Truth be told, the gullible would always get taken for a ride, it’s their lot and the only way they can learn is by experience. At least once in every man’s life you need to fall mugu now, so that afterwards you would get brain and be sharp. Even the sharpest of the sharpest dey fall mumu too. So we think that’s what this so called London, UK based stylist is probably exploiting. You be mumu and you want to show off, then fall mugu.

Since there is the unlimited demand to want to be the next Golden girl, the ‘it’ *girl of lady, as everyone wants to carry or wear the latest thing in fashion and there’s the opportunity for money to be made from the gullible lot, why not then make use of the opportunity? According to the gist flying about town, half of those designer things you see many of these celebs front on the gram are supposedly F.A.K.E!!!

The major culprit being the world famous “Hermes Birkin Bag”, that’s the bag that Victoria Beckham owns over a hundred of.

The iconic bag has literally suffered loads in the hands of our “wannabe stars’ ooooo. You see them all carrying various colours of a bag, in fact some colours that the company making them might not have even thought of making yet and that has a waiting list, queuing patiently to get one and that costs on the average, nothing less than $11000 (N3,960,000) upward per bag depending on the skin/leather used and can get to about $300000 (N108m) for the rarest skins, just for one bag!!!!

It is now this same bag that you now see one person owning not less than 5 or even more and then still owns various other types of designer bags like the Chanel, the LVs, the Celine etc..and shoes and gatbs and Rolexes, Cartier etc!!!!

It’s either some unimaginable avalanche or rain of money is pouring down in torrents on these ladies and they don’t know how to spend it and would just invests in bags and shoes, or that what you see them flaunt about with much aplomb are 1st grade copies from Napoli or some other places like from China.

And this renowned Stylist from the UK  favored by Nigerian celebs is majorly helping in the the sales of this fakes or copies!!!!! The celebs are either in the actual know or they are being taken for a mumu ride!!!! 

By Maestros Media

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  1. Brand new Birkins are not that common and even the pre-loved ones are not that common too. It's the knock offs that are all over the place.

    Buy a Kelly instead. A much prettier bag.

    1. And that is the bag Toke carries in different colors (The same bag that she said she couldn’t afford even if she has the money?). Her own is F as in FAKE).

  2. even your fave toke has so many colors that have long waitlists. The UK seller visits china all the time and gets for toke but she thinks we are gullible

    1. So you think toke who bought a 250m Naira house in Ikoyi, got $200,000 to furnish it can’t spend $100,000 to buy 8 pieces of Birkin bags? I assure you she easily can. This is govt money we talking about. A few girls dating governors can easily buy 30 birkins over a 6-12 months period. My only question is 5-10 years from today hope she has some Money market investment to live on. Pussy no Dey pay forever. Even JO’s wife isn’t buying Hermes like it’s going out of fashion.
      Anyways I choose to buy shares in Hermes and LVMH than show off with their products on the gram.

    2. At Anon 11.09 AM. How gullible can you be? Just because she bought a Gazillion house doesn’t means she cannot use a fake birkin. Get your fact right. The Cartier love bracelet she uses is a FAKE. I have a friend that has REAL and can afford to buy a birkin for a million dollar buy she bought a FAKE one and despite the ga t that it looks like a real one, she tell us that she cannot imagine buying a bag for that price. She is into Real Estate and she has the MONEY unlike some Runs

    3. This is government money we are talking about…yen yen yen. You almost sound proud of the fact it's govt money. Ashewo no be work, stop defending nonsense!!

    4. Toke carries fake … it is not by money, so many rich people in this world hence the bag has a long waiting list.

    5. I just found out recently that that are grade A fake Birkin bags that come with box and even receipt. Freda is carrying a croc skin Birkin. That’s minimum 100k.

    6. I read a lot of travel magazines because we are always looking for the next destination to go to. I stumbled on one with interviews by Martha Stewart, yes the Martha Stewart and Kate Moss. They said they loved going to Istanbul, Turkey and discovered there’s a big market for knock off designer goods. Martha said she bought a lot of knock off LV and Kate Moss said she bought LV, Saint Laurent and Gucci. Martha had a picture of her LV wallet in the mag and said you can hardly tell the difference. However when people compliment her on it, she says it’s a knock off. When she was asked why as a wealthy person who can afford these things, why does she buy knock offs? She said it’s the thrill of buying a knock off and people thinking because it is her, it must be real. Kate said she gets almost all her high end goods for free and/or heavily discounted so she does not see the sense in paying money for them and was happy with her LV luggage and Saint Laurent and Gucci goods.

      This is the mentality. They can afford it but why not buy knock offs to fool people that they are real. You won’t think they’d buy knock offs right?

    7. What does looking for next travel destination have to do with the rest of the comment though? I mean it could have simply been "I read an interview in a mag…"

    8. @ anon 11.09. Just because she bought a house worth millions doesn’t make her a birkin princess. She carries fake and there is no way all those birkins she carries in different colors will be authentic. Mercy Aigbe shows 10 colors one time and not a single one is authentic same applies to Toke and Eunice Efole that displayed them by her swimming pool. Some of those houses they bought, are bank financed purchase. Don’t be fool by their hyping

    9. Her house was paid for fully. Wasn’t financed. Can give you full deets of the payee but that would be divulging client KYC. I don’t know if her bags are fake or real but I know she can afford 10 real birkins with this present 3 paymasters at her disposal. If in doubt ask Virgin Atlantic Lagos about their top 5 most frequent fliers out of Lagos the past 24 months.
      I care less about her!! I just hope she’s investing cuz the rainy day def gon hit someday.

    10. “5 most frequent fliers out of Lagos the past 24 months“
      Relaxxxxxx! She isn’t the top 5 not even 10!
      Only you works with virgin , only you works with the real estate company, only you! Jacko!

    11. Anon 10.03 AM. Is that you Toke hyping and defending yourself
      here? I’m not sure you are happy with over the top lifestyles with FAKE body and designer stuff. I’m sure you are buying fake with your money so that your runs money doesn’t run out

    1. London gbajumo is so rude, nasty, and not a personal shopper she’s just a jobless girl in London .
      Doubt if she took any classes in fashion retailing or styling. Customer interaction is zero, sense of reasoning is zero, always showing shabby pos purchases like who fucken cares? I definitely knew her plug was fake as she declined showing me original purchase receipt when I asked. She even asked for £16k for a B30 GHW . Everybody is a personal shopper even my children’s nanny.

  3. The truth is that you can’t find a Birkin bag in any hermes store in London. You have to put your name down on the wish list which might take up to 8months and there’s no guarantee that you will get it.
    In Paris, you have to go on the website and fill out a form in order to get an appointment to place an order. This online for is done as a lottery , equally there’s no guarantee that you will be selected to come in and buy.
    I know this because I tried to buy my wife a Birkin for Valentine’s Day and it was a total bag of stress. We are still on a wish list till today.
    You can’t order a Birkin from abroad because hermes is overwhelmed by orders and as such gives priority to locals.
    After my encounter , I realised that 90% of the Birkin I see people carry about is all fake.

    1. God bless you. I know of someone in America who was on the waiting list for about a year. One became available in the Royal Exchange branch in the City of London. She wired £8000 to her family friend in London and he went to pick it up. While there he called her, she spoke to the store, he paid and she got her bag. Too much stress. I remember he said £8000 was the cheapest in the range. This was about 5 years ago.

  4. All these stress just to buy a bag?Na wa oo.abeg oo what is so special about this bag wen our big babes and celebs sef.doesnt it last forever?. mtchew.


  5. All of you who talk and talk about waiting lists have no clue about anything to do with Hermes! There’s no such thing as a waiting list. It irks me when you all claim to know but don’t know! You simply walk into a Hermes store and ask for the leather goods section. There you ask if they received any shipments. If you’re in luck, you get one. People who have good relationships with Hermes Sales Assistants usually get one! I walked in carrying my cousin’s special order croc kelly bag and was instantly offered a birkin.. why? Because Hermes’s rewards their loyal customers and for me to be carrying a special order I must have been perceived as a loyal customer. There’s no such thing as a waiting list! Go into a Hermes store regularly buy the smaller items and build a great relationship with a sales assistant and trust me, a birkin or Kelly will be yours in a matter of weeks.

    1. Birkin and Kelly bags are delivered every Wednesday to new bond street of Hermes store. When delivered they can contact a few loyal clients who placed orders, however if you are in store on delivery, and have the money you can pay and walk away with atleast 2 pieces. My husband and I walked in to buy a croc belt for himself and they had a delivery and he bought me 2 pieces, those were my first order. Subsequently I email them to check for certain pieces and they respond to which store in the world has it. I have purchased a few more pieces afterwards. It’s not a passport to success or fortune. When you don’t own it you feel the need to own one when you do finally own one, it means nothing.
      Hermes once put a staff on a private plane to deliver custom bags to a former minister in Nigeria, today she’s hiding. Bottom line; VANITY.

    2. There’s no waiting list? But Linda ikeji said there’s a waiting list, people around the world have said there’s a waiting list. How much was your croc Birkin by the way?

    3. Yes. I agree. If you build a special relationship they’ll let you know when they receive one in store, which they’ll Hold on reserve and you have to be in first thing in the morning to pickup etc.

      There’s that, and there’s the wait list. I was told to to put down my details down a while back ,clearly I was for a wait list since I wasn’t there to apply for a job or for any other purpose. So I’m not sure you have a clue of what you are saying too.

    4. Stop chatting out of your ass mate. I have lots of leather goods from hermes stores all over London. New Bond Street,Sloane street , Harrods and selfridges concession stores as well as Westfield.
      Yes if you are LUCKY to be in the shop ,u can get one on the delivery day but what are the chances of you being there and it bloody doesn’t come every Wednesday.
      I am on the wishlist with email confirmations. You are here acting all rich talking about having a good relationship with the sales assistants because you own pieces. What do you think you own? How much do you think you have spent on hermes to make u so SPECIAL or more entitled to the next person who’s commented?
      Everyone has his / her personal experience with hermes so don’t try to discredit anyone. Getting a Birkin isn’t a walk in the park. Simple.

  6. Anin 10.48am @Amokeye we see you. You and Maky Benson need to relax from anon blog comments. And leave Julie alone.

  7. Class_les is the original fake seller! She puts up bags and says you can get at reduced price apparently all fake! I almost fell victim. I had sent her thr money to send back was taking a while and she saw the way I was on her case she just sent me back my money. And lot of these Lagos so called big girls buy from her

    1. Ah! How . I’ve used them and it was a genuine purchase. Although it took a while too , but wait? Does she not get it from the site she displays on her story. I’m so confused.

    1. Lol. Not likely since she insists on sharing her entire purchase process on her IG channel all the time. I used to find it annoying but this extra pained reaction to MakyB always makes me laugh so Amaka, you're doing amazing sweetie

  8. Sorry top 5 virgin customers are the silent business mogul who have to be in london virtually every week …

  9. Who else loves THE WHISPERS as much as I do? Been listening to their songs all day. Wonder if I can bring them to Nigeria for my 50th birthday in a few years? will they even agree to come sef! Maybe I should try Najee. Hmmmm

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