Wonders shall never end, so it’s said and we are too sure we would continue to see those things, some very strange at that, that would always defy our understanding and baffle us as most often, they would look or sound just too incredible to believe. Most often when you hear of the things, the stories, it leaves the mouth wide open or agape in incredulity and disbelief!!!!

Remember that it was on this same platform that we broke the news or incredible story then, about the ‘most incredible Mama Dolphin’, whose place then used to be the mecca of a sort for women and ladies who wanted solutions to the issues of men and their matrimonial homes. Then as we explained it, part of the solution came in the form of a roasted whole chicken ?, that must be devoured in full by the one in need of help and in the eating, that one must not crack the bones of the chicken at all. Once all that needs to be done has been done, the man in question becomes a sort of dummy, some kind of zombie, a willing puppet, with the ropes in the hand of the woman and at the beck and call of the lady as long as the spell lasts. And because of how her solution, seemingly worked wonders then, she had many followers and got so many manys, who swore to the veracity of the efficacy of her prayers or is it charms!!!!!

Now and very currently so at that, there’s a bigger one than Mama Dolphin reigning supreme again. You all that the newer they arrive, the more potent seems their power and the more impressive. And so this new Mama on the block that we shall code name, the “ultimate mama for the job or the lady of breasts”, has many adherents too, who are loyal to her to a fault. In fact from what we have heard, she is feared and that’s because she’s very powerful and well loved, and so her people have sworn full loyalty to her. All those who follow her, young ladies for that matter and not too young, are supposedly very rich, with thriving businesses and are supposedly in full control and we are presently compiling their names.

You wouldn’t even believe some of the names when you see or hear them. Many are in the lifestyle businesses that many patronizes. And there seems to be a predominance of light colored, angelic looking damsels with plenty of money to throw around and they are popular. Many are single, but some are married and some are blatantly dating married men. A lady who recently……..the other lady that sells….. And the one that owns the s.. But one thing that runs through all of them is that they are in charge. The married ones, control their homes with absolute authority. Also, maybe curiosly too, they seem to love plastic surgery a lot.

And just imagine that part of what these adherents of the ultimate mama, the lady of BREASTS must do……. , it is that as part of their worship, they must suckle (suck) mama’s enticing and power loaded breasts!!!! Shocking or shocked ?!!!! Seems like the ultimate power are in those nipples. Once you have sucked on them, you are OK then. The sucking is a way of worship!!! It’s part of the must do rituals of service.

To be an adherent, a loyal follower, you would be guaranteed influence and wealth so it seems. So from what we hear, her place is just getting fuller and fuller by the day as more and more people are joining.

Do you wanna join??? Do you want to try this new one for effect? Then send all your contact info/details and we would gladly send to her for you.

Now you understand what we mean by wonders shall never end. Same way you hear that some so called men of god, emphasis on the small g, claiming to be able to use their joystick, the wand of joy, their rod of action or authority to shift out and away, demons, misfortune and things, so now also, with just the sucking of supernatural nipples or breast, seems like wealth and influence too can be guaranteed!!!! 

By Maestros Media

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  1. Na wa oo,things are happening ooo.suck breast ke? sometimes when you see these ladies bailing you go dey wonder whether they have two heads but person no know wetin dem dey do.


    1. My dear just ignore their balling. There is an Efik saying that don't envy your friend's rich pot of vegetable soup, she may have garnished the soup with human flesh.

  2. I would never understand (and I pray I never have to) why people do anything for money & material things. Like now do you sleep at night? Even after acquiring everything are you truly happy? How do you pray to your supreme being asking for favours etc when you know you are not coming with clean hands. So many questions! Money is good o but the state of being content & peace of mind is better.

    1. Why assume everyone's supreme being operates like yours? Perhaps the gods they serve allow them to search for riches in all places.
      I always roll my eyes at these "how do you sleep at night" comments from "religious" Nigerians always looking to feel superior to others. They think worshipping Christ/Allah makes them better than those who don't, they deem themselves more righteous and moral meanwhile they're just as empty and evil as those they look down on.

      People will continue to seek money and power however they can because that's what matters in this world. They likely sleep at night with both eyes closed too.

  3. Good you removed that other story. The woman has been through enough and her oga will cut off your other source of funds because he's loyal to those loyal to him

  4. Wow the devil is really working overtime, I wonder where this mama appeared from? This reminds me of the one we use to hear about in delta

  5. Aloba I wanna join o, I wanna try her out. Life is too hard abeg, I need a way out. Please how do I send my contact details ( not gonna post here though)?

  6. Its like you learn my thoughts! You seem to know a lot approximately this, such as you wrote the book in it or something.
    I think that you can do with some % to pressure the message house a bit,
    however other than that, that is great blog. A fantastic read.
    I'll definitely be back.

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