Those who do not like Femi Gbajabiamila’s visibility and rise, those who do not like the camp that he belongs to (he is unrepentantly a strong member of the Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s camp) and who would want their pound of flesh have merged together to fight the one they now see as a common enemy. And in fighting the battle to what they believe is a conclusion, they are willing to use every weapon in their arsenals to achieve their goal. For these people, they have embraced wholeheartedly, the maxim that, “all is fair in war”. So whatever is is going to take, is what they are willing to give it.

What is it particularly that is bringing so much attention on the exemplary lawyer and law maker, it’s none other than the battle for the position of the speaker (leader) of the Federal House of Representatives, which makes the one that emerges for the post, as the 4th in rank on the power hierarchy in the country.

The speaker of the national assembly of a country, is a massive position of influence and what the norm actually dictates is that, the party that’s in the majority in the house, picks the person to occupy that position. What the party in the majority normally does is to pick a consensus candidate from amongst themselves, who they would all vote for to become the speaker, but with the APC which is the ruling party, it has been a party in chaos and disarray. So a house divided against itself cannot stand. So if care is not taken, they might just lose out all over again. Like in the 8th assembly.

With so many from the same party laying claim to the post, it hasn’t been as straightforward as the party would have loved it. So with the in-fighting in the party getting more intense by the day, making them not to stand as one, it has allowed the opposition to plant seeds of discord to further pull them apart. And that opposition scheming powerfully and might actually spring a surprise.

Part of what they have used to their advantage so far is to bring to question the integrity of the major front runner for position from the APC in the person of Hon. Femi Gbajabiamila.

First was the question of his abroad based daughter, who is a supposed model, whose unrestrained lifestyle they have called into question and then now is this campaign of calumny that is fast gaining grounds that he was a convicted felon in the US in 2007 where he was formerly based. So the idea is basically that how can a former criminal or felon aspire to such a sensitive position as that of the Speaker of the Federal House of Representatives of Nigeria.

In fact there’s even a court case – FHC/ABJ/CS/539/2019, was specifically instituted already by a Phillip Undie. The plaintiff, Mr Philip Undie, who identified himself as a taxpayer, in a 25-paragraph affidavit, told the court that he has evidence that the 1st defendant was convicted by the Supreme Court of Georgia in 2007.

Consequently, he as asked the court to determine “whether upon the construction of section 66 of the 1999 Constitution, as amended, vis-à-vis the judgement of the Supreme Court of the State of Georgia, Atlanta, USA, in suit No. SO6YO829 in the matter of Femi Gbaja, the 1st defendant is the fit and proper person to be elected to the House of Representatives and/or to the office of the Speaker of the House of Representatives.”

To Hon. Femi Gbajabiamila’s detractors, It is like one’s past catching up on one.

So would this people, these enemies of progress succeed in their dastardly schemes? It is left to be seen as the countdown to the election in June of 2019 gets near.

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  1. The girl sure looks like the mum.
    The tussle for power and money is something else. See how all the dirty secrets are being aired at a crucial point in his life. Hope he won't lose the seat again. He will make a good speaker though.

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