The quest for wealth at all cost without paying the requisite price through a gradual progression and hardwork has become the norm now. In a society where people don’t give two about the source of your wealth, but all they care about is that you are an instant celeb/success, driving the latest machines on wheels, wearing or carrying whatever it is that’s considered as the latest or the it as a stamp of success or honour. Such a society is undoubtedly heading towards collapse. A night before you were barely existing and all of a sudden, the same you without a visible job to show for it, is cruising around with the latest car, showing off with the latest designer garbs and it’s not like you have just come into some inheritance neither was it that you had just won a massive lottery. But just suddenly, you are flowing in money any how!

When we as a society glorify what we normally should scrutinize and ask questions about, we build standards that makes the youths of a nation make heros and heroines out of those they shouldn’t at all.

In the quest for money in the last few years, we have seen all these young men and boys come up with so many many terrible gimmicks that have been shocking and that have defied understanding.

It first began when they started selling one of the kidneys for money. We hear that any of the organs of the body have ready buyers in the world, and for as much as a hundred thousand dollars or more ($100,000 plus), there are waiting buyers. From selling their own organs to start funding their illegal businesses, they graduated to luring their greedy friends and girlfriends, whose body organs they harvest for money without their consent. When that became somewhat difficult, as people became wary, they shifted tactics to other ways.

From the normal Yahoo-yahoo, where they use wit to hoodwink and outsmart their victims (mugu/Maga) through dating scams etc, they moved on to Yahoo-plus, where they have now gone many notch up and have gone diabolical and now engage voodoo (juju) in their illicit quest to make money at all cost. That was when we began to hear about the temporary madness thing, where these boys would just go raving mad all of a sudden in public or even just tear off their clothes in public or start bathing in public using stagnant, muddy or dirty water. According to their logic, the more intense the madness and the public humiliation, the more the money that would flow or pour in like a rain. What a useless logic!!!!

From that again they moved on to the “barking like a dog in public”! At a particular time of the day of a week, the one engaged in whatever it is that they are into, would actually be barking like a dog!!! Then it moved on to that most despicable act of eating of shit/excreta with hot bread, which some of these guys engaged in with relish. Then thereafter came the one of pant/underwear snatching which went totally rampant. That one actually became very scary at a point, as there were unconfirmed/uncorraborated  stories of ladies in some areas getting attacked and their panties removed by force and for those who out of fear had stopped wearing panties, these desperate and despicable attackers had pants with them, which they would force these ladies to wear and then remove thereafter. Just because no police reports ever came out we couldn’t ascertain the veracity of the so called attacks.

These boys still not relenting at all and ever always inventing new and stranger gimmicks by the day, have come up with another move again now. And it has to do with buying goats and rams. First they buy a ? goat or ? ram, which they would have sex with vigorously and which they would thereafter kill and have served at a party they would organize for people. The more the number of those that would partake of the feast, the best for the host. The more the merrier.

And once an unwary participant in the so called fun, eat of the feast or eat out of that meat from the goat or ram that had been snagged by the host, that person’s future is already done for! We understand that all of what have been described above all sound or look too preposterous or too strange to be believed, but from what we have learnt, they are actually and shockingky happening. 

By Maestros Media

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  1. What about when you sleep and dream that someone gives you dirty or torn money, or you are picking ata rodo (habaneros) in your dream. The enemy works in different ways to impoverish the ‘simple’ ones that are spiritually sleeping and snoring.

  2. Thanks@ Fan. I know A LOT , but I pretend like I know nothing?. I just feel sorry for people who actually don’t know these things. There is nothing they cannot steal from you in that realm once you are open. Na wah!

    1. What church do you attend?

      All these things existed in the past among wealthy cult members. Don't want to mention old names. But now it's over abused by thirsty young guys.

    2. Mama borngirl, I go to guiding light assembly, GLA, in park view Estate, but I have a very strong sixth sense naturally. You are right about these things not being new. A lot of old money people belong to one Awo or another but they did not show their children the way. Anon 6.24 you can close up again by moving close to God and running away from SIN.

    3. This makes me to remember a certain guy from a wealthy home! Each we meet and have sex, i always get money and favours! It was so good that i usually pick money on the floor, see money in weird places! The guy was good! He was so good till i got married and things like the money picking part stopped. I miss him! The least money i ever picked on the floor was 10,000 back then. It was so good that my girlfriends will always ask me to stroll with them when they are broke! And believe me i must pick money on the way! But i must see this kind hearted guy first ooo before money starts flowing! My aunt said that the guy knows about it. He wanted me to be part of life but i couldn't! I left and he lost

    4. @Blair, it's not that these people don't want to show their children the way. I think it's more like they've already used those children, so most of them are korofos; empty shells.

  3. Okay Blair witch. I'm Catholic and I've friends who're members of your church. The children don't behave well, hence their cult members parents didn't put them through.

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