Birthday gal and mother of 4, Chief Dr. Mrs Folashade Noimat Okoya instead of having the usual humongous birthday celebrations /party at the ‘Oluwa ni Shola Estate’, to mark her day, which incidentally was also her 20th wedding anniversary decided to instead burn or better still scotch, the airwaves with the release of some very gorgeous pictures of her, her husband & their 4 kids, taken by ace photographer TY Bello to celebrate the 2 pronged events.

The pictures are so solid, so nice we just have to commend. We have never seen Alhaji, that’s talking about Aare Razak Akanni Okoya looking so young like he is in his late 50s, not near 80 that he is.

Check out the lovely pictures, especially the ones showcasing Shade’s 4 kids. 

By Maestros Media

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  1. Beautiful family. I don't have any issue with her marrying an older man or into polygamy. All I want to repeat is that she employs a good English teacher, she can't compose a sentence in good English.

    20 years in billions should impact positively in your Western education.

    1. MBG I disagree with you. If you are well exposed you know that speaking “queens English” isn’t the ultimate achievement in life and for successful entrepreneurs. The Asians are not apologetic about it and they are still respected in the Western countries.
      Without going far, does Alhaji Aliko speak queens English? Hell NO! As long as he’s able to communicate with clients that’s fine.

    2. Just to add my one pound. The Asians have their own languages and not comparable to English.

      Queen’s English and good English are different. Good English is the basic that we should all speak because English is the official language of Nigeria. Queen’s English is taking it up a notch.

      It’s not like her husband is the bastion of good English and they both fit in that regard.

    3. At Mama borngirl Well said. You folks defending Shade should google her name or go on You Tube and listen to how she speaks! She can buy billion Naira jewelries and spent another million Naira in plastic surgeries but she couldn’t get a good teacher to help her with her English? Misplaced priorities. She is good to look at until she opens her mouth. Not good

    4. At Mama Borngirl You nailed it. Her mouth and English is something reason why she disguises as being shy. She could have done better to brush up her English with the blind of money her husband has. She is nothing but a plastic

    5. ha han! Chai!! NawaO!!! You alll hate this woman. I can’t imagine what crime she has committed that once she’s mentioned on this blog, the same people rain all sorts of insults on her. Dear God please guide us against the evil hearted ??

    6. Hate is a big word and as far as I’m concerned, I have no hate in my blood but I dislike her attitude like she is her only wife. She is nothing but a trophy wife and she need to sit her plastic surgery body down

    7. Oh Grow Up! What exactly is the hate adding to your life? Is English our first language? I am really surprised at how depraved you are and level of your intelligence. I always enjoyed your comments and gists but didn’t realize how regressive you are in thought…get a life. If we as a nation are proud of our heritage like most nations are, we wouldn’t even adopt English as a language. You MBG have slave mentally. Eat your hearts out it is envy that will kill you. You probably aren’t self actualized and you spend you entire spare time denigrating people who don’t know who you are and clearly don’t give a damn. Why don’t you start by writing a book about your life and make it win the noble prize at least we would know how perfect your English is. Fucking Loser!

    8. MBG aka Mama English prof. Wey done Ma! When can Shade enroll in your special class since you have picked special interest on this Madam? Always bitter and spewing gibberish on her posts.

    9. Not everything is hate .there shouldn't be a university graduate in Nigeria who isn't fluent in English .making excuses about our native tongue is the reason Nigeria has graduates who can't get a job, and the few who do cannot write a simple memo without grammatical errors. Sade is a director in a multinational conglomerate, does she hold meetings with vendors and suppliers in yoruba? You lot make excuses for mediocrity and that's why the country has illiterate for law makers.

    10. Anon 5:52pm. You are sooooo stupid and you’ve just shown major ignorance. Have you gone abroad to do business and sat with some major business industrialist? I have chinese partners that use interpreters to conduct business. Ignorant bitter envious old women that their husbands have neglected them plenty for this page. Some of the wealthiest people on the planet didn’t even see college or even complete it. Let us even talk about Naija since I work with Igbo merchants, some without formal education but silently wealth as shit and they conduct business in pidgin English. Awon we re kun ni site yi. I bet you a lot of these people here are projecting their own personal inadequacies and this is the only way for them to feel accomplished.

    11. English is my first language. It may not be for you and for others.

      However, it is the official language of Nigeria and we should all have a good command of it.

    12. English is my first language. It may not be for you and for others.

      It's a big cop out using English is not "our" first language as an excuse.

      However, it is the official language of Nigeria and we should all have a good command of it.

    13. @Anon 9:01PM meant Anon 5:42PM. This is for you!
      I have to make the corrections on your behalf so she knows it’s referenced to her stupid post.
      Thank you dear. We can go and sleep now. You just described them especially Mbg. She’s such a bully!!!
      The only BV I have so much respect for on this blog is Blair Witch. She is so constructive with criticism and even when she bashes, it’s not malicious.

    14. Anon 9:10 even if they have been abroad a million times, they wouldn’t know what you are talking about because all they know is go to Oxford street and shop. Not every one educated is exposed and money doesn’t buy exposure or class. Lastly, there are different level of class.
      They don’t know anything. A Chinese that is educated and he a Harvard degree would rather have an interpreter beside him when he is negotiating business with International partners. They don’t give a hoot about English like you all don here in Nigeria.
      If I may ask, how many footballers speak properly? Does it make them less successful?

    15. Please let's pass our comments without resorting to abuse.

      Again, re-the Chinese. A bad example to use. Their main language Mandarin/Chinese is an international language (as classified by the United Nations) and they don't have to speak English. When they do, they do it as a second language but their own will always take precedence.

      The problem with us is that we are not a homogeneous country but a heterogeneous country and that was why the British set English as the official language. If you look at all the countries colonised by the British, they all have English as the official language.

      @If we as a nation are proud of our heritage like most nations are, we wouldn’t even adopt English as a language.

      We are proud of our heritage, in fact very proud but the things I mentioned are some of the factors here and nothing to do with heritage.

    16. Anon 12:29, Asian billionaires/millionaires may not bother with speaking English with clipped foreign accents but they do speak English well enough with the Asian accents. The complaint about Sade isn't just that she speaks English with a Yoruba accent, it's that she can hardly express herself well in English and for someone who has that much money, she should have done what her Asian mates have done and hired a tutor to help her express herself in any language she insists on speaking

    17. English or no English how has that put money in your own personal pocket…which one concern you? Bad belle…miss perfect English. I watched the video and she speaks more than enough to transact business. Her reward in life, her children are very eloquent and delivered their thoughts easily. So where are your own kids and how well spoken are they? Yeye dey smell. Drop the topic—-no one can win on this “English” topic and y’all and your projected inadequacies in your lives. If you don’t like it there is a very very long bridge called 3rd Mainland in nigeria, go jump off it. I have many bridges here in Florida that you can jump off too—I will even give you concrete slabs to weigh you down since obviously your bad belle to consume you. Awon gbeborun oshi.

  2. them dabotas mentor except dabs did not see the type of money she was expecting. Posting a 3m cheque from a supposed billionaire hubby was an absolute disgrace.

  3. I actually really like Sade and even her fashion has grown on me but I agree with Mama Borngirl. I've never understood why with all her husband's money, she didn't further her studies, get a speech coach and fix her teeth.

  4. Shade can speak Yoruba Language fluently, so does Alhaji and most of their friends. That is enough. Afterall her kids can speak your high rated spoken English. Weldone Folashade! You are a winner!

    1. I don tire for this Mama BornBoy (oh sorry Girl). To be honest I don’t know any of this people personally but only read about them on the blogs. What baffles me is how concerned she is about the woman’s imperfection. Why can’t we for once talk about the nice attributes she has.
      She doesn’t have to speak well but you know something? The kids I see up there will turn out to be successful and speak so well because they’ve been privileged to attend good schools and that’s better than her speaking “Mama BornBoy” approved English.

  5. Anon 9.34. Keep fooling yourself about Sade being a winner. Question What happens to her if and when Okoya dies? Will see the real winner then

    1. Mental retard, how does that concern you? Do you know her worth in jewelry? Do you know how much she has tucker away ? Do you know how many people in lagos high society truely loves and support her and won’t let her fail? Why don’t you face your own headache and/ or future headache instead of using panadol in advance for somebody else’s future palaver. Idiot!

    2. Okoya’s belongings have long been divided and Sade has received the Lion share. So go and jump off third mainland bridge if that doesn’t sit well with you.

    3. Yimu, ode. With all her phanda jewelry abi? You’re really bush. Secondly, I pray the Chief lives long ooo, but should anything happen, Shade would really know the real lagos establishment as the biggest fake people. They would disappoint her so much starting from her mentor Dupe

  6. PR personnel, you talk of material wealth, jewelry and all she has stashed away.You forget that God is the author and finisher of everything.Man can only scheme and plan.God has the final say.

    1. O ti di Oro God in a matter that doesn’t concern you. O ma ra ye o! Jealous loser! Have you finished praying for your children or your husband or boyfriend that is a community Dick?

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