oldest profession known to man. So they are in fact professionals going about their daily work, looking for out to earn a living. But through their packaging, they lead others astray believing the subterfuge that they showcase.

Just imagine this award winning, highly celebrated personage. All what you see about this mother, is glam and effizzy. Like she is someone who has done extremely well for herself and on top of her game only. Though she’s truly done well for herself as we cannot begrudge her on that. But underneath the facade, is actually much more than meets the eye too, she apparently has her price which can be activated, someone would say like everyone else too. Hers is just somehow not to be expected, that’s because she has packaged the subterfuge quite well. But the truth is she also engages subtly, in a high powered game of bedmatics too, to add sauce to what she actually does. For her though no be beans at all ooooo. You just must be ready to cough out millions, in fact tens or hundreds of millions to get in between that Bermuda Triangle of hers, that treasure trove that has brought down loads of so called strong or mighty men. She once dated her good friend’s (besto’s) married lover, an old moneybag too, who owns that place by the water.

So check out this scenario. The dude involves is this tall and well known  money bag, who is into const…… Dude likes to show off die and is not generous at all, even with all that he supposedly has!!! You see him as a ladies man and want to get down with him. Not because he is a fine dude, no no no, in fact he is far from it, but because he has money which he has used to package his image well, many fall head over heels for him. By all the things that are visible through which you want to rate him, he has it all in over abundance and they are quite intimidating. So that sells him to the opposite sex quite well, so no need to talk too much. They actually fall over themselves to have him, but the snag is, he is an avowed cheapskate.  And this madam’s mouth is very big, quite  big to say the least, as she likes very many zeroes behind the figures she collects or loves to collect. It must be 6 figures or more or nothing. So she was totally hoodwinked by the flash, thinking that she had hit pay dirt.

So arrangements were made and  she flew to their rendezvous-Dubai with loads of expectations. The guy in fact tried, as her flight was 1st class which is what she loves to fly, but unknown to her that was already part of the payment. Just imagine to her shock and chagrin, after what had gone down and the actual deed was done, she was expecting the rain to pour in massive torrents, she was in high expectation for something humongous, in fact something quite hefty and the man tried at least and did what jhe considers quite extraordinary, he gave her $5000!!!! ????

? And that was just it…..

The lady in question in her 50s is quite popular. 

By Maestros Media

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  1. Hian is the 5000$ not money ? But wait o, selling ass at 50 … Gosh !! I'm always baffled by these women. For bags, shoes and trips ??? TF !!! Couldnt be me.

  2. But wait o, what is wrong with $5,000? Isn't that overly generous sef? I've never seen a bunch of money miss road like Nigerian men, inflating the price of tohtoh unnecessarily. These men are giving these Nigerian hoes a sense of entitlement, making them feel like their tohtoh is worth diamomds, gold and oil blocks. Gedifok. $5,000 for tohtoh that is full all over Nigeria and the woman is not content.

  3. What is wrong with $5,000? For this entitled woman, a lot. A former Governor gave her 1 billion Naira. A former bank MD gave a similar amount too of soft loans she never paid back. That’s what’s wrong with giving her $5,000. She negotiates hard and uses her business as a ploy to collect money. In all honesty that $5,000 is more like her worth. Almost knocking 60!

  4. Awon sister olobo town council. Aunty M. Mennonite they all disgust me. How with that aka gum Olu? Méan that’s it. I would never greet this woman ever again. Only you former first bank, only you Helicopter… kilode gan. Won fi sheyin ni. Young people would saying my mentor my mentor not knowing tohtoh Dey work overtime…..

    1. ????????????????????! @ tohtoh Dey work overtime! This woman again???? Chief daddy things! Stupid movie!

    2. Re-Helicopter. Her BFF’s ex-Aristo.

      She did her co-in-law and then got her child to marry his son. Roger that!

    3. The dirtiest mariage link I've heard in a long time. I dropped hint of the story during the wedding but Aloba didn't take it up.

      Not surprised, when I lived in Lagos (more than 20 years back), her attachee attitude and desperation showed she'll end up like this. She was so different from her co-wives.

    4. Whaaat? ? Mother of the bride sleeping with Daughters father in law? I am confused! How????? Omo! This woman is a woeman! Nasty!

    5. Mama Borngirl, you seem to know about everybody’s business. I suspect you are a housegirl of one of these women. You sound jobless and useless. Like you are a failure in life! How someone tracks and keeps up with other’s personal lives like you is so pathetic.

    6. And how you keep up with my comments to monitor them is even more pathetic and shows you're guilty. Stop getting upset over the truth, go and tell your mama or mentor to change, decency is always always in vogue.

      I'll not be back to reply you nor will I stop making my comments on MM.

  5. Na wa mama 50+ wetin she dey find? is she not tired of opening her body for different men? the day i watch her interview with former CBN Governor lamido sanusi,few years ago.she was almost naked.she was just opening her laps know she just dey seduce the that day i know say that woman na olosho.


    1. Ooo you saw that interview??Her body language was like ‘hear I am, just take me’. And that SLS nah don. He won’t let her pass just like that. Hehehehe

  6. You cheat yourself when you're not honest about who you are. If aunty was just honest that her services are for sale she would be able to set her pricing like every other escort but she's pretending so she has to manage whatever she sees. So her "pay" was less than the cost of her ticket (assuming it wasn't paid for in miles) and less than "transport" money that small IG nuisances get from certain ogas? What a shame… mommy dearest should hang it up or get something doing for real to get her cashflow herself.

  7. Human beings are just insatiable .Is her film producing & TV not bringing in enough money? Na wa.

  8. But there are so many people who do runs and their gist and toto receipts aren't out in public like this, isnt No embarrassed by all this attention?

  9. Aunty go and rest! It's TM's time aka Herpers or the Calabar big booty anal dog actress IE' time! Hahahahaha! Doing ashawo since time immemorial! Std Collectors…Go and rest ooo! These men f$$k you and mock you behind your backs! These men tell others about how cheap you are! Look at the Cheap Calabar Anal Sex Queen Actress with the booty but no brain..She's got her own std from excess anal sex and is a laughing stock amongst those that know how much she smells or stinks! This girl is in her Forties but claims to be in her thirties just for cheap prostitution sake. Nothing to show for it but a long line of sugar daddies. Her latest bf or victim has denied her severally and has dumped her! It's so sad you'll have to suck dicks of all sizes for tips mehn! Stop already! Sit your cadavers down and repent! Fucking since time immemorial still not the richest woman in your village! This is a Curse! TM…IE…MO!!!! Disgrace! Tufiakwa! Std Collectors!

    1. @fan lol the guy don tire but the babE needs the coins he throws at her to survive! She go die there! Lmao! Dirty old hag looking for who to tie down with big ass and empty head! The guy dey fear say she fit f$$k anybody to get her way! Who wants such a hoe as a wife? He's afraid she would bring another person's child for him! Ain't nobody got time for that! Gold digger oshi! He's looking for how to pass her to his loaded goons! Lmao! She-diot! Girls won't learn that reputation does a lot more than plastic surgeries! Big booty hoe! Leaky leaky ass! Goodbye bitch! He's waiting on you to leave! He's gone mumu!

    2. LMAOOOO Wait what ????? Ini E. How na ???? But she has a man now, a very rich one at that. Still doing runs … Geez !! Na wa naija women.

    3. Oh Anonymous get a life! Your husband left you for this so called ho! If she has STD you probably have the same STD! She has collected everything from you while you are sad and pathetic crying on a blog. Get a life! Stanel prefers Ini to you 1000 times. Bittter rejected corpse.

    4. Hahaha @ini the old dog! Guity conscience will not kill you ohhhh!!!this isn't his ex-wife! That one is datiNg an ex presido on the low! She don move on ooo!!!! Hahaha he NEVER preferred you to her but used you as cover for his own shame and to satisfy himself which he is now tired of and has moved on from! After all the FAKE RING wey you engage yourself the man still run leave you cursed soul! Atleast she has 4 kids and HAD the ring and is living her best life now! What DO YOU HAVE???? Haq Haq Haq!!!! HOE!!! 40 claiming 30??? Old fooooooollll! Prostitute! USE and DUMP!!!!!! STD COLLECTOR!!!! Leaky leaky asshole!!!! Upon all the drugs you take to get bye! Oh he told us too bitch!!! Sniff anything to get bye LONELY FRUSTRATED BITCH!!! The guy REGRETS ever fucking you in the first place hence his numerous rants! All you've brought that man is sadness! Cursed fool! Nor be who send man dey stay to know if the man prefer am? Person wey comot or initiate divorce care? Fooool! He tells anyone that cares to listen how he can't wait to remarry so they can disassociate him from you! LONELY BITCH!!! You put his picture on line and sent a dm to instagram to leak your relationship just shows how desperate you are!!! Still upon fake ring na beg you dey beg am to pls stay with you!!! Get a damn life!!! Reply me again make I leak your naked pics from his phone! Don't test me bitch! Have you forgotten your escapades with esama while you were still married??? Fool! Cursed soul!!! Continue to Suck your dick for tips until the day your leaky leaky ass will go viral! She-diot!

    5. Chaiii the next time I see IE doing shakara I will laugh abeg! It's not worth it at all. Kai! All for fake designers? So why leak the relationship to social media if the guy has never acknowledged you in the fast place or wear a ring when he never proposed to you but vehemently denies you as Peter denied jesus? Chaiii fake life! Shame!

    6. Bia @ini don't come here and be lying oh! Which kind ini has collected everything from you? You think Stanel doesn't know you steal from him most times you were around? Nne biko stop lying biko! "Took everything from irene how? Say the truth biko! The guy doesn't trust or believe half the lies you tell him to get money from him so he doesn't give you like that and mostly because na you dey chase am! The guy nor dey reason you hence no wedding or even relationship anniversary! So shut up! Thief!

    7. @ ini the wife initiated the divorce not the other way round. Seems you don't even know half of what happened! You were once dumped too by your ex's family after your numerous visits to Esama Igbins amongst other men while married to their son…so you should know better hun! Xo

    8. Ansnymous the rabid dog. Please leak the naked pictures. You have access to his phone and pictures so you are just a desperate dog he is fucking on the side. Hahaha. No wonder you sound like a maaad lunatic. You also know a lot about his ex-wife. Shaking my big bum bum and laughing at your frustration. You will die frustrated you useless bitch. Does Stanel claim you? No! You are just a cum bucket he is using to pass time! You accuse Ini of STD but you also have the same STD from fucking Stanel. Yes or no? Leak the nudes and see if your matter will not reach here. Ini is going no where so you can start dying now. I know Ini and she’s a fresh and bad bitch. Leaky butt? You must mistake everyone with your unfortunate ass which is leaking watery shit! You think we don’t know who you are? See as you be like Down syndrome patient. Unfortunate ashewo begging for a come up! You and the ex-wife will suffer and die in frustration. Cursed bitch!

    9. Stanel loves Ini though! Anonymous must be a pained side chick. If you have to snoop on your maga’s phone to chase your competition away, then you are very low on the totem pole and you are very threatened. I sense fear, desperation, hatred and frustration from anonymous. Up your game bitch! Is this the best you can do?! I bet you wish you had all he gives Ini. You are snooping on his phone to gather evidence to rise to the top? Hahahaha. You have STD bitch? Why are you assuming others do? Stanel obviously does not want you bad enough! I bet you are doing osho free and you are pained at Ini’s status in his life. Don’t worry we will show Stanel your message. You are done bitch! Bye hater! Bye whore! Bye lowlife! Say goodbye to your 50kobo payments! Lunatic.

    10. Lies! Ini does not smell at all! Fresh Asampete. Aloba be careful about the lies spewed on your blog!

    11. Lmao! Kai @ini! What of the house you were begging him to buy for you or the marriage you desperately wanted which were part of the reasons Stanel dumped you? A mere dog demanding what is fit for madam! We laughed so hard at those outrageous demands from you ehn! You and the likes of you delude yourselves into believing you're more than what you're! You are prostitutes! Plain and simple! Nor be only house! Na estate! Nor be only ring Na dog chain! Snopp DOG!!! Bingo! Girls like you ini are the reason we mothers must train our daughters to be better! Not like your mother that failed woefully! It's not just having a pretty face and no brain but to learn to fend for themselves with their brains. The likes of ini the hungry social climber who is ready to open her pussy,asshole or mouth in exchange for tips are a disgrace to what a modern day woman stands for! You should have a brain and be able to work hard and earn every dime you own eg Michelle obama,oprah , Beyonce to mention a few..These women Excel without "sexing" their way to the top and gloating about it! Disgusting! We're trying to build a world where women equal men in all social ramifications not a prostitute and an instagram show off! @ ini if you like freeze all your eggs..only a BASTARD will fertilise them because no man would ever want to have a family with you ever! So pls buy your sperm now that you can afford it and do the Needful you piece of shit! Ekwesu!

    12. Lmao! Kai @ini! What of the house you were begging him to buy for you or the marriage you desperately wanted which were part of the reasons Stanel dumped you? A mere dog demanding what is fit for madam! We laughed so hard at those outrageous demands from you ehn! You and the likes of you delude yourselves into believing you're more than what you're! You are prostitutes! Plain and simple! Nor be only house! Na estate! Nor be only ring Na dog chain! Snopp DOG!!! Bingo! Girls like you ini are the reason we mothers must train our daughters to be better! Not like your mother that failed woefully! It's not just having a pretty face and no brain but to learn to fend for themselves with their brains. The likes of ini the hungry social climber who is ready to open her pussy,asshole or mouth in exchange for tips are a disgrace to what a modern day woman stands for! You should have a brain and be able to work hard and earn every dime you own eg Michelle obama,oprah , Beyonce to mention a few..These women Excel without "sexing" their way to the top and gloating about it! Disgusting! We're trying to build a world where women equal men in all social ramifications not a prostitute and an instagram show off! @ ini if you like freeze all your eggs..only a BASTARD will fertilise them because no man would ever want to have a family with you ever! So pls buy your sperm now that you can afford it and do the Needful you piece of shit! Ekwesu!

    13. When will women learn to stop believing men when they bad mouth women they were involved with? Stop taking his words to the bank or in this case a gossip blog. I mean how will you believe a man saying the woman he's STILL involved with is a thieving stinky desperado with a leaky ass? So she's all that and he still won't leave her alone? And you swallowing the story hook, line and sinker are you not an empty brained olodo for sitting there to even listen to his stories?
      Ini cheated on her husband we know, not just Esama, other wealthy men too. The position she had as SA or whatever didn't have a house as part of her compensation package yet Akpabio still paid for that house in Ikate. But you see you that is barking like a rabid animal in the comments of every blog, you're a compound idiot and a fool because all of this is because a man who knows that your low self esteem ass will believe his lies.

    14. Awwwww my umunna….@ini had to take out time from her ashawo career to post comments to save face! BITCH I AM MARRIED with 2 LOVELY BOYS! And point of correction, na we dey judge your matter for back with your EX boyfriend Stanley! It must hurt to just be a "cum bucket" at 40 though! A watery career, with no man and no child! Been passed around and unclaimed by those she so badly wants to marry! The disgrace akpabio' wife gave you was small! Just be patient another one dey come! Keep checking ig for your nudes and messages from stanel's phone fool! A cursed soul! How come we know so much if the one you beg to marry you doesn't only regret being with you but would pass your phone number to any of his friends that want you for the "long night or weekend" because they always return to their wives in the morning! Fat fuck with ass mouth and Virgina that stinks just to please and buy fake gucci and plastic surgeries! I remember one girl Stanel was asking out and she rejected his proposal because she didn't want anyone that had slept with you! Ask him na fool! The guy denied you sharp sharp and called you one of his biggest regrets ever !but we know when he wants that kind of sex from a porn star Na you e dey call because na only you dey current for porn styles!his words not mine! Hahaha bad guy!!! Public reject! Cum dump site! Why e never one day post your pics or introduce you as what you desperately want "his wife"? Hahaha and you dey here dey curse him ex! Chaiii uwa mo! This one wey Stanel tell us say dey fuck him and him friend wey you nor know say him know! Desperado of life! I've warned my hubby to distance himself from you people's shit! Full! Bitch I said what I said! You're his cum bucket and will only be that with the 2mil wey him dey throw give you! Hahahaha! Dey lie anyhow! Community pussy! It's not only" I will show Stanel this messages and you are done for" as if you matter! Hahahaha delusional fool! He's looking to remarry soon o and I'm sure the world will laugh with me when that happens! Don't worry aloba I will send you pictures because we shall be there live with my family! Foolish aristo coming to lie that she's worth being main chic! Hahahahahaha! Have you sniffed today? Pathetic low life! Public ridicule!

    15. Hahahaha. Anonymous bitch don frustrate come de give grandma advise. Don’t worry, you will hear from Stanel. Stupid and dumb bitch. You are done! Your story will fill many websites soon. You better run to the nearest hospital so you don’t commit suicide when you see the gbese your lunatic brain bring you! Bastard!

    16. Lol Anon 1:33 is a mother still doing runs and snooping on a magas phone. Chai! You are a dead woman. Instead of you to hustle to feed your children like a respectable woman. You are here fightingvthe competition. Don’t worry, you don kill yourself today. Hahahahaha.

    17. Hahahaha fooooool @ini why are you acting like the man hasn't left you or is troubled by your nemesis? That nigga ain't bothered about you bitch! Besides he's surprised you act like you don't know he doesn't want anything to do with you bitch! Someone that has said if he hears you ever mention him as your fiancee he will arrest your lying desperate ass! Stop acting like he gives a damn bitch! Bitch I am HAPPILY MARRIED and don't need your bf! Fool! We all can not be dogs she-diot! I have my own money,hubby and 2 lovely boys to pamper me sily! Your ex bf dey do damage control because of the shame that you brought him! DISGRACE! Fool trying to save face with empty threats as if you matter to the nigga! Bitch sit your leaky ass down and humble your damn self! Porn star! Fool at forty na mumu go kill am!!! You dey drag who nor want you! Acting like you matter enough for Stanel to take any action for! Nigga goes to blakes to share your story just to seperate himself from you when they bring up your dead ass stories fool! You that they booked for his friend and you didn't know! FOOL!!!! Everyone around him knows your leaky ass story gutter girl! Ini but you know now!!!! You know you do not matter to Stanley and everyother guy around Naaaaaa! My sister motherhood is too sweet! Go and buy sperm to fertilise your Bastard freezed eggs now that you can afford it o! By the way my regards to your "incumbent" UE! I heard he's also servicing your ass o! Fool! After your long years of ashawo na ikate akpabio buy house for you? Not ikoyi? Kai you fall hand o! Cheap as fuck! Ask around my hubby is older and takes very good care of me! I live and own a house in the area of the old money bags in Abj! Ikate? Kai! Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaaaa! Fool! After paying blogs to leak stories baba still discover !chop clean mouth run!!! Leaky leaky bum bum!!! Tongue out! Come and get meee! She-diot! ASHAWOOOO IKATE BUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!

    18. Anonymous 9.35 abeg don’t mind this demented fool. She’s frustrated that despite all her acrobatics the man no send am. Imagine how low you have to sink to hack your magas phone to get pics of your competition so you can threaten them. Ini if she release your pics Stanel will only have to marry you. Then and then. Anonymous will die in jail. Don’t worry anon, Na gbas and gbos you go hear. I thought you were confident enough to leak the pics online? Why leaking in DM? If dem born all your mama wel, leak it online and all your ancestors will cry for what will befall you! You will die in shame and disgrace trust me. You are crazy and you need help. You say you have kids and we both know that is a lie. Because those kids are living dead even if it is true. We know who you are! Watch out for part 2. You already exposed yourself. You are not smart at all!

    19. Ewooooo @ini have you sniffed today? Hahahahahaha!!!! That nigga don't care about you enough to do a thing about goes on outside the bedroom with your porn skills bitch wake the fuck up ooooo!!!!! Na only you waka come o!!! Is it Not 2mil or at most 5mil to get you to display your porn skills???? Suckaway mouth! Soon to be sperm thief! Bastard! On a lighter Note, Pls my family and I will be at the transcorp buffet tonight! Please come and have dinner on me but if I see you wink at my hubby I swear, I will do what irene should have done after divorciNg the Bastard! I would have sent you 6 foot under! You only have one life and na ashawo you choose! You wey dem trowey from hotel room! Fool! Bitch quit lying! We ain't bothered! Liar!

    20. Madam married with two lovely boys, it appears you're less busy. Your husband doesn't gist with you or hang out with you that's why you have all this free time to post on blogs about someone you don't know. I bet you're one of those VGC type mothers who do nothing but gossip with their equally miserable friends while their husbands say they're going to Owerri or Abuja for "business" when all involved know he's only chasing babes. The type of moms that press phones and run mouths in public while their chilren run amok. Face your children and get a life baby girl, no matter what you say to pull Ini down it won't make your husband like you or your life better in any way. Now let us hear word.

      So is Olu the stingycoco in question?

    21. @ini Haba I have been waiting for your gba gbos oh! Or this story on other blogs as you earlier threatened!! Where are they? Bitch thinks she matters at all!!! You don't!!! Hahahahaha! atlst my hubby loves and adores my boys and I! What do you have? A leaky hole as an asshole or an empty basket as a brain! Ini you might end up arrested if you mention stanel's name as your fiancee o! From the horses mouth! Stanel marry you if your nudes are leaked? What a wawu! Bitch half the men in Nigeria can draw your smelly naked ass! They do not need your nudes! Bitch your nudes with messages about your outrageous demands will be leaked on instagram soon to serve as a deterrent to young girls trying to get things with their vaginas or assholes! You will be the reference for disgrace and public humiliation! Nor be only marry you! You're like his sugar mummy! Almost 7yrs older than the dude! The guy just wanted to taste what his friends said about your porn skills and you wan trap am!!!Hahahaha! Baba ruuuuuuuuuuuuuuun pass Usain bolt! Hahahahahaha ikate resident! Hahahahahahahaha you have killed yourself old woman! Get a life o! He used you to show off to his friends that he could fuck you and now he's done and sprEading the gospel about your leaky leaky asshole!! Nor be only expose yourself!hahahahahaha ohhhhhhhh I'm scarrrrredddddd!!!! Ini Edo the dog with leaky ass knows who I am! Ikate cheap dog! You should have lied atlst and said ikoyi! Chaii no wonder you wanted him to buy you a house! Bitch my maid's are taking care of my sons and my legs are on oga's laps as I type! So I'm good bitch! You're the lonely desperate bitch trying hard to have kids you've frozen somewhere looking for a Bastard like you to fertilise them! No man wants to have a family with you bitch so go on with your lonely self and wait in line to buy your sperm fool! Miserable lonely Old Cargo! Go on and sniff your way into happiness with your broke empty self! Commit suicide bitch and save the world one big failure! We will gladly accept your death fool! You have nothing and no one to miss you because you mean nothing to anyone bitch! Seat back and change bitch change! Pls I have dinner engagements with my beautiful family! I'm out! Ikate??? Whatttt????Buhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

    22. 4.18 do you really believe this Anon can afford to eat at Transcorp? With all the hints she has dropped, she’s scared so she’s trying to create a new personality for herself. She has dropped evidence that she fucks Stanel. Only the person who fucks him and snoops on his phone when he’s aslee will know who sends nude pics to him. She also claimed that he proposed marriage to someone but the person refused. Sakamamje. She’s not the type of person that will refuse Stanels proposal. Lai lai. But she seems to know all the intimate details of the girls Stanel is chasing and knowledge of his chats. The babe Na complete lunatic and this shows that Stanel should make sure she is arrested. Only God knows what other important information on his business she has stolen. She is very bitter! Didn’t she claim Ini was dumped? The. She claimed she is only important to Stanel for fucks! Then she claims Stanel will not marry Ini or impregnate her! What happened to the dumped story? Hahahahaha. Bitch is dead and bitter! You are laughing about Ikate. The runs that you do that made you so frustrated as to hack a Stanels phone obviously does not pay you! My God you are pained and frustrated! Your hate will soon consume you! Get a life bloody nuisance! Your runs has ended. You better not go back to stanel or go close to his vicinity because you will be arrested for fraud, theft and a lot of charges. People are looking for you already.

    23. Anon 3.27 Na your papa sperm dem thief? You claim you are unbothered but you are here spewing trash and lies. You are even trying to estimate how much Ini is paid. I laugh tayad. You de craze walahi. Ini is the least of your problems. You need serious help where they will tie you to a pole. You don kolo. Hahahhahahaha. How your STD? Shey de go de go?

    24. Hurt Anon. Have you seen Ini’s new pictures? I think that got you fired up!!!! Baby girl is smoking hot and fresh like today bread!!!! If I was you I would hate too! Stanel must be lusting after those pics in front of you! You think spoiling Ini will somehow elevate you! Dead babe. Maybe if you deal with your mental issues, he just might take you seriously!

    25. Awwww honey I'm scared! You've been dumped and was only needed for sex and your pay is 2mil (Chicken feed but a big deal for an ikate resident)! And yes honey I'm rich as fuck! Your ex boyfriend spills a lot about you just to prove that he was never going to settle with you or was ever close to you outside the bedroom! And yes! That he has dumped you like a hot brick! Sorry hoe but that's your truth! That nigga showed your explicit pictures that you send randomly hoping to win him back with! Darling stanley doesn't like you at all! It's sad you're deluded and think you deserve any better than the 2mil Stan and other customers pay you to suck their balls but hey! It's your life and your choice to be a porn star and would do anything you're told to do even if it's to bark like a dog for tips! (2mil and other times 5mil) Buhaahahahahaha! So sorry you reduced yourself to this but again itsyour choice! And please stop lying about stanley and the arrest story to gullible readers! He's since moved on from online banter especially when and if it concerns you! He just regrets ever letting your former relationship get this far to the point where people believe he would ever propose or want to settle down with a hoe. Sorry hun but he never even gave you the feeling he wanted to get serious with you hun and you've always known it as that's what you're used to pay her and then fuck her and bitch would find her way home! Sorry hun, again it is the life you chose (For the gram)! Sad…low….lonely…Miserable….frustrated and angry! All the trips (Dubai / Paris Et al) was for sex and you've always known and accepted it so why come on line and give people a different impression? Dude is embarrassed enough that anyone ever saw you guys together! He regrets it and can't wait for the day your name would be mentioned without his in the same sentence! Bitch move on its over! That house never came so commit suicide fool! He's dumped you too! UE your incumbent gov is fucking you too! You want what you do not deserve bitch and that is a family of your own! Die alone ini edo! You're heading there already! And b4 I forget to remind you,bitch I'm rich and would never oblige your kind off line hoe! Family and husbands money's at my service! So burn bitch burn!

    26. Ini why hasn't Stanel publicly claimed you? I am not the anonymous though,just being curious. You are beautiful, very beautiful and if what the anonymous is saying is anything to go by,then your bedmatic skills is top notch. Why does he not marry you,seeing that he's single and you're also single.

    27. The vicious Anonymous is on stanley's pay roll! Take it to the bank! He is very aware of this post. He's the one behind the vicious attacks to distance himself from Aunty ini. Make I shut up o. Good night.

    28. Wow! You guys slow down with the insults. Anonymous made ini confirm her past relationships with igbins and akpabio. Wow! But wait a minute, it's stale news akpabio spread the virus as governor as an anonymous stated under toke's post the other day. I hope he got you that house without sleeping with you if not……..goodluck.

    29. My brother never made a mistake divorcing this girl! Look at you confirming your extra marital affairs while married on line. To think I spoke up for you then! Disappointed.

    30. Hahahahahaha nor be only "why hasn't Stanel claimed you"? Why don't you give her to your brother or father to marry? A public ikate second hand nuisance! Trust me, you will soon be homeless by the time akpabio's wife takes that property from you! My sister all that glitters isn't gold. It pains me for her but she chose this path and vehemently defends it so….a good name is better than gold and a good fuck doesn't equate marriage! Heard she's been trying to get across to stanel crying but as usual, he's been rejecting her calls. Stanley pls block her so she knows we are not joking! I've had enough fun for today. O chim …Ini pls call uzor his brother maybe that one would pick. Haq Haq Haq! @ini I'm still in my hubby's house o! Where are the police men now? Or the part 2e you promised? Ewu Gambia! If Stanley pick your call make I bend! Retard! I ernestly await your reply bitch! Goodnight aloba…xo

    31. Anon mama of two boys, you are a savage !!! And i love it. See spilling, you are truly an insider wow !!

      Ini see your life outside. See how they exposed your tea choi !!! So embarassing sis. The tea is too personal with precise details for it to be fake. That your stanley doesnt love u one bit dear, he literally told ur tea to everyone. My dear try and move on !

    32. I just hate it when girls like INI EDO the dog assume relevance and start threatening her mothers idiot head about what they cannot do! Why? For social media? Or for who now? Making threats about arresting your stupid family or lying that about Stanel looking for the identity behind this anonymous! Are you kidding yourself? NO HE IS NOT! BITCH BE HUMBLE! No man cares about you enough to take actions about your nemesis! Lyon! Trying to save face? Buhahahahahahahaha! You're mad! Why can't you do something about it? Biko Nne come and arrest me now? What are you waiting for? I've been waiting for your "goons" all day! Why haven't they come or why hasn't Stanley picked your calls? You wan beg am money? Broke Goat! If I hear you make another empty threat again ehn! "We know who you are"…"your ass will get arrested soon" etc all empty threats? Get a life bitch! Don't you have to get high? Or isn't there another empty,sad and cheap photo shoot to post on instagram? With the numErous fake Lv's and gucci's? Or isn't there a rich sugar daddy your pimp is hooking you up with? Or another rich baba you're chasing after like a mad dog? You need more empty surgeries remember? So you need this money oh! Bad bad for that matter and the only way to get it is to open your gapiNg and smelly asshole for the 2mil! Ha no time o all na entrepreneurial skills o! Call Chief Igbins now if Stanley has stopped picking or maybe Akpabio or no maybe UE your incumbent or Call Senator…… or deputy governor….if all of them donate the usual 2mil maybe you can get another surgery for your smelly armpit and private or public part! With your chronic "housegirl smell"! Cheap fuck! Ikate Beyonce! Don't open your brain and work hard o! She-goat smell! You better go and beg whoever cast this spell on you! Juju specialist! After making numerous incisions on your virgina still no husband, no money, No child! Just empty and forming fake ig celeb! I will disgrace you! Just give me time. Those your nudes must be seen on the same instagram you act all brand new after your numerous lonnng nights of servicing several ogas! Empty bimbo! The Lord be with you! Xo

    33. The bitch deserves every humiliation she gets biko! @ini the dog, what of the fake ring? Buhahahahahahahaha so you didn't think you would get dumped? Chaii all for the gram oh! Fake "engagement" ring! Kai Stanley na bad guy abeg! Baba just let you fool yourself for the general public! Wearing engagement ring for an aristo you're 7yrs senior to? Chai you're cursed I swearugad! Kai devlish desperation! Ahan you've stopped calling him? Why now? Are you tired of disturbing your "hubby's" phone? Hahahaha! You even paid people to comment on instablog that you guys had a secret wedding! Chaiii I laff in Spanish! Secret kEE you there Bastard! Linus..lyon! I hope his next Gf will be someone that equals our class and not like this endangered specie ini edo! Bring in a girl with a good head on her shoulders and with a decent background pls not this desperate old mama that is waiting for a Bastard to fertilise her Bastard frozen eggs somewhere! Cheap and classless slut with her cheap ass designers instagram photo shoot! Mama for the boys! Buy 1 get 2 free!

    34. Only one person so angry like this!!!! Anonymous I agree you need help! Wow! You sound completely unhinged! You keep forming different personalities and replying yourself.

  10. @Fan did you say BFF's ex Aristo abi current Aristo?
    After BFF's baby she has gone back to the matter as Hubby can't meet up financially.
    Hubby is living in house bought by helicopter for her now.

    1. VC didn't go back to ex aristo helicopter. She's on to one of new set of politicians. And hubby Mr S owns the apartment they're living both in Lagos and London. The man is very comfortable just that V likes to acquire diamonds.

  11. Is the lady the woman whose daughter got married not quite long and over dressed than her daughter? And she's now praising the new lag governor and Ogun stats governor?

  12. These people na wa sha…
    All so fake and conniving.
    Putting all these wannabe young girls under unnecessary pressure, without knowing they live a lie!

  13. Na wa oh!!at what age… this is so embarrassing and frankly I wonder how ur news will end up in blogs ! Can’t u be discreet at such an age:: what happened to being a lady and finding a man that won’t talk ! It’s hinestly disgusting and I am appalled at what I read about these women:

  14. VC is back with helicopter, take that to the bank. Also JS is not as fluid as he made out and VC found out after he put a ring on it. Also they have moved from JS's rented place in Ikoyi back to VC's bought place by helicopter in Lekki!

    1. Helicopter is helicopter. Use Google to find out about helicopters in Nigeria and stop asking us to break house rules about putting full names. Especially names that will make posts disappear.

  15. Haaa..Nigerian women can be so venomous and angry ..i mean see insults back and forth from this 2 anons because of a man …you guys are still so hooked on men being your everything but hide under political correctness to be shouting strong woman , boss woman everywhere ..but still depend on theses men …thats why they will read this and start laughing ….lets do better pls

  16. Oga oooo! Heard Aunty M Issa Pimp too tho nd she tried to pimp adesua one time nd banky got to know about it since dey dey weren’t cool anymore

  17. Haaa..Nigerian women can be so venomous and angry ..i mean see insults back and forth from this 2 anons because of a man …you guys are still so hooked on men being your everything but hide under political correctness to be shouting strong woman , boss woman everywhere ..but still depend on theses men …thats why they will read this and start laughing ….lets do better pls

  18. Aloba please start allowing IP addresses to show with these comments, so this one person who has been terrorizing us about Ini Edo can stop responding to herself. Its been days and it's boring

  19. Mama boys you dey vex no be small…take it easy please …do you and Ini have a previous issue?? I'm so shocked at this exchange

  20. Ini Edo is not on here making any comments though not a single reply here is her. So why is this supposed married anon here "talking" to Ini? If she wants a blog to talk to Ini, she should head to Stella's place.

    1. Sharap @ini be there covering face! No one likes you enough to defend your lying ass! Move on its over! "Snoop Dog"!

  21. Nna nawao…. the world is just a small place.. everyone's trying to survive.. can't we all just strive n not drag people into our chaos in peace!!

  22. I am starting to believe the anonymous must be stanel’s ex Wife or her friends because she knows so much. Never knew ini’s Beautiful house was at ikate and what is wrong with having a house there? Nawao! Giving yourselves unnecessary pressure!

    1. Pls madam/Sir leave his ex wife out of this. That one has moved on from ini's brand of men…she's low key living her life with an ex pres…! So no its not irene or her friends! As for you ini, watch your back've entered this one. As they say vengeance is a meal best served……..classless Anal sex pro with gaping and leaking asshole! No wonder these men go for your kind to carry out their animalistic tendencies on! Ikate Beyonce!!! Snoop Doggggggggg!

    2. Anon you are so bitter!!! You can only be a pained side chick or the ex wife. Which ex-President is unmarried? You mean the ex-wife is a side chick? Hahahahaha. No wonder you are so bitter and vile.

    3. I agree…I know Irene and the babe is just classy…see how quiet she was with all this mess unfolding…ini is not her class at cheap skate.. we are still waiting for her karma in cos this one doing ini now na small…she go hear am hot hot…

  23. Omo! This anonymous with 2boys is blowing hot! She must be an insider! But what is wrong with owning a house in ikate? Ikate nah evil forest? Nawao!

    1. Yes Ikate na evil forest for the likes of ini's nemesis! These people blasting her are all oil money wives….so for them "ikate" na dead zone walahi! Very cheap fuck indeed!

    1. Don't mind the Goat! Leave her there to be threatening her mother's head! Fool! I hate it when cheap fucks like her threaten people she doesn't equal to! Bitch who is your mate? If not that Stanley brought you into our circle, girls like ini only admire women like us from afar! Pretty Nonsense! Please oh..stupid men with wandering dicks, your big booty hoe is now available for cheap 2mil fuck oh but you can dash her 3-5mil if she impresses you! She go fit give you the next fuck free sef for that amount! Ikate Beyonce!

    2. Ini is not on this blog. Na me de respond to anonymous and I am not Ini. But we have reported her! Hahahahaha.

    3. LMAO! You've confessed already! Bitch it's too late to cover up now! You've been dumped! Back to zero! Go beg money for another place bambiallah! Professional Beggar! I'm sure you can your stupid mother if the price is right! Ode! Your EX bf dey plan your arrest if he hear pim from you idiot! You for talk say you be ini make Stanley arrest you! Worthless fool! LONELY BROKE MOTHER OF NONE! Still broke after over a decade of professional ashawo! Your nudes are coming o fool! I will even pay THE SHADE ROOM to carry those nudes! Since you're looking for international recognition! I will disgrace you internationally! Beggar! Cheap fuck!

    4. Look at this fool @ini edo still pretending to be in talking terms with Stanley! The same nigga happy to see that you're gone? "We have reported her" to who biko? Look at this old woman oh! You're delusional! Atlst irene didn't run mad after leaving Stanley but I cannot say the same for you ini, you're runniNg mad oh! Baba don close your case Tey Tey! NExxxxxxxxxxxxt!

  24. So anon at 12:50am what happened to other girls like fr£d@ who dated him, got a house and all??? Also isn’t Ini house in her name, why would his wife collect it??

    1. Ini's house is 100% in her name and her name only, it can't be collected from her. Can they say the same for themselves? I doubt it, their name is probably on property as "and his wife/Mrs. Xyz" as if that counts. This rabid anonymous has been talking to herself for days about Ini that nobody can even bother to care about. Claiming they're Stanley Uzochukwu's friend and that Ini will never "get" him, but the gag is that upon all the idiot says Ini is, their alleged friend still lost his whole marriage to a minister's daughter over Ini.
      Giving myself a name because this same barking chihuahua took my previous comment about Akpabio buying Ini a house to be Ini "confessing." As if Ini can write "grammar" without errors or xup.

    2. Awwww to late @Ini Edo! First of all, no one likes you enough to defend you. Secondly, no one knows that much about your gold digging ass. Thirdly! It's a thing of joy to own a property with your lover and with your kids in mind. You don't have any of those tho! So you would never understand! Childless broke lonely Ikate Bastard!

    3. Bia @Ini it makes me laugh to seeing what you just wrote up there! Bitch stop feeling important, Stanley and his wife were alrdy having issues 2yrs before he paid for them to have you brought in for him to fuck! So it was never because of you. Correct yourself dumbo! If it were because of you why did Stanley dump you and is threatening to arrest you if you ever mention his name again? Why? You are Not that important bitch sit your leaky butt down and be humble dumbo! You cheap ikate face me I face you swine!

    4. Hahahahahaha ini edo we have heard you calm down. This your "this isn't ini" comments makes it very obvious you're ini. And yes your confession to sleeping with numerous men while married and akpabio buying you that house has been noted. So you can now rest ini edo. We are not stupid! No one takes another person's matter that personal. It is you INI EDO!

  25. Saw this comment on a previous post. Had to copy and paste it here..Good God……………
    This save your marriage thing has left so many women with incurable std's! Imagine dating a TM with herpes and the anal sex dog herself (the Calabar big booty hoe actress). Heard her last ibo boyfriend don dump am just as her former governor bf dump am. Haq Haq Haq. Wonder why she was lying about being engaged to the Stan… when the guy dey laugh am with him guys about their sexcapades and her desperate moves to get the ring! Him friends dey shout God forbid bad thing for their friend to marry her as she dey assume! …Smelly Ass! Fool thought she had him! Haq Haq Haq! Please o! These girls sleep with multiple men and cannot be trusted o. The anal queen with her smelly self. Her conquest was complaining the other day about how badly she now smells. Side chics aka herpes and leaky leaky asshole please take a break to treat yourselves before coming for our husbands o biko…imagine living one life to be known as a dog or an ashawo with disease chaiii! Una well done o! In other news please women be strong and learn from other women's mistakes. Make your own money to avoid story that touch. Aloba happy Sunday o.

  26. Kai ..why so much anger ..i tire oh ..never insult someone because of child you can abuse other things but not that please..we are all creations in Gods hand

  27. @ini sorry dear! Our mission has been accomplished! Wait for part 2! According to reliable sources, your stanel and Co have been on jubilation mode since this went viral as people have been calling to congratulate him on his freedom from general pit toilet like you! So go on with you smelly self and get a damn life! Aunty you're almost 50 oh! Stop living fake life for the gram and start saving because this your "smelly leaking ass syndrome" will take a lot of money to fix oh. As for your Nudes with messages of you begging for one or two things from stanel's phone will also be leaked soon so that your umunna will gather for you! FUCKEN born by mistake! Your mum should have swallowed you to avoid this disgrace almost 40 something years later! And that your Bastard retard of a beggy beggy brother, his own too will meet him where he likes to hang out! Community girlfriend! Aunty wey mumu! Threatening your Bastard father! She-male! Don't ever mention stanley's name anymore if you don't want to be arrested! He has been all smiles since yesterday because people have finally accepted his dumping your miseralble old leaky ass! Citizen of Sodom and gomorrah! Bastard family! Bastard Mother and Bastard Father with your Bastard beggy beggy brother Jnr! Cursed family that feeds on the prostitution of their Bastard daughter! Greedy broke lots! Reply me na if you have the guts! Bastard! Flood go soon carry your ikate 2 bedroom flat! Idiot! Foolish dog! Outcast! Tufiakwa! Agadinwanyi!

    1. But please is this fair? I don’t know Ini and I don’t know the guy but from what you say she dated him. And not just a fling. We are all women. Why will he be happy she is being insulted? Did she drug him into a relationship? The Stanley or whatever his name is who left his wife and is happy Ini is being dragged sounds like a real bastard. Please set your anger aside for a minute and think about it.

    2. It’s obvious that this anonymous is not a female but Mr stanel ! Too much information to be an outsider! This is Mr Stanel. Wow!

    3. So what ini edo? If this is Stanley so? would you blame him? Is it by force to marry you? Or to stay with you? I regret dating you! You should have been a one night thing! Move on grandma! This isn't Stanley but I'm sure he would want you to know what I just said! Move on! Old Witch!

  28. Good day Miss Ini pls I'm contacting you on behalf of my boss, as he's been since trying to get across to you for some "night nurse duties". We are well capable of paying the stipulated 2mil and if you impress him as anonymous has said you will,i will personally see to it that you get your due raise (5mil is it?). Your prospective client. Please do not fail to reply. Looking forward to that glorious night already! Boss.

    1. Same to you madam. Just wanted to "patronise" you, as previous comments show you're very good at your night job so pls don't blame me for trying. Don't worry your own HIV will come easily to you as it comes with your line of service. Have a good day miss ini edo.

  29. Kai @Ini why don't you just buy a husband? I know this your ashawo work will kill you Las Las but just buy one to atlst fertilise your frozen yoghurt sorry I mean your frozen Eggs Now abi? How you see am? @Ini gov akpabio too don confirm say you like to give backy o! Hahahaha!!! Chai! Abeg reason my maiguard too na! Man Na man o! Buhahahahahahahahahaha!

  30. @ini edo why now? A friend sent me this link. I'm from sdk This is not anonymous "mama boys". I remember your numerous stories with akpabio too until he dumped you at a party held in akwa ibom, where he totally ignored you and left with someone else, you were so embarrassed because he made it public. You evEntually left with a commissioner for fucks that night. I shared it then on sdk and it was on rumour has it a couple of years ago! Haba madam you're still like that? Kai! Sad sad what you actresses do for the gram yet none of you is a billionaire! I'm very disappointed mehn!

  31. Why can't you actresses be like mercy johnson atlst? Lool! That girl is the smart one while the rest of you like this ini edo are very senseless! You were once married, sit down with that one and have a family, no oh! You exposed yourself and numerous boyfriends you cheated on your hubby with in one of your replies to the "most savage mama boys". Sometimes you guys think you're wise but you end up doing the dumbest things! You should have stayed with your ex, managed your home and had a beautiful family but greed will not let you see road! Your life is a big lesson for girls that cannot be satisfied! Don't you envy the likes of Chioma Akpotha? Or MERCY Johnson and their likes? Do you want to die alone? Or do you really want to buy sperm to fertilise your eggs and raise children with an unknown father? Kai! Sad sad sad ini….just sad!

  32. I'm just glad no one is mentioning Irene here cos I know that woman and the class and calm she exudes is out of this world…you can't call her a good digger cos she cane from money and also made her husband in the process…it was sad watching her family crumble under ini Edos irritating antics because of 4 lovely kids involved..I'm glad Irene moved on..but we have always known the karma waiting for Ini is not a small has just begun…stanley is still facing his own..according to him his karma is the Ini herself.. the worst mistake he made in his life…we sit and watch it unfold…I'm just glad Irene got past this whole escapades..some wives would have drowned or died in it.

    1. Irene didn't completely make Stanley because that man is a ritualist. Hence the anal sex he performs with the numerious women he sleeps with. He takes their luck completely and he uses his children also. Hence the miscarriages irene must have had. Also Stanley is a drug head. He sniffs and drinks alottttttttt before he can even get turned on! Ask ini, I'm sure she can confirm part of this gist wella! Keep eating blood money…it looks good on you!

    2. Awwwww @ini edo why so pained? Ehyaaaa you now call the one you so wanted badly a ritualist? AwwwwWw poor poor liar! I sure you would have been dead if he was one so move on with your poor lonely self now! Lying drug head! Ikate demon!

    3. Awwwww @ini edo why so pained? Ehyaaaa you now call the one you so wanted badly a ritualist? AwwwwWw poor poor liar! I sure you would have been dead if he was one so move on with your poor lonely self now! Lying drug head! Ikate demon!

  33. I remember the gist of her going up and down to keep stans wife away from her 4 kids…I said any woman that does that will not smell pregnancy talk less of child…how market for Ini Edo?

  34. I remember the gist of her going up and down to keep stans wife away from her 4 kids…I said any woman that does that will not smell pregnancy talk less of child…how market for Ini Edo?

    1. Leave the fool! She has her Bastard smelly eggs frozen somewhere and is looking for a Bastard like her to fertilise it! INI EDO GO AND BUY SPERM and leave sugar daddies but in this case sugar boys alone! you senior Stanley so na sugar boy to you! Foooooool! Continue dey do rough sex o mumu your old waist go soon crack! We heard that's all you're good at! Just that stanel nor dey last long eNough for you! Rough anal play! Ini Ini Mama for the baby boys! Cradle snatcher oshi! Go and dm "datswatsup blog" again about your break up oh as you dm'd them about your relationship! You wan be madam for mansion! Na dog house fit you! Mother of Imbeciles! You go born for this lifetime? NEVER! That case is closed! I have made sure of that! You want to scatter? I haven't even started with you! You will die miserably!

  35. Whatever a man/woman sows that he/she will reap same thing that happened to Stanley's wife is happening to her.She helped ruin the beautiful thing God was doing in Stanley's family and you think God will just leave you Ini you have just started it will get worse cos judgement has come for you .The God of those 4girls has risen to fight you for removing those little girls from their mothers breast ,God will kill you Ini Edo this is the last you will do in your life.Stanley CONGRATULATIONS OH

  36. ahan why are you guys lying? Ini Edo's fee isn't up to 2mil oh! That girl will take any amount oh. She slept with my uncle too and I remember it wasn't up to 2mil Pls.

  37. People of God! We just placed bet on Ini going back to beg Stanley to take her back just to save face! Anyways if that happens, that message or phone calls will be recorded and played on instagram along sides her numerous nudes and my umunNa's are telling me there's a secret sex tape too! Wawu! This your recognition will be global I swearugad! Shey you wan famous? After this, Pornhub will call you nor worry! FUCKEN Bastard! Beggy beggy dollars! I have them chats too! Haahahahahaa! Ikate Super model!

  38. This is a statement of Fact. Ini what of the powder you rub or the attraction oil you use in calling men to you and the "stuff" you do to make men do what you say? What of the incisions on your virgina you did for Stanley? And also the thing you put in his food so he doesn't talk to other women unless you leave him? What happened? Did they all suddEnly lose potency? @mama boys please thank your God because that girl used jazz for not just stanleybut other men. The trick is when she calls you to eat at her house, RUN! She's Not clean. I really wish his wife could forgive him, it just might have been the "jazz" working. Gindu ayu jazz and the rest of it! Yes @ini I know all because you patronised my cousin witch! I wish my cousin knew you were buying all that for another person's husband she wouldn't have sold them to you!

    1. ? Wawu! I read about these things but ……. so ini edo uses jazz!!!!!!! What for???? She had a beautiful shape before the surgery, then the the surgery! Even with all that she still had to do jazz????? Women! Forget it oooo! Leave surgery alone oooooo! Be real and true to your yourselves!

  39. Although not right, it's one thing dating old married men with grown kids. But trying to usurp and take over the home of a woman with a young family, triplets, shows how very WICKED Ini Edo is.

    Stanley is equally a useless guy. It takes a useless man to kick out his wife for a hoe. They both deserve each other and he should be BLAMED in exactly the same way, if not more, as Ini has been in the comments above.

    1. Didn’t you just read that ini uses jazz up there ??! The guy must’ve been under the influence of the jazz to kick his wife and kids out! No be clear eye now! I cover myself and family with the Blood of Jesus Christ, Amen. Things we hear eh!

  40. Ini edo has entered one chance! This is too much! Mr stanel must be a wicked man to disclose such confidential information to the public. Haba! This is too much please! Butt leaking, porn styles and family members begging for cash! Haba! Too much information

    1. It was just for fucks and she wanted to become a MRS? She also betrayed him by leaking their relationship onliNe. This is what she gets! Disgrace! Next time ini wait for them to claim you first! Don't be faster than your shadow! A good fuck you were though! Hahaha. A dirty girl…Not good enough.

  41. Stanley and co making all these damn noise just because of Madam Pauline's latest connection to Aso Rock. Funny the brouhaha about dumping Ini started after Buhari won his second tenure and Stanley suddenly realized Irene and her family are hotcake.

    Ini didn't make him cheat on Irene. A dog is always a dog. Stanley is a greedy dog. Dude figured he will sleep with Ini, use her SDs connect and then bounce. Homebody met his match. She came with all her guns blazing. Mama milked him dry and bounced.

    To save face, he started spreading salacious stories about Ini. if I were Irene I will make him sweat before accepting his apology.

    1. Hahahahaha ini this your comeback is so lame! Your connect ke? Milk who dry? Baba just threw coins at you but because you have never seen money in your life you thought you were in heaven! Hahaha! Irene's New connect ke? Good for her o! Who says Stanley is thinking of going back there? They are over each other biko! You too move on to the next old baba!

    2. Awwwww Ini Stanley use your connect? Which connect abeg? Hahahahaha is there any connect you have that wasn't or hasn't slept you? You mean sugar daddy? Connect ko! Stanly dumped you because you were forcing yourself on him and giving people the wrong impression that you were engaged! And for the connect, Stanley was the only connect you and your family had! Your brother was busy posting "stanel" on his ig page forming familiarity so pls shut up about your dead connect! Who dash monkey banana? Next time don't Form what you're not! A whore forming main chic! Who dash you? Stanley is doing well with his connect so he's happy for his ex and her family biko…stop lying ini edo! Nigga never needed you! It was you and your broke ass beggy beggy family members that needed him! So shut your lying ass up!

    1. Meanwhile, she’s some people role model. Don’t trust these yeyebrities anymore! Nasty! So nasty.

  42. My God!when I say this ini edo girl is so cheap una go say I don start! What do you mean by milk him dry? Milk him dry and you couldn't buy a house? Milk him dry and no car? Kai so milking him dry is your occasional 1 or 2mil? Jeez mehn babE you were one hell of a cheap fuck! Damn! Do you know how much Stanley is worth at all? Or what he could have done to change your life? Girl you lost big time! Just small money and plenty fucks! That guy won abeg! Kai! E pain me for you sha ini edo! "Mama milked him dry and bounced" haq Haq Haq! Bounced? You were DUMPED bitch don't you forget that FACT! Girl you're one delusional chick! Damn!

  43. Seems someone has pulled down the main site. Aloba, this is why you don't let people run wild in your comments.

  44. The people cursing Ini out are definitely pained. Every comment that suggests otherwise is termed “ini”. Lol. Whatever she is/ must have done/ continue to do is her prerogative but people attacking her are as vicious as they come. The irony of it all is that the so called Stanel isn’t even that liquid which begs the question, what’s all the fuss about. Aloba please DEAD these comments. It’s stale now.

    1. Kwa Kwa Kwa! Nor be only "dead the comments it's stale now"! Bitch who called you here? If you aren't "ini whoredo" why interfere? If he isn't liquid why gather your ummuna to come dey beg or why leak his pics or go on blogs to leak your relationship with Stanley? Sit your smelling ass down and be humble! With your smelling rotten self! Don't go and treat yourself you here! Be there insulting your father's head! Broke old haggard lesbian! Idiot! Don't be like them funke akindele that started fro the scratch and earned what they got you hear! Be here deceiving yourself! Old fool! As if you have seen this kind of money in your life time! Broke ass!

  45. The God of Stanley's wife and Children have just started, what is happening is just a tip of the iceberg.This Confusion and madness is punishment for the two people it takes two to tango.Proverbs 7: 25. Let not thine heart decline to her ways, go not astray in her paths. 26. For she hath cast down many wounded: yea, many strong men have been slain by her. 27. Her house is the way to hell, going down to the chambers of death.Ini Edo it will never be well with you in this life you will die miserably for your wickedness.

  46. We are learning everyday! Never knew girls now use jazz to trap men! So even after the surgery , the men head didn’t sing, you now yo use jazz! God forbid! These women can kill. Powder, oil , ringggggg! Hmmm! I jump and pass. Guys! Be careful out there!

  47. For the records Stanley is a social climber.
    If ini really thought it would end in marriage the joke is on her
    Ini is in a committed relationship with a sitting governor, listen that’s not beans.

    1. Committed relationship with a sitting governor and fucking a deputy governor along side other yahoo boys, touts, old smelling men and anyone that looks rich not necessarily rich oh! Girlllllllll! All this at over 40? Common now! There comes a time in everyone's life where they know and do better…but this dog ini edo, till death do her and ashawo ways part! Untill death o…Sad#

    2. It's a shame that you celebrate an adulterous lifestyle why do you always think there is really no God.Your path leads to death and misery you will be ruined as you are always ruining other people's homes and life.Do you have to prostitute to make money, must you always leech on people's hard work becos you think you have a hole inbetween your legs.No one needs to curse an adulterous woman a curse is already on her.What a perverse generation.

    3. God is a merciful GOD, ini will remarry one day and be super happy too. Mercy Johnson married someone’s husband and is happy, Funke akindele once married a married man but today she’s happy. Allow people live and live yours.
      Stop blaming her for Stanley’s break up. Stanley is a male gold digger lurking around governors he got a leap with his first wife’s connect. Don’t argue with me please I have full receipts.
      Who was Stanley before the marriage and who are his parents?
      Woman need to do better stop marrying below you for any reason.

  48. Ini too is a social climber! I wish she would just do something better with her life and fame. It's not easy I know but there are other women without fame, working hard everyday with God by their side, they do achieve so much. Look at Funke Akindele…She's a complete woman and a modern day model for young girls. Use your head. Work Hard and let God do the rest pls. Put God first.

    1. Funke once married a man with 4 wives. Stop the comparison. None of you is GOD. It’s her body, stop telling her what to do with it.

    2. Shut up your ass eating mouth! Mother of prostitutes! These are the type of loose women that shout when their own spouses cheat on them! Stupid woman! You're an abomination! Amosu! Thief! You're doomed! She-goat! Look at Funke today! Doing well with "jenifa's diary" and her twin boys! Funke's first hubby lost a gem.. Atlst she was never caught with other men while in his house! Not this goat that confessed to cheating with multiple men while married! All for material things that would fade and at the end of the day gets relegated to the background and mocked by the same men she desperately runs after like a mad rabid dog that she is! Tufia! No self respect or decency! Eating ass and all sorts for cheap ikate properties and botched surgeries. In life, you must learn to focus on what is important! Focus!

    3. Stop barking love. Choke on some honey. You can pass your views without being gutter. I’m not ini edo neither do I encourage her whoredome but come on even diezani whored with no1 citizen at a time. You are not God. Calm the fcuk down.

    4. ANd where is diaziNi today compared to where Ngozi Okonjo Iweala is today? She has been disgraced just as her counter part pls correct mindset so you and your likes stop taking the wrong paths that leads to short term pleasure and long term disgrace.

    5. You think Ngozi didn’t? Joke on youlove. When you step into the corporate and pubic sector world. Whoring is no1 just that it’s on a coded level and not for outsiders. Left matter love. Na who dem catch be thief.

    6. REALLY? Even at twitter? Girllllll! Y'all tried it! That's what you do Not know! When you have brains and use them, you do not have to use your pussy or asshole as ini does darling! Keep your legs closed and use your damn brain! Look at "jenifa's diary" for example! Your greed will bring your nemesis! You want the world without earning will always be disgraced! Keep embarrassing yourselves. AwoN ole! small girls big God! AwoN "Ikate beyoNce" buhahahahahaaha! Cheap things! ANYONE can have you at right price common!

  49. And is that something to be proud of? Being a professional "hoe" to top govt married officials? Passed around and mocked by those who might not even measure up to you? Do you know what a good name is? It's one thing to be an unrepentant prostitute but to gloat over your shame? God! This generation is lost. Shame

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