We are pretty sure you can still remember very well that our expose on that UK based stylist/buyer who is very well connected to our so called celebrities and stars and who helps them to procure most of their designer bags, shoes and whatever needs?

We have since discovered where either she herself and or some of those connoisseurs of those luxury items or should we say purveyors of the nearly originals get their fixes from!!!

You see them carrying and flaunting bags of between $5000 to $15000 dollars each or even far more about. Showing off their new limitless acquisitions on the gram, some of these things which under normal circumstances would or could have set them back by not less than $100000 (that’s at least N36,,000,000 Naira). That’s because they look like they own between 5 to 10 of such bags and more. So the total cost of the collections could be reaching between $50000 to $120000. And in trying to rationalize it, you examine and find out that most of what these people claim they do as their jobs or profession/occupation, cannot readily ever pay for those things. For example does Nollywood actually pay that much for some to spend $10000 or more on just one bag or a pair of bag and shoes????

So it’s either there’s so much more to what their so called profession or occupation is, or that they are actually engaged subtly in the well packaged and glorified form of the oldest profession known to man. And that’s what???? And that’s what we believe you know what it is.

Just imagine that most times you even see these fashionable lot, carrying some colours of these bags, shoes etc that even the actual makers/manufacturers/designers have not even thought to make or release into the market yet and that’s what you see some of our delightsome celebrities and stars flaunt about.

Let’s even judge it by logic alone. How can a designer or manufacturer of certain lifestyle items create the thing and be selling at an amount, and you buy from them at an amount and you are given a margin and a recommended price to sell so as to make profit and then you that sells, now sell it for far less!!!! Is that not crazy????

Let’s take for example a Birkin bag by Hermes, here we are talking about the original. The cost to buy is between $10000 & $15000 Dollars and that’s just for the normal leather alone. It could even go as high as & $50000 to $100000 or more if it were alligator or crocodile or ostrich or others or even if it’s encrusted with gems. And then a retailer or a seller now comes and sells for between $3000 to $6000!!! That’s how much you can get some of the ones in the pictures above.

So who is deceiving who? Would you truly claim not to know the real cost against the cost for the near original fakes? So the truth must be that the one buying and the one that sells are in active connivance. The seller knows its a fake she’s selling and is either intentionally hoodwinking the buyer and is making a very tidy profit or the buyer in actual fact is hoodwinked because he or she doesn’t actually know nothing about the original in the 1st place and even the cost, but just want to join the Joneses by fire by force. And to such carrying those fakes, wearing those things are easy ways they think they can use to penetrate this fickle crowd the see as the standards by which society must be judged. Fact IS, much as you try to belong these fickle crowd actually snigger and laugh at these ones behind their backs, for trying too hard. The so called elite are the most terribly snobbish set in the whole world and would only accept new comers for their own advantage.

So where can you get these near original bags, shoes for far far less? Check out all the pictures on the post above. 

By Maestros Media

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  1. Elites you say! Aloba! You are too kind! Elites are the rich folks who give to the poor without announcing it and they are not snobs but friendly . Those you described up there are not " Elites! They are washed up elites wannabes! Hardcore urchins!

    1. More like elites wannabes! These ones are oloshos and hustlers! All of them fuckinh sme guys and competing to acquire shoe and bag

  2. All that money for a bag???? ?. God please pick my call. Me that i am still saving money every month to start a bakery business!

  3. Toke Toke, Aloba is shaking your table. We know what’s up…it’s pretty much obvious your days of deceit are over. Only a naive idiot will believe you don’t rock fake…keep deceiving your gullible followers.

  4. Go to Istanbul! There’s Grade to it!! Sad that some of them don’t even know they own the fake!! Nigerian celebrities and fakes stuffs!!!

  5. So they are prostituting themselves to get enough to buy fakes. Eating shit to buy fakes.That is even worse s:)

  6. Now that you have exposed her, Interpol will be after her. These designers protect their brands fiercely and I won’t be surprised if they start picking up these yeyebrities.

    1. Arrest her! What for? You people shaaaa! Did she know that its fake???? Besides a lot of Hollywood stars rock fake! Interpol arrest her???? Haba! You guys have no heart!

    2. Interpol???? ??????????! For what nah! You guys play too much. Interpol has better things to do i beg.

  7. Toke don’t rock fake!! Aunty pays for the real deal! U wanna see fake? Look towards nollywood and all the B-rated celebs!

    1. you are gullible. Toke cannot even vouch for herself. Toke and those you mentioned are all cut out of the same cloth. For example, Her white Hermes slippers is fake! She has another Chanel that looks similar to her hip, unsymmetrical

  8. For exact replica that even the store S.A’s can’t differenciate. It’s Vipbibibi on we chat. I looked at the stitching on this Page Aloba our up and there are a few glitches on the stitching. Flawless replica with unbeatable quality it’s Vipbibibi on WeChat. Thank me later

  9. I hate Toke! I’m not a fan but guess what? That girl doesn’t wear fake. at all. She’s so thirsty to be called a high class babe that she would do and pay anything for any fashion piece. Plus I’m not sure who her paymasters are but sis has MONEY! A lot of it if I do say so myself.

    1. Lol. Toke has money and has many fakes that share the closet with her many real bags. Many people who carry fakes have as many real ones but they know people won't question them because they can most certainly afford real bags. That's the key to getting away with fakes.

  10. @anon 6:19 I don't know Toke as well but have mutual friends with her, from what I have heard she is a nice person but she carries fake just like most.If Toke is a rich as you say then she would have bought her property inside banana paying almost double of what she paid for her bank road acquisition.Besides many of the people that carry fake also have money they just prioritise other needs above spending $15,000 for a bag.Them Beyonce and co can afford to because they get gifted it,saudi,chinese,russian,naija oil and gas billionaire wives can afford to buy because they have way too much money in hundreds of millions of USD.

  11. @anon 5:38 number Your comment shows you don't live in those areas.I am a real estate developer and also live in banana island.Banana road, park view,osbourne 1 those are the areas in same price range as old ikoyi/Bank road. 1 square metre of land in banana presently is between 450-600 plus Naira depending on dimension of land, street its located, residential or mixed use.Sujimoto's luxury penthouse development located in the much cheaper mixed use section of banana is going for 1billion Naira

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