Friday, June 2, 2023
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Uche (Juliet) & Sonnie (Romeo) 

Uche Ajene set to officially become Mrs. Uche Ayere

The dapper dude known as Sonnie Ayere

“Love is a beautiful” so they say and that beautiful thing is most surely, most definitely what must  have swept these 2 lovers, in the persons of ‘Sonnie Ayere & Uche Ajene’, off their feet & turned them into ‘giddy lovers’, 2 who are so drunk and crazy in love that would come tomorrow, Saturday, April 27, 2019, be walking down the aisle in front of their chosen witnesses to say to each other ‘I do’ in holy matrimony, which is an institution ordained by God and not one to be toyed or played with at all by any one, whatsoever.

For these 2, it has to be LOVE, real love just like Mary J. Blige was searching for. But it seems like Uche has found has. Both have experienced the institution they are entering into again, before. And it seems both have fallen out of it and have made up their minds again, to give it all it would take all over again. By this we mean it is actually their 2nd missionary journey and from all indications, it seems like these 2nd time around would most definitely be a charm. According to those who know both, these 2 are head over heels, crazily, madly, affectionately, awesomely, soul wise, spiritually attuned to one another.

Between these highly cerebral couple, they share 6 kids, 3 each on both sides. The handsome, quite suave and very intelligent investment banker, who is said to be quite solid as he has handled some very heavy investment portfolios in the past, used to be very very close, was in fact the then boyfriend of a known lifestyle editor of a popular pull out magazine a while ago who is the ‘root’ of the matter. In fact the speculation then in 2014, before things went south, was that both lovers then, that’s talking about Sonnie & his now ex, who incidentally has same name as a very important biblical character were going to marry. But It wasn’t too long after, that the speculation became rife that the relationship had broken down totally and irretrievably, with everyone then going their ways.

For those who might not know Sonnie Ayere. He is the handsome, highly cerebral founder, Chairman/CEO of his own very thriving investment company by the name, ‘Dunn Loren Merrifield’. A full fledged investment house that was established in 2009. Which is about a decade ago now. SA as the brand owner is called, has an intimidating resume. In fact, he is ascribed as an investment guru that has handled some heavy things both in Nigeria and abroad in the past.

Sonnie has worked for such heavy international brands likes of HSBC Bank, Natwest Bank, The Sumitomo Mitsu Bank, Bank of Montreal, the IFC at the World Bank, the UBA Grp just to mention a few.

Tomorrow’s bride herself, a supremely gorgeous one at that, who is a beauty too, is not a pushover in any way at all. In fact, in Uche, Sonnie the fine dude has met his ‘cerebral match’, one who wouldn’t cower at her husband’s to be’s resume at all. The “Boston University” graduate of ‘Business Administration with specialization in Accounting’ has a fantastic profile of her very own. In fact, her own resume too is quite intimidating, having cut her teeth at various international brands that can be reckoned with too. She started her career in Chicago at Hill Taylor and has grown steadily and surely over the years ever since. She was at a time the head of Corporate Communications and youth account at the FCMB Group. She’s currently the Managing Consultant at Quadrant MSL, which is a subsidiary of Troiyka Group.

The both we have heard, already live in a beautiful place/home in Ikoyi, Lagos and would be making their relationship of a few years now very official tomorrow at their chosen venue amongst selected friends and relatives. It’s a hush hush thing or should we accurately say, a very private affair by all indications.

Their love story is actually like the stuff you read in all those romantic ‘Harlequin or mills and boon’ novels. Apparently, Uche’s house maid was a superb magician with the unenviable ability to disappear what doesn’t belong to her. She had vaporised Uche’s jewelry. So she hunting the run away Thief down to deal with her, so as to recover her goods, found out that the thief’s husband, was a ‘private chef’ to Sonnie, who she had to contact in order to help retrieve her lost valuables. Apparently the theft and subsequent accusation had affected Sonnie’s private chef and Sonnie knew something was amiss and it needed a solution asap. So when after getting Sonnie’s number from a mutual friend, Uche called Sonnie to discuss her matter, which was all about getting her valuables back.  So both strangers met at the ‘George Hotel’ and it was like they had known each other before then and for a long time. So cupid took advantage of what was supposed to be a bad situation and turned it into a good one, which then led to LOVE. One thing led to another and both would become, truly one spirit, soul and body tomorrow.

From the pictures above, it can be seen and deduced very clearly that these are 2 souls that have become one in every way possible. The signs are evident from their body language. Apart from what is so obvious about their telepathic connection, we had heard before now that Sonnie is actually a great lover, in fact a quite generous one in every way and manner. Who knows what to do with to put his partner on the Aladdin carpet of love. So no wonder, Uche has been swept off her feet in totality and comprehensively. Love O love.

We are wishing the couple  continual bliss for ever and ever.

Congratulations in advance. 

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  1. Hold up! She smokes? Nigerians will be doing too much! Until you set the studio ablaze, then you will know! Congrats ! You guys look good together though!

  2. why must they pepper Ruth, like really, what for???? perhaps they want to open Uche's can of dirty worms….i'd patiently wait for the comments

    • But this couple is fine ! So a good guy like this lives in ikoyi and shola is busy messing our hormones up! Shola is a scam!

  3. @anon 2.44am. That your statement was in fact the dumbest, most stupid statement ever made! You mean that she's a new born or a clumsy oaf like you that would just burn a studio? Must you comment??? If sense they too far, you for Waka pass without saying anything. Na wa oooooo, you mumu no be small. Kai

  4. Anon 3.28am see mess calling person Raccoon. Eeeyah! You just did it again. You obviously have your brain as your yansh and the yansh as brain. So instead to say better things, shit naturally dey flow from your mouth, funnnnnn!!!! Nose covered . I can even smell your nauseating odour across the media. Oloriburuku somebori. So daft you define it. You know what???? Go hug transformer for being so daft!!!

  5. The two anons! Stop it! Lets enjoy this couple pictures in peace now! Except if the anon 5:30 replying is uche! If not cut it out.

  6. Congratulations Uche and Sonnie. You too deserve the happiness. This guy has dumped Ruth for a few years now and there's no reason for Uche to want to pepper her.

    By the way, which decent family will accept Ruth as daughter in law?

    • Don’t be silly. The same decent family that accepted Uche after her first husband caught her in bed with the church videographer? If you want to throw stones, stone everybody. Sonnie has married the supposed 2nd love of his life. These idiots don’t know how to keep their lives private, the internet awaits the 3rd one as this present charade will be over soon. No this isn’t Ruth.

  7. The 2 Anon are both making fool of themselves. Sorry to digress, Where is Palesa , GBG and Nama Borngirl? Guess they must be tired of Aloba unseriousness and taking his Blog Visitors for granted

  8. The 2 Anon are both making fool of themselves. Sorry to digress, Where is Palesa , GBG and Nama Borngirl? Guess they must be tired of Aloba unseriousness and taking his Blog Visitors for granted

  9. The have already married in court … this is just the weeding reception ..they are good together and really this has nothing to do with Ruth because that relationship ended years ago ….and "pepper her "because ??…congrats lets just move on abeg

  10. Congrats to the classy and stylish couple. This woman is 10,000 times an upgrade to the witchy, crass and always angry Ruth Osime. Happy Married Life to them both.


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