HRM, Alaiyeluwa Oba Saheed  Ademola Elegushi, Kusenla III & Olori Sekinat Aramide Elegushi. Olori Gushi 1 

The King, his Olori and their daughters 
Olori Sekinat Aramide Elegushi 


Today, Friday, May 24, 2019 same date a few years ago, 16 years ago to be more precise in 2003, was when after a whirlwind courtship that the then Prince Saheed Ademola Elegushi, one of the sons of the then Elegushi of Ikateland and environs, now late, took his beloved fiance as the then ‘Sekinat Aramide Ipaye’ as his beloved wife in richer or poorer till forever.

That year 2003, a decade and much more ago, was a big day in all ramifications as the then prince father didn’t spare any expense to host his son’s wedding and the Ipaye’s being Lagos Island top socialites of note did their daughter very proud too. It was in fact, one of the top weddings of the year then, with the delightsome K1 the ultimate on the bandstand with the one and only KSA, the king of African music.
His royal majesty, Alayeluwa, Oba Saheed Ademola Elegushi, the Kusenla III, the Elegushi of Ikateland, and Olori Aramide Sekinat Elegushi were college sweethearts whose relationship blossomed into marriage. Olori Sekinat was the school sweetheart (they met as undergraduates) of the then prince, meaning they have been together for at least 2 decades now, if not more.
Till this very moment, even as the kabiyesi (king) has done what the tradition requires of a royal father by marrying another wife, a 2nd wife at that, in the person of Olori Hadiza Elegushi nee Yakasai, the love between him and his first love, his supremely gorgeous and super stylish first wife has not waned at all neither diminished in any way. In fact, it’s like as the years have come by, that love has gotten better and better and more solid and  intense by the day.
Fast forward to now, that’s presently, the beautiful and eventful 16 years have been blessed with 3 extraordinarily intelligent and super smart daughters, who are always a delight to behold and interact with. These girls are not only princesses in every true sense of the word, but they have been so well brought up that, they are very respectful, quite humble and very knowledgeable too.
It is quite obvious in all ramifications that the quite handsome and very well to do king, HRM Oba Elegushi, has enjoyed a great 16 years, as he has continued to look younger and younger even as he is in his 40s, making him one of the youngest royal fathers in the whole of Nigeria. It must mean his 40 plus years old 1st wife, has done remarkably well in the years past. 
So, as his royal majesty and Olori Gushi 1 celebrates their 16 years of bliss together, we also here on this platform celebrates ? with them and wish for them a more continually blissful and blessed marriage in all ramifications too.
Long may both of you live. 
Congratulations on the 16th and we look forward to the 25th and more years. 

By Maestros Media

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  1. Yinmu…. He only publicised it to make her less sad. Someone that his lovey dovey pictures with Hadiza are on Hadiza's IG fan page.

    And how come none of the girls have their mum's skin tone?

    1. GBG you're embarassing yourself, so she bleaches, we know you're angry because she slept with your man please we are sorry.

    2. GBG is a liar. Alasodun always putting Ajasa in everything. I want to bet my Dubai airfare that though Sekinat might be doing nonsense it’s not with GBG’s husband

    1. The religion itself does not make it mandatory. There certain criteria you must fulfil if you choose to marry more than one which is not possible. You have to love and treat them equally which is almost impossible. In this case, the man simply wanted a second wife. Oba Tejuosho is not a Muslim and is married to more than one wife.

    2. Who needs sense between someone stating fact and the one throwing insults? Madam full of sense that cannot handle another person’s opinion. I don’t need to prove ITK, I was born in to the religion and tired of ignorants like you so jog on love!

    3. But what you are saying makes no sense at 1.13 …. its a know facts that muslim allows multiple wives. You then choose to do it or not but its allowed

    4. Anon 9:38 I tire for madam 1:13pm.
      You were born into it doesn’t mean you understand the principle.
      I repeat the word Permissible stands stronger than your referenced “Not Mandatory”.
      The referenced verse started with marry 2 or 3 or 4 and if you can’t do just marry 1.

    5. And Christians don’t do it abi? Keep deceiving yourself. My dear the world has gone mad. Ati Christian ati Moslem. African men are polygamous. It’s in their system. The one that hasn’t done it, is still hiding and broke. Broke sef is no criteria. They are polygamist period

    6. @Anon 7:03PM this days it’s all men, Europeans, Caucasians etc inclusive. Let’s just pray for a God fearing man

  2. My God GBG!!! You really are something else. Are you God that created them that will determine the skin tone they will have. Gosh! The hate na wa. Pls courier your question to God, not us….

  3. My God GBG!!! You really are something else. Are you God that created them that will determine the skin tone they will have. Gosh! The hate na wa. Pls courier your question to God, not us….

  4. GBG, please what is the fanpage? Lemme go and soothe my amebo LOL
    I'm side eyeing the heck out of Saheed at this.
    Is this supposed to pacify her or make things better?
    The Olori Sekinat, I hear, is a very nice, kind and patient woman. This must be why she's putting up with all these with a smile.

    1. What option does she have?
      Man is a Muslim.
      Also a traditional king.
      I'm sure there's more to come. ?

    1. Seki that has already spited herself, her gist of sleeping around is spreading fast. I've gone thru the account nothing like Seki there and lots of Abuja and Hausas there.

  5. Each time I set eyes on her, the anger boils over at the though of her sleeping with MC Musiliu.You couldn't find an ideal partner in the whole of Lagos you had to embarrass a king by sleeping with a motor park tout.

    1. Forget the bmpro makeup, she's as razz as they come. Omo alatika ni. It's not only Musiliu she slept with, it's a long list.

    2. Stop the false allegations. Leave the lady alone. Theories and conjectures are all you have. Don't mistake friendships for intimacy.

  6. Na wah o!All these lies on top of that woman's head.People are not that gullible sha and can process rumour from reality. It just can't be that bad.

    Keep your imaginary long list to yourself or better still be reading and memorising it after each meal you take, so it can continue to be the elixir fueling your hatred for the woman.

  7. I see that stupid merjesty woman all over this post..over blown baby elephant,don't you get tired? Constituting nuisance all over social media, fighting imaginary enemies every minute of ur miserable life..shouting about money always, I wonder what ppl like Folorunsho Alakija should do..bipolar sombody that woke up yesterday and decided that her last born is a Folawiyo, are you tired of her bearing ur father's name? Aunty ode

  8. @anon11:48 I don't say what I don't know.Pls go and investigate the cause of Gucci's fight with his close friend olori eyo.He caught her red handed with oluomo and sekinat quickly went to her husband to lie that the guy was trying it on with her.That one didn't want to scatter marriage so he kept quiet while his former friend was giving him attitude.Nas Jagaban settle the matter between them after he compelled olori eyo to revel the secret and sekinat walked out on all of them.(not sure if jagaban was there)

    1. U are such a liar… everyone knows akinshiku is a motor mouth…trust me if he had caught her he would have told his friend straight… I don't understand why u have to peddle lies to make ur gist sweet… whoever wrote this in this month of Ramadan may u forever be forsaken by almighty Allah…I hate when people make up lies against pple… haba

  9. @anob2;31 I am a praying christian, holding my MFM prayer points paper right now.I decree and declare by the name which is above all names that if what I have said is the truth may the lord God of heaven forsake you in everything you lay your hands on.May all your ramadan fast come to nought, and may you not get a single dua from all the fasting and payers you have done in this month of ramadan.It shall come to pass and you will remember this particular comment and beg God for forgiveness when my pronouncements come to pass.

    1. A praying Christian??? My dear u need deliverance from the spirit of gossiping nd spewing rubbish… end of discussion

  10. @anon 9:30 I agree with you, while praying for deliverance from the spirit of gossiping I will also help you pray to be delivered from the spirit of stupidity.When its your turn that a total stranger curse you pls put a clip on your mouth, claim it and don't say anything you hear

  11. Palace whore tales.

    Now I believe what a Yoruba friend of mine said during the times of late Sijuade. That Kings don't have time to sleep with their wives!

    1. Lol! The kings are busy astral travelling, doing rituals and operating in the spiritual realm. Where is the time for the wives?

      Wait oh! But the kings have time to leave their palaces to sleep with their mistresses and concubines right? Sijuade was a legend with that.

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