This is a continuous series, one that we would examine and explore from many different angles, just as the subject matter, who we have tagged as the ‘unrepentant lothario’ has so much about him & so much going on to write a series like Scandal on or better still a scandalous blockbusting movie about. He is one person, that has greatly enjoyed the benefit of the office so much.

The list of his conquest is rather very outstanding and a long one at that and we are presently compiling the list and that should come out or would be ready, in a part 3 of the series that’s building up by the day. It’s in fact a very long list that would shock and astound all. The man is in a special class of his own as he is an avowed generous giver. Car gifts, apartments gifts, shop gifts, money gifts. He is the ultimate Father Xmas, the do gooder par excellence.

Truth be told, as long as you can get to him, either you are male or female he is ever willing to help you. But the ladies are far far more in number and they have something in return to offer than the guys. And our man who seem to have an :insatiable appetite’ for the ‘bermuda triangle’ cannot but cave in and we hear he is always willing to and would help, but the ladies, most of them young and impressionable are so many it is staggering.

We all know that many of these young ladies have turned chasing after men in great positions or those that have the means, into an art form. They go at it like their very life depends on it, getting these men, is their most important task as it is their jump off to a life of fun and enjoyment. If they are favoured, then they hit pay dirt and it’s a change of life, status and existence for the better for them. It comes with getting good accommodation which is quite important, especially for the super smart ones amongst them, who would rather buy and not rent. Cars gifts are like a dime in a dozen. Some even open shops/stores. For those in paid employment, their positions or growth trajectory can be influenced or they are just especially favoured.

So because of what they hope to get, they go after these men, with extraordinary vigor and focus, some even employing and exploring diabolic means too for advantage.

Our man, super well known at that, whose reputation precedes him has his various hideouts on the island. There is the not so old hotel on that road in Ikoyi, named after the man whose wife named the country. There’s also that other one whose bane is synomous with bread production. But the main spot, is that one on the road named named after that super rich General, whose madam is said to be a gemstone collector. It’s a place of solitude, away from prying eyes on the island. That’s victoria Island to be more precise. And it’s a super coded hideout, that took loads of investigating to find out.

From our man’s heydays at the helm of affairs at his job in the  centre of excellence, before going to the middle of the nation for a job upgrade, this place of solitude had always been his hideout, his place for very clandestine activities. One major reason for the choice of place, is because it is very very coded, also it is owned by a friend too. So it’s a place that’s very good, in fact super good for you know what. So our man has at least 3 suites permanently at his beck and call there.

And this is where the game happens consistently. 

By Maestros Media

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  1. Who did this guy offend? Same guy as the previous story right? Is he really on the run? Read he's hiding out in the VP's house. Oma se!

    1. Fan he’s not on the run. He’s not hiding anywhere. Yeah guy loves pussy, that’s his weakness. His tenure is not even over. People like yarning dust. Everybody is so bored in Nigeria and we are all waiting for our neighbors downfall..,,,,,very bad

    2. Did you describe yourself? Are you the one waiting for your neighbours downfall?

      I used a few question marks, then used I read and finished with oma se. Don't tar everyone with the brush you use to tar yourself.

  2. What is your obsession with this man Mr Aloba? Are you one of the few he refused to help or what exactly is your gross with this man?? Look for news if its a slow news period, ur post on him is starting to look like a personal vendetta and getting tiring… (first time commenting on any blog)

    1. You wish! You anon like myself is a troll and enjoy other people's gossip but can't take it when it concerns someone you know.

      Get outta dis blog if e dey scratch for body.


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