Oba Saheed Elegushi & Olori Hadiza Elegushi (queen guchi II) 

The King’s mom

This is when a picture says more than a thousand words. In Yorubaland it’s what they refer to as “oro pe so je” meaning “final answer or end of discussion”. The main picture is the first one, all others are just added value.

In the picture, which is obviously a selfie taken by one of the two people in the picture, you can the Alaiyeluwa, Kabiyesi Oba Saheed Ademola Elegushi Kusenla III with his 2nd wife, Olori (queen guchi II) Hadiza Elegushi formerly or nee Tanko Yakasai doing cosy cosy in a world of their own, just luxuriating in affection for each other.

It’s obvious from their body language that both are hopelessly in love with each other. You all can see how relaxed Olori Hadiza is, in the warm embrace of her handsome, very stylish and super rich husband.

If the feelers we are getting are true, most likely that the new Olori might have a place in Ikoyi, Lagos or like some are suggesting, maybe should would be staying more in Abuja, the FCT than in Lagos. But we doubt that though.

Again we say, congratulations to both the king and his wife. Long may you both live. And like the Yorubas would also say “eyin iyawo ko no me ni oooo”, meaning that quite soon, we should be seeing a baby bump!!! 

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  1. So please what is the meaning of her outfit nitori olorun? I have kuku said it, they have sworn for Nigerian men shikena. This bride hmmmm. I don’t like women that ruin peoples homes and make the main woman cry. It’s painful. Hadiza should get ready sha cod dis ain’t gonna be easy…….,.,

    1. Get ready for what? It will be easy for her InSha Allah. You are not God, be careful what you wish for others.
      What is she wearing? We don’t care. The story here is she is married to her chosen partner from God and He will bless this marriage.

    2. She's not ruining any woman's home. Since Gucci is a king he has right to marry as many as he wishes. Lagos will be easy for her by God's grace.

    3. A girl that grew up in a polygamous home and you are saying “ain’t gonna be easy”? She won’t even notice any nonsense you and your friends are planning. In fact, I dare anyone of you to come close to her! Arrant nonsense! If the first wife is crying, it’s not Hadiza’s problem. She can cry a river.

    4. GGB, so shall it be for you too ooo. Your hosband go find you smallie so make you go rest and have plenty time to gossip

    1. Please Blair Witch, if husband and wife had sex while she was menstruating without protection, can it be called blood covenant?

      Thanks in advance

    2. 8.20 am NO. Haba?. You must cut yourselves and mix blood before you can call it an ‘oath’ or covenant. Pls don’t do blood oath with anybody(even your beloved husband). It doesn’t end well.

      Hello Fan, love and wealth charms, GBG, mama borngirl, palesa. ? the real MVPs

  2. Mehn she is has amala round face, na it is tuwo. Maybe this marriage Na for business deal. You know say Hausa just dey dash out dem women, they no get much value and they plenty for kano. Anyway, she is not much…we look forward to jamming her at our owambe. Let us see how long she survives lagos. Shiooooooooor.

    1. This one wey don old before she marry, she don tear eye well well, na she go show una pepper codedly, let me tell you what she will do, she will begin to patronize some of you that have businesses, by doing so, she will destroy any gang up, she strikes me as a very smart woman. She will decimate your rank and file?

    2. You can't do nothing to her if you jam her at your owambes. And while she's with her king at owambe, your friend will no longer do garage doggie and will be free to do it in palace.

    3. Anon 3:34 please tell them. Lagos socialite women that are hypocrites and very sly. The same people typing hate comments will all circle around her soon.

  3. The pics will pepper all the women rallying around him: bunmi o, busola adeogun phillips etc etc

    1. What is wrong with this women sef. They only want him for material things and he knows it. We all know an oba will not marry these women because they already have kids from previous marriages. Royalty wouldn’t want to mix children. It can only happen if they were once married and have kids for another royal kingdom.

  4. Gbogbo Big Girls,enemy of Seki,wetin be your own sef?E be like say na the two of you dey get the doggiee for garage.This one that you now do not have any other song in your mouth again.Shioor!

    1. Where art all the BVs aka Lagos socialites on this blog who said “they will show her in this lagos especially at owambes”? Abeg, we need you to try “showing her at this home coming” IF YOU CAN!

    2. Thanks Mama born girl, I need to be there. All those defending her are doing so cos she patronizes their biz. Once Hadiza becomes their bigger customer, they port.

      Anon, they dare not!

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