The last few days have been a bit shocking and surprising to most as no one ever thought that ‘Oba Saheed Ademola Elegushi, Kusenla III’, the Elegushi of the vast Ikateland would ever take another wife to add to his harem. Why anyone would have thought a traditional king in an African setting, especially in Nigeria would marry just one wife beats our imagination though.

Though one of the many reasons many people were of the thought that the Oba and his Olori would just be the only one-just husband and wife, was because of the so called ‘tight closeness’ between the couple and how they always carry on like, nothing in the world can ever come between them, most especially another Olori from anywhere. Some have even whispered that both husband and wife had had some sort of agreement about it all.

So when the news of the newest Olori in town in the person of her now royal majesty, Olori Hadiza Tanko Elegushi hit the airwaves, it flattened many. As it took them by total surprise and many are still reeling from the shock of it all as we speak. To some its like a dream, some sort of nightmare they are still going to wake up. Why they think it’s a nightmare, still baffles us still. And to these people, we would want to ask this question, as the king committed a sacrilege of any sort?

Though, the super gorgeous ‘Olori Sekinat Aramide Elegushi nee Ipaye’ has not complained at all to anyone (openly at least or that we know of) about anything amiss, especially as it has to do with her beloved husband marrying another wife. Many friends of the very stylish queen and mother of 3, who has remained quiet all through what’s going on, have thought best to rally round one of their own and to show their total support to their friends at this time, that some have considered to be a trying period.

So at every given opportunity on the social media, it has been praises galore and unprecedented backslapping, all dropping morale boosting messages to shore up madam’s confidence, loads of subliminal messages, confirming her as the only queen etc, so that if paradventure she might for any reason be feeling giddy over what has happened in the last few days.. She would know that she has a solid circle of friends, who are willing to come out openly in support of her.

Kudos must be given to the very dedicated Olori Seki though for her stoic disposition all through everything. The queen in times past, when she was interviewed by one of the best selling newspapers in Nigeria, had stated rather confidently then that, even if her loving husband should contemplate taking a new wife then for any reason, that the heaven wouldn’t fall!!! So if she had made that timely assertion then over many months ago, it’s then very obvious that for her husband to now take a new wife truly, heaven truly wouldn’t fall and in a few months from now all of the unnecessary attention that the action of the king might have brought on the family, would have soon dissipated and everything would have been consigned to history by then. With every one gallantly continuing with life as usual.

But while many of the Olori’s friends have thought to boost her energy at such a time like this, acting as her VOLTRONS, forming a circle of defense around her, a popular celebrity lifestyle entrepreneur owner of Larrittsshoevillage, Lara didn’t take a chill pill at all in her own affection for the new in coming queen of Ikateland, Olori Hadiza Elegushi. Apparently she had praised the incoming on her social media page before, which didn’t go down well with some. So in her open response to those her perceived enemies of progress, she then went totally off the hook against perceived enemies of the incoming queen and herself and warned off some of those who might openly want to come for her to have an open toe to toe. Her words were a clear and open readiness for war!!!!

So it’s a battle of sides as it were now. 

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    1. A man that should simply be referred to as baale. Na money now, calling a king of a stret 1st class oba. Money has twisted nigerians brains esp lagosians

  1. Anon 11.39. Na one round about I dey pass on my way to my children’s school in lekki phase 1. Don’t mind them o. E no even reach chevron side.? the whole of vgc is bigger than their kingdom, I am sure. ?

  2. And what's larrits own in this matter with her shapeless silicone bottom, i think she shd be more concerned about how she will walk in old age than be bothered about who d king has in his kingdom oshioda, you will come for people like they give trophy for that rubbish, carry the matter for head like gala now cause she be ur customer, na only u go 1st get queen as client ni

  3. Who are the friends of Seki? Same set of married women sleeping around. Hadiza looks more posh not the alatika look of Seki. And as someone said, the king married her well she didn't snatch. Or else I'll open a GBG IG account and list all the men Seki did it with

    1. GBG please don’t, let God judge her. I am sure she has her regrets already. Funny enough, I never saw her like this, thought she was in love with her hubby cos they are always doing ‘family love’ everywhere.

      By the way, Mr Aloba, thanks for removing that ‘womb shifters’ post. It would have been too messy.

    2. GGB you’re a real agbaya. Who the fuck do you think you are you piece of trash? Why do keep threatening Seki? Fuck you and your stupid tales from hell. If she fucked your husband or boyfriend, get over it. It takes two. Enough of your stupid threats. Asshole

    3. @Blairwitch I've left her to God. Just wanted her to know that she also once hurt people like us with her shameless appetite for dxxk.

      @Anon 5:26pm you're a bigger asshole. Thank God you know she does sleep with our husbands and boyfriends.

    4. Gbogbo bigz girls,please reveal your identity so you can receive public apology.This one that you have admitted that some people have been fucking your husband.You are so pained.If you have a personal issue with Seki,go meet her,instead of ranting up and down the blog.Madam list compiler.I do not support promiscuity but your own is too much.Your husband too was not snatched or raped when he too was sleeping around like a dog too,like you have admitted.

    5. GBG in case you decide to open IG account, please tell us the exact name you will use.

      And was Olori really sleeping around just for dick, I find it hard to swallow, why? Her mates that need sexual satisfaction have figured out how to do short trips with foreign men to avoid shitting in your yard, why couldn't a whole olori be discreet too?

  4. Nigeria is so fuck up with this kings everywhere, every shit hole as a King who know nothing than making babies and bunch of pedophiles. We need to erase all this shit or else Nigeria would remain Jungle. Thank God I am out.

  5. Nigeria is so fuck up with this kings everywhere, every shit hole as a King who know nothing than making babies and bunch of pedophiles. We need to erase all this shit or else Nigeria would remain Jungle. Thank God I am out.

  6. The truth is that Seki is much more beautiful. Seki even looks younger, TBH.
    That said, if I were Seki and I was heartbroken, I would forget the crown and leave. My happiness is more important than some useless crown. I doubt Seki will leave though. If she doesn't leave, it shoes that she has accepted it and is cool with it. I'm sure as a grown woman, she knows what to do and she'll be fine. They are all grown, last last them go dey alright!

  7. Shame! That small Ikate kingdom has another whorelori. Of course she deserves a rival as punishment.

    GBG I beg you in the name of God, let her matter slide. Your revelation will break more trust relationships.

    HML Queen Hadiza.

    1. Ahn ahn, what gist is there about Hadiza that you're calling her whorelori? She's not her niece Miss Curves na

  8. All these Baales that would be calling themselves Oba upon all when Prince Charles came to Nigeria did we see them at Aso Rock ahinnn

  9. Please let her talk naw, kilode. Oju oro oko ati obo lo ni. pha ree mehn. Akoshimero. GBG. Alabosi

  10. I'm late on this table. It's such a big shame that all the party car quickies Seki had will be thrown open. Now she's been categorised with whorelori.
    I hope that you change Seki. No more car doggie gist about you from now on.

    Seki will never leave. Leaving means she's leaving flamboyant lifestyle – laces, gold, bmpro makeup.

    Gbogbo BG sorry about her sleeping with your man. Forgive her now everyone knows she's not different from whorelori. You've been vindicated as the internet never forgets. Her daughters will read her doggie gist soon.

    For those threatening new queen Hadiza. She doesn't send you all and will overtake old queen soon.

    Bimbo K is an attached. She's been hailing every picture of the new queen to get her attention. What happened to staying loyal to her looser designer friend? Awon omo alaileko gbogbo.

    1. Maybe Bimbo. K is doing it to spite Olori Seki (as a proxy for B.O the designer.) B.O doesn't send. She left Gucci ages ago.

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