Shocking news of the century. EG is pregnant again for her same baby daddy.

Hmmmmmm. Let’s just drop the ?! Let’s just give you a good weekend story to titillate your weekend. Fact is, no one, absolutely no one, does it like us. Okay then, take it!!!!

Is this the last straw? Can thunder strike twice and be allowed or accepted? Hmmmmm, though on one side it is exciting news for the mother of baby who cares less how any one thinks, but on the other side, where the woman owner of the house that has been penetrated in such a way is, it’s has been sad to hear.

It was first a very shocking, totally unbelievable news that then later turned to anger and disbelief! Can people just be this utterly senseless and cruel? What if the tables were turned? What if the other lady was the one at home and facing such a battle as this? You did it once before and shook the house to its very foundation and whoops, you did it again, same way as exactly as you did before!

Years ago we had busted their bubble by revealing their clandestine relationship which led to a child then. The smart wife then a well known creative,  who is super good at what she does and whose dad was a big boy in a particular set up, accepted the actions and the result that occurred then, as a mistake that any could have made and immediately adjusted, instead of leaving like every one thought she would and they trudged on, mending the holes and managing their situation.

But alas, while the madam did her best to let the past misdemeanor or misdeed go away, the culprit, her husband was still singing sonorous love songs with baritone voice like Barry White atop EG the good, who was enjoying being swept off her feet. And so, what they were conducting all the while in supposed silence and in the dark has now shown fruit as EG is many months gone already. In fact, she is said to be in her 3rd trimester and has even gone abroad to drop her bambino.

So that would make 2 kids, one born already and the 2nd on the way, and they are both for the same man, the very happy husband of OM.

The news of it all has been the shock of the century since this Pandora’s box was broken!!!! Would madam again just accept her fate and try her absolute best again to keep her home already in major shock together? Once beaten, twice shy is what they say, what then would be said to twice beaten????

Just try to imagine the absolute treachery and the shame of the whole matter. And the way it is, is that Oga is just going about his business like there’s nothing amiss! EG and her other child from what we hear, are abroad now, enjoying an all expenses paid medical attention and holiday. Just taking her time waiting to pop? Would it be a boy or a girl? We don’t know yet. But fact is, a baby is a baby, either boy or girl!!!

Hmmmmmmm. Mennnnnn. Men can be vicious ooooooo. Hmmmmmm

By Maestros Media

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  1. EleGood the photographer with OdiMimo’s husband, the wife should also bear it since she allowed it the first time. Nigerian men can kill! To him he has 2 wives, you people are there killing yourselves, smh

    1. The man slept with himself right ???? ???

      Women are scum. PERIODT !!!

      Its time we float this movement #womenarescum

  2. What a shame pretty girl and clearly doing well with her photography, she cldnt find a single guy to marry smh. Forget innocent face some women are just selfish

  3. Aunty ibeji should just lock up and face her children because uncle has a second wife be this na

  4. Pls what does it mean to dream that I am sitting on a throne , I am very very tall, with very long hair that almost reaches the ground and my hair spreads itself all around me. Can someone interprete please? Urgent

  5. That stupid boy Folabi? Mtcheweeee, he not a serious person. Od should face her children and business. He can go to hell. Oloshi

  6. Its called "women supporting women" ??? oh sorry feminism when you sleep with people's husbands and get pregnant you're empowering the wife apparently.

    Wonder how she sleeps at night knowing she is hurting another woman … Ndi ala ???

    1. Do they care my sister? These kind of women are demons. Awon oloshi grade 1. When bad things start to dey happen to them, them go begin waka.

  7. I’m disgusted by the judgemental and hypocritical comments on here. Na fall in love EG fall in love, she no kill anyone. From time immemorial women have shared men and I believe there is a biblical reference to support this. Let her be please, EG is one of the sweetest most unassuming women out there. He/she who is without sin cast the first stone. If OM did not leave her hubby when he slept with the hired help why would she leave now? Stop taking panadol for her headache.

    1. Please who is EG and OM and the man in contention bikonu? “Seven women holding unto one man” is coming to pass. The man should check ? because Nigerian women and paternity fraud are like 5 and 6.

    2. Oh STFU

      Is it by unassuming looks ??? Remember the Devil was once the angel of light … Go figure.

      Judgemental lmaoo Calling a spade a SPADE is now bad.

      Eleanor shame on YOU for causing pain to your fellow sis !!! One day, your daughter will also get married or even date a man, We will be here to laugh at her pain ??
      Namsense !!

    3. You must be the shameless EG @10.00… i dont know EG but this comment is so stupid and disgusting. He is married man . Why cause misery to another home. Useless women everywhere

    4. Madam he will never marry you! Did she tell you she is begging for marriage? She is happier than miserable OM. If it wasn’t EG it would be someone else. Marriage is not a passport to happiness, you can be a baby mama and be happy and fulfilled. Most of you cowards typing rubbish here dare not face off with EG. Secretly you wish you were her. Your husbands haven’t touched you in ages and the frustration is evident in the vitriol you are typing here.

    5. See the sort of sick imbecile you are wishing evil on her innocent daughter. You will wait in vain. You will cry at your own dispair instead of laughing at EG or her daughter. You are downright evil, that’s what you are.

    6. Anon 7:55 Eleanor shut your loose Vjayjay up.

      Being a babymama makes u happy but in real life crying in private that you want a man. You want that man so bad uh ??? You really cant shame the shameless.

      Who frustrated ?? lmaoo, sis u had to and go fvck the same man a 2nd time cause no one wants you ass dear. Who wants a second hand product please. Abegiii. Oh and our husbands fvck us very well ?? something u will never know ???.

      Frustrated tramp ????

    7. Jealousy jealousy… if your husband was fvcking you right you wouldn’t have time to carry another person’s matter on your head like alabaru carries basket of tomatoes on their head in mile 12. EG is not short of attention from high caliber men but the heart wants what the heart wants. Why doesn’t OM vex and look for someone else as her husband is intent on shaming her time and time again.

    8. Lmaooo Why didnt u get pregnant for these high caliber men ????? Lmaooo high caliber men your two saggy breasts.

      There are none dear. They probably fvcked and dumped you coz no one wants ur loose ass. After 2 bastards, everything done spoil. Go for vagina rejuvenation next coz ehn … Dont worry about my hubby, tonight again he will perform well better than your imaginary high caliber man.

    9. Anonymous 8:09 So OM is not somebody’s daughter. Let talk about what Eleanor is doing to somebody’s daughter today. If she doesn’t wish it for her own daughter, why will she do it to another person’s daughter. Shameless!

    10. Lol empty curses sha. Loose pussy but Folabi still wants to die there. I don't understand tearing pant over someone else's useless husband.

  8. EG you are a disgrace. So you came to this world to be a baby mama and side chick for a married man that has a wife and other gfs. He would NEVER marry you. WAKE UP.

    1. Disgrace to who? That is your own narrative. To me, she is a talented and accomplished photographer, a wonderful mother to her child and an all round lovely person. If that’s disgraceful to you so be it. You cant hold a candle to her, that’s for sure. Who told you she wants to be married. Upon all the marry wey he marry OM what has it brought her if not heartache, pain and shame. And that’s all down to her husband. EG didn’t take any vows with anyone, OM and her husband did. Sad git! If them born you well the next time you see her walk up to her and tell her she is a disgrace.

    2. Anon 7:59 Shut up fake old cargo voltron.

      In fact i know its u Eleanor Welcome !!!! Forming solidarity with Blessing okoro, i support women yen yen. Your yansh is now out. You dont want to get married yet you fell pregnant for a married man and do everything to get his attention until you got pregnant a 2nd time.
      We can't say that to her face … lmaooo you think everybody is a coward like u. Next i see u, better slap will reset ur brain… go give birth to your bastard baby first.

      She didnt take a vow but for the sake of womanhood and sisterhood, cant she close her legs to her "sis" husband. Oloshi.

      It might jump your generation Eleanor but Your daughter will pass through the same thing you put another woman through. The tears of Odi shed will the same tears you'll share on behalf on your seed too. Oh and So shall it be.

    3. And if her generation pass through the same thing will heaven fall? It’s the way of the future. So get ready! Many of you although free from your colonial masters are still mentally enslaved. The same white man that told you not to marry 2 wives is the one now endorsing same sex marriage and aggressively pushing the LGBT agenda. Shame on you! Did God’s 12 Tribes of Judah not come from a polygamous family? Is that not the lineage of Jesus. Sanctimonious dim wits. Judge till you are blue in the face, the deed is done. If she wants she can have a whole football team for him. Nothing you can do to stop it.

  9. I think Eleanor just wanted her children to have the same father, which is common advice from older generations of women. Odion is free to have her marriage really, E is not trying to be official with Folabi's unfortunate self

  10. People that run their mouths in solidarity with something which is bad ..quickly change tune when it happens to either them or their sister ..ask yourselves if OM was your sister would you praise the side chick against her ..lets be reasonable please..the guy is a terrible lout simple….

    1. Don't mind the bitches … Silly voltrons.

      As they are laughing at Odi so will people laugh at them, their daughters when that Karma hits.

      For the people who think Karma doesnt exist, it can be forced. Will personally make sure of that.

      Eleanor mark this thread VERY WELL … YOU WILL BEG FOR MERCY
      When that time comes !!!!

    2. She has already obtained mercy where it counts! From Jesus Christ. Worry about your own sin and work out your own damn salvation with hear and trembling. Any evil you wish EG will befall you and your generation in the most calamitous way. Go and mark this day and get ready. Eeya a yellow girl must have snatched your husband too. Lol. Take heart.

    3. Anon 7:26 LMAOO Eleanor go and rest … fighting people and trying to justify your bad deeds just aint it. We know its u in the comment section, dont give yourself HBP dear, save your strength 4 ur bastard child.

      You are all over the CS, and it pains u …. Remember Karma issa beech ?????

  11. Please who is this thing paining lile this that it has entered curses? How will you a grown adult with all faculties intact say that you will personally make sure karma visits Eleanor? You people need therapy for all this pent up anger and aggression, it's not normal.

    Not voltroning for Ms. Goodey because a young beautiful girl like her is silly and lacking self esteem to tie herself down to a married man like Folabi but you should check yourself for this abnormal behaviour. Anonymous curses on the internet? Are you not mad like this?

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