Forget TM now ooooooo. She’s not in the league of small girls ooooooo, she’s most definitely in a Liga now all by herself luxuriating at the zenith or peak all by herself. To buy and pay ‘N250 million’ (two hundred and fifty million good Naira) that’s approximately ($640,000 at N360. 31 to a dollar) for a new home in Ikoyi, is not yam neither beans at all oooooo. You have to be playing as a striker at your most imperial form to be at the top of the liga all by oneself!

Surely the ‘hardwork’ or is it the ‘soft work’ depending on how you see it is obviously paying off, however you want to look at. Many have been around for a lot longer and what have they got to show for it, apart from flaunting baffs, showing off new shoes and bags and flying about all over the world without any tangible investments to show for it!

And maybe at the end of the day like some readily describes it, “the end must surely justify the means” after all. The house in question is in Ikoyi by Bank Road in a mini estate, it’s a 4 bedroom with a BQ & it is said to be well appointed. For a young lady in her 30s, especially one that is a ‘small girl with big God’, who is not married, it is a major achievement without any shadow of doubt.

There had been the speculation of late that the AA in her life is actually not just that AA who mints money from oil, but the arrow actually points at that other AA that is quite powerful and loaded crazily too. However you want to look at it, from whatsoever angle of choice you choose to look from. Can you blame our girl for doing her best to secure her own future? There were those then long before her, who had this same opportunities thrown freely on their laps and they never grabbed it. The fun of the time was just too much and it cloaked their brains and blocked their minds and by the time they realized that time awaits no one, those men who were the sources of the largesse had already moved on to the next. Some could only afterwards show the car they were riding and clothes as the gain they made and nothing more. We must all understand the fact that one must “make hay while the sun shines”, because “a stitch in time saves nine”. So, that things are working now, might actually just be because all the elements in the cosmos seems to be aligning ever so perfectly. Though some have tried to insinuate also about that “particular prayer woman”, that many of the ladies….. likes of….. are flocking to clandestinely to pray for them. But it’s one thing to get prayed for, it’s another thing for one to be smart enough to make use of opportunities that comes one way.

So it’s our gal’s time. Let’s just give it to her. 

By Maestros Media

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  1. Toke keeps winning! So proud of you, girl! Keeping setting the bar high! With all the saga, you are still standing! Healthy girl.

  2. This girl is balling mehn ! Wasn't she sued recently by her ex! Too much money yet these idiots are busy comparing black and banana color.

  3. Toke 's brand is selling! Loving this girl right about now! She keeps surprising her haters! Good job girlfriend.

    1. You be warned… is that a joke or what . Leave people to be free to post what they want

      Chei.. you must be big bully in real life . Warn yourself

    1. No not Alhaji but A your chief executive. My worry is efcc decides to investigate her today can she truly prove her source of income? We should be more discreet as ladies.

  4. You recently posted a story about a lady who died. When that lady was in her prime, she was chasing money up and down even distrubing people home, made a man not take care of his legal wife and children … all because of bag and shoe and 22 apartments in Lekki

    All that money couldn't save when cancer came calling. I wish more people will be wise to realise all this is vanity upon vanity. On 10 years those 22 apartment might be abandoned or stolen.

    Aloba stop hyping stories like this. It only encourages girls to aspire to be a small girl with a big God

    1. Many men carry women and still take of their family… dont put it on this girl. If he abadoned his family a rich man for that matter. It has nothing to do with her.

      He choose to

  5. At anon 8:59am it's not hype or hyping, it's called expose. You take yours from what you read and learn from it. Who does it help when it's hidden? You make your choice in life by yourself. As you lay your bed, so you shall lie on it.

    1. @Maestromedia. There is nothing motivating about girls doing runs. They might be buying this and that but ARE THEY REALLY HAPPY??? All that glitters is not gold. Rest my case

  6. Keep Spending your money TM for na only you sabi the TM wey dey inside all your ups & downs.
    So fear No Bull Shit but above all try settle down & have your babies to rock your wealth & be Happy Always & let GOD guide all your paths! AMEN!

  7. TM is the quintessential runs queen in lagos. Unapologetically balling. As long as your luxury lifestyle is showing, no one cares how you achieved it. Same like yahoo, once you’re rich everyone will defend you. It’s just crazy when these same girls get married and complain on their husbands cheating.

    1. Judgina fault finder how market? Face your kpof kpof trade! Attend to the client in front of you! Jealous bunch!

    2. My own is if you're doing runs own it with your chest. Stop deceiving young girls with Bible quotations, making them believe their genuine hustle isn't paying.

  8. Say that to VC.i wonder how she will feel if she a lady is following her horse and same way she followed Makanjuola for many years. Karma is coming for her big time

  9. Clearly, the AA in this article is not Akin…. Ambo…. , his feathers have been plucked,so biko enlighten me. I’ve been racking my brain ?. AA in oil n gas. AA that’s rich n powerful. Who could they be? AA of Primeface????

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