Hadiza Tanko Yakasai 

Oba Saheed Ademola Elegushi, the Elegushi of IKATELAND. 

The super rich and quite handsome monarch, said to be one of the youngest royal fathers in Nigeria, who reigns over the vast IKATELAND on the island tomorrow, May 3, 2019 in far way Kano State would at a Nikkai ceremony, which we trust would be massive or lush by all standards take as his second wife, the delectably stunning ‘Hadiza Tanko, who is the younger sibling of the Special Adviser to the Kano State Governor, Alhaji Dr. Umaru Ganduje, that’s talking about SalihuTanko Yakasai

The very excited elder brother of Hadiza had taken to his social media pages on both Twitter and Instagram to happily announce the upcoming betrothal, excitedly inviting the whole world to be there to celebrate with the family. The light skinned Hadiza, who is a stunner par excellence we hear has been the hearthrob of the young king who is in his early 40s for a while now.

Hadiza from our findings, is a ‘Business Development Manager’ at a oil and gas firm. The first wife of “Oba Saheed Ademola ELEGUSHI, Kusenla III” is none other than the super stylish and gorgeous “Olori Sekinat Aramide Elegushi nee Ipaye, who is his wife of many years standing now and between them, they both have 3 very gorgeous and extremely smart daughters.

With Hadiza joining Kabiyesi’s growing harem now, it means that there would be 2 oloris in the palace then. Many had speculated over the years about whether the Elegushi would marry more than one wife as tradition stipulates. But many also pooh-poohed the idea then saying that the young king would never marry another wife just out of loyalty to Olori Sekinat Aramide, who he had met when they both were still at the University years back.

When they got married in 2003, making it 16 years come May 24. It was a big event then, with K1 the ultimate and KSA on the bandstand. Now in 2019, with him now as one of the wealthiest kings from the south west, tomorrow’s event might turn out as an off the hook thing. Today is what the Northerners refer to as Kamu, a part and parcel of the tradition and culture of the North.

There are  actually 2 pre-wedding ceremonies
First one is called :Wuni (Sa lalle)
This is strictly for the ladies. This is when the bride gets to spend the last bit of free time with her friends and female members of her family, in her fathers house. Then a mixture of henna is made and used to make beautiful designs on the bride’s hands, palms and legs. Friends and family also get henna designs on their hands too, but not as elaborate as the bride.

Then there’s the Kamu.. (which in actual fact means to Hold. Amarya means the Bride) Kamun Amarya: this pre wedding ceremony adds more color and glamour to the wedding. The Sayan Baki is a negotiation between the grooms men and brides maids, debating on the amount to be paid before the bride is allowed to speak to her groom. The decorations are reminiscence of A mixture between Arabian/Northern Nigeria and Indian culture,.

Congratulations to the king and his newest wife. 

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  1. Congrats to King Gucci. Seki will be completely heart broken and humiliated. I wonder how Bunmi O. must feel, believing too much in her own hype she gave the King an ultimatum to leave his wife and marry her. How market now Bums?

    1. When I saw it on IG, I knew this would be a sad season for Bumi.

      HML to them.

      What's it about Yoruba and Hausa union these days?

    2. It's a continua of Buhari Osibajo combo. Lol. Aunty designer will be here all night to read our comments. Epele aunty, you shouldn't have blackmailed his first wife and faked a pregnancy.

    3. Seki paved way for the blackmail. The way she accepts prxxk just like kids like stick sweets. Haba! A queen receiving kondo inside party car garage. N ti o da ko da – what is bad is bad!

    4. I come here to get real high society authentic gists especially from the quartet: Gbogbo big girls, Mama born girl,Palesa and Aproko. How you guys get the 'Piccadiloes' gist that are mostly correct speaks to your being really 'town'people with great insider information.
      If Aloba is really smart he could be the biggest real authentic High society jist blog making a lot of money and being independent without using all the obnoxious superlatives to write about mist of the people he writes about, which don't really do him no good,apart from the fees some people pay for him to hype them, which most discerning and informed people know to be bubbles,far from the real situations in most cases!

    5. Gbogbo bigzs, you know well ooo. So Seki gan dey collect kondo? Aye mi temi ba mi. Haaaaa? That’s not nice if true. A whole queen. Her party attendance is too much. As for Bunmi, nah your puzzy sweet like that ti ofin pha se? Taaaa, go beg Greg ooo. Awon kowerey kowerey

    1. Is it a must for a yoruba king to marry more than one wife? I don't know them but reading few interviews about them I thought he would set an example that a king can rule married to one wife. I guess not.

    2. Sounded very ignorant about fertility of male child,it has nothing to do with women but the man who produces male Chromesone(×y) and women has just two (xx).y/× produce male .

  2. Whattttttt!!!!! This is crazy… I didn’t see this coming! Yoruba men are really special lmao

    1. Please how did king Gucci make his money? Never heard of him before now. But again I no dey for country.
      2. Comments of the new wife…yes someone said she has pedigree. She go school? Or nah cosmetics she study like Aisha? She dey do under G codeine? These northern girls no joke, don’t let the hijab fool you everything plenty their hand, from lesbian to chain Smoking to “anything goes sex”. I get plenty them for friends here. All from very wealthy prominent families.
      3- a beg this new Olori fit survive lagos social circle that has been dominated by the likes of seki and shade and her other friends. I hope the lagos crowd will not show new Olori pepper. Better they leave her in a abuja, abi?
      Hmmm, the new Olori is not finer o and she looks older. She had better born boy, or else Na express ticket on the new lagos-kano train line.
      This is probably the first Hausa woman a Yoruba King is marrying. Does any one know another example?

  3. Everytime we put blames on our men ..what of wife sleeping around with her husband's close friends & the secret is in the open..king Gushi is long overdue for a second wife I just hope this new wife will be loyal to him not like the first Doggy Doggy

    1. Let them continue chatting super story crap.Anyone who knows Seki right from secondary schools days won’t be surprised by these revelations.The day he ascended the throne of his fathers in Yoruba tradition he ceases to be an ordinary man but an institution so if he needs to marry even more after this he is permitted

    2. Well, coded dogs or not, the story line here is Oba has married a beautiful Hausa lady from Kano!!! Eat your hearts out.

    3. Anon 6:24 you take several seats! Hausas are dogs? Really? How many have you met and why were you treated like one of them (dog)? You probably deserved being treated like a dog so blame yourself.

    4. @anon 4:56am don’t mind these frustrated women. Claiming and stereotyping a whole group because of jealousy. The fact is he saw something nice and attractive about Hadiza. Your opinions and hatred cant stop her from being the new Olori. Keyboard bullies!

    5. Yes I said it and would satiric again, most hausa girls are fucking dogs hiding under hijab! The new bride is not as pretty as Seki. I’m saying the truth. Seki is so much stylish than your new bride yimu. Eat your gat damn heart out. Seki nothing do you. She go soon go watch

    6. Madam 8.45 pm Abeg go and fight the Oba if your madness reach level1. We know say; E dey pain you o!!!

  4. Hmmm! O ga ooo…This is a big lesson for all adulterous women out there… if u think you're cheating on yr husbands and u think the juju u r using on him has blindfolded him.. my sister lie..when the man decides to act this is what happens 2nd wife…O deba olugbon omu Moora ni o ..Seki wa gba fun OLOUN ni o…all u other Oko kan okun cupboard wives pls learn from this o

    1. Chai! Never knew seki was like that; they seemed to love each other. Smokes and screens, I guess.

  5. Dang it… sleeping with the king's close friends. A queen … that is unbelievable. She is too beautiful for that.

  6. These allegations of adultery on the queens part. I thought they said if you sleep with a Yoruba kings wife she will die and misfortune will befall the man? How comes nothing is doing her as she is sleeping around or does she have an antidote to the curse?
    This life is unfair to women. This man clearly has a lot of women he is involved him. His birthday recently had a host of them celebrating him on IG. It is okay for him to be unfaithful and not her abi?

  7. This is not fair on Queen Gucci, must we all say this here? Thats why other tribes are better than yorubas, hausas or ibos will never pull their own down like this. Im not a fan of the queen but hey shit happens, o de ti happen ni yen let her brood over her sorrows for now. Haba all these exposee and those throwing shades on their pages cause they dont like the queen should keep it up, their own dey their body, sleeping and flaunting another woman's husband as theirs awon aja igboro, what's the difference between u and seki?

    1. Which other tribes are better than us. So we should cover her up or push her up cos she's our own. Infact I've tried for her I should've mentioned those who dog her at party garages

    2. Gbogbo bigz girlz

      U cannot do that, we are above that, remember MamaNaGirl from Ladunsblog, ati wa tipetipe o, ti awo o ba gbe awo nigbowo awo a te awo a ya. Its unfortunate it turned this way but i beg lets calabash the whole mayyer let her brood in peace

    3. I don't remember you, but I'll let her be cos aside her aja igboro acts she has good traits. She'll get over it, ko si nkan ti oju koriri nibe.

      This same majesty skin that was supporting designer is all over IG now complimenting the new queen. Eniyan ma nika o.

    4. O better let it slide

      Majesty is a sour loser, at her age bigger than her mamas flaunting rubbish over instagram, shading seki, may i ask whats d difference btw her and seki? After eletu fucked and dumped you, you turned urself to motivational speaker, confusing your followers, preaching hardwork pays meanwhile u already told the world your king pampers u, king abandoned u now and u are shading seki, wos wos wobi whether kingguchi marries 20 wives seki remains their iyale and a queen forever, no one can take that title away from her. Majesty stop queening for a man who is a community penis. He no even send u, una plenty for his hand. Reply this and I'll take ur stinking bleached skin to d gutters and why did u disable comment on the panti u were displaying, na only u buy gold and oud for dubai ni? Come see some sileny koves babes gifting people d nonsense u are displaying arrant nonsense

    5. Why is it paining u? Your moda cannot wear the gold she is displaying. Show us the penis you are fucking. She and Eletu are still and item, go and drink sniper

    6. I knew u'll bring yoir stinking self here, turkey body, oforo like some bread that wants to explode, u insult ur mother anyhow am i shaken NO ubbe omongitter now, can u imagine, u and eletu still dey like he dey with d rest, i no see u for his party now, dem chain u like bingo ni? aja1

    1. Maybe the ones you have met. Yoruba men are not trash, nigerian men are a case study but then the way to your girls flaunt over rich men shd be looked into
      I wont insult you though

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    this website. I am hoping to see the same high-grade content by you in the future as well.
    In truth, your creative writing abilities has encouraged me to get my own, personal website now 😉

    1. You are new to dis blog. Just stay calm and keep the gist for your head. You go learn dem before Dec 2019 as long as you remain K on the blog and hoping Aloba doesn’t go AWOL

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