You have probably read the title and saw that we described the man as filthy rich instead of saying a wealthy dude. The figure of description we have used is deliberate, for we know that a wealthy person is distinct from just a rich person. The wealthy man is that one, that also uses his wealth to help others, while the rich man is just rich in his own pocket, others can go jump into the sea, for all he cares. It’s his/her money, so however he or she thinks to spend or not spend his is problem!!!

This person that’s the subject of our focus, is a Lagos based filthy rich dude. So filthy rich is he supposed to be that people genuflect on hearing his name. Though no one has ever been able to quantify or value his approximate value like many of the other super rich individuals, people have always just assumed that he is one of Nigeria’s super big boys and he himself likes to plant subtle digs deliberatelytthat he his richer than most. And the reason for people’s assumptions is because his glaring possession which are extremely loud and in your face, seem to speak loudly for him.

One thing though that we can readily tell you about him is that, unlike some others at his level, who are of similar status, who loves and prefers to be under the radar, this dude craves and lives on the notoriety. He loves the attention die!!! And he would do anything to be the subject of attention, while acting like he doesn’t want it, but that he is just a quiet person. Like many men like him, he enjoys and loves the attention of the ladies to a fault. Just like ants are always attracted to honey or sugar, these women are attracted to the rich too.

Though he is supposedly happily married to an older wife, he loves the away game like Messi, Ronaldo or Kane loves to score the goals. He loves the women so much. And truth be told, he has enjoyed his fair amounts of clandestine dalliances too. In fact sometime ago, he and another super rich dude, who is known to be the most generous of them all, even had some kind of falling out over a mutual gorgeous lady that both of them were both dating at the same time. While he gave the lady in question an apartment to reside in, the other super rich or better still, very wealthy dude, bought her an SUV amongst several good and great gifts. Just imagine the fiasco, when both men now met at the apartment! ?.

Apparently the gift of the apartment which wasn’t an outright gift, was uncommon as the man is known to be the ultimate Mr. Scrooge, in fact probably the “stingiest rich man alive in Nigeria”. His normal benchmark for a of his status is N100,000. And that’s even if you are the queen of anywhere, to him that’s his blessing to you. And that 100k must mean you are even of extreme value, you must be super good.

The ladies, several of them some of who we have met one on one before have had reasons to complain severally, making jest of the man as a poor rich man. They are always hoodwinked by his appearance, thinking they might have hit paydirt only to realize, that it’s no paydirt at all, but a terrible mistake. So they get into it, only for the experience to surprise them afterwards. The razzmatazz about him is so much, that if he goes to a place and he sees that people have come with more intimidating machines, he would go back to go change to a more befitting and more intimidating one of his.

Who is this troubled soul???? 

By Maestros Media

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    1. Such a miserably miserly man with an awful boorish personality.

      But honestly why would any woman with sense date someone else's husband if there's no financial gain? There's plenty of single men for love and sex, so wetin you gain following someone's husband and he's not adding to your immediate liquidity? And then someone like this who doesn't like to pay people what they're actually owed?

  1. Entitled professional oloshos belching fire and brimstone in comments lmao.A professional architect will work on drawings for one of his project and be on site from beginning to the end and be paid 100k plus monthly.This olu works damn hard for his money 24/7 on site working as foreman, store keeper and everything else to make sure his materials are not stolen, and his team deliver a good job.He will struggle for months to sell Units of his project suddenly some dirty olosho thinks she is worth more than 100k because he fucked her for 5minutes.If you are looking for senseless money miss road to spend the Toke kind of windfall on you, then yahoo boys are there,SS boys doing bunkering and those who are making money in NNPC and its subsidiaries.His son and wife are testament that he spends money but only on people who really matter in his life.

    1. Ask anyone that sells real estate whether they like working with him, someone that will agree up front to a percentage commission then when the sale goes through he will actually pay a fraction of the agreed amount. His site workers complain of the same thing. He's too stingy, it's a horrible trait.
      His brother is the better one to so transactions with, never a story about your commission

  2. @anon 6:56 I am friends with his brother and I don't particularly like the man but that is one side of the story.the site workers will always complain if you don't give them an opportunity to steal cement and other materials.And Olu like Joshua will monitor everything personally.He started with bank loans and you think he won't be stingy before they send him back on financial exile.

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