Ene Maya Lawani

What could have warranted the former beauty or should it be said approximately, the ex-beauty queen’s total disappearance from the public view?

The tall and excitingly beautiful Ene was one of those celebrities then that embraced the social media with much aplomb and vigor. No day goes by without her fans and followers seeing one or two or in fact three or more of her pictures on the gram looking ‘scrumptiously hot-hot’, with the over-load of oomph. Ene who was Miss Nigeria 2004, that’s a whole 15 good years ago and in fact the longest serving Miss Nigeria in the history of the now comatose pageant to date, having reigned all of 6 good years from 2004 till 2010 before she relinquished the crown to another queen, is a noted, quite undoubted fashionista of the highest caliber.

Maybe it was that her ‘intimidating wardrobe’ which we had vowed and that left our mouth wide agape and that was the envy of all, by both the older and younger fashionistas alike, that made her embraced Instagram so much then. But all of sudden now, it seems like the 6 footer avid traveler, foodie, celebrity and entrepreneur, who owns her own name sake lifestyle business-‘Ene Maya’, has since given the social media a wide berth. It seems also like she has taken down totally, her instagram page/handle in a deliberate way to stay totally off the radar. Seems like she doesn’t want to be seen again. Seems like she has adopted or embraced the stealth or incognito, invisible mode in totality.

The last time we had heard about the lady with those incredibly smoldering and sexy ? eyes, she was said to have been putting finishing touches to her own impressive property somewhere and then right after that she just disappeared off the scene. We aren’t too sure if it was her we saw from afar at the last Gtb Fashion Weekend 2018 just gliding about inside the expansive compound of the event.

Anyone who knows the whereabouts of the graceful 30 plus lady, who is still probably one of Nigeria’s most eligible bachelorettes, should please help tell her that we have missed her presence most especially on the social scene and she should please return to quickly and with more bang than before. 

By Maestros Media

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  1. Aloba! There's time everything so it's time for Ene to leave the social media and focus on important issues mbok

  2. Which intimidating wardrobe?! Aloba forever hyping his ‘gaudy’ dressers. @Love and wealth, please start commenting, been too long, trust you’re doing well.

    1. Those fake Birkins and costume jewelries? Give me a break!!!! She is dating the IG and maybe he told her to CHILL.

    2. Which IG? Until the police traces you and drags you in the mud, stop writing trash. She’s with a lawyer living in his house.

    3. Anon 9.23 AM. She was with him after she left John or John left her, depends on who you ask Before she met the Lawyer

  3. Ene and John broke up.
    Ene has moved on to GODWIN OBLA (SAN)
    The chief prosecutor for EFCC and the first senior advocate from Idoma land.
    He is from Benue like her.
    His two grown married kids were always telling the dad what was up on her social media particularly the daughter who doesn’t like her.
    And so she was banned from social media by him.
    The man has broken up with his wife; this could be or could bot be related to Ene.
    Ene spends more time in abuja and traveling with him.
    He is also close to her parents and siblings and sends them off on holidays as well as takes care of bills.
    It seems this may be the tie for her. Their relationship is quite strong as they practically live together.

    1. He married another lady after the wife’s death. She was the one who raised the two kids. She didn’t have a child for him. They were together until recently.

    2. that's sad. Moving from one controlling relationship to an even more controlling one .don't these girls save money when dating these old rich men? How can you not be independent after over 10 years with polo boss

    3. @anonymous 10:38, oh really? I didn’t know he married that lady. M didn’t say she had a step mum.

    4. Oo o o so this is the Ene that Madam jack is always dissing anyway the girl fine sha. I will feel bad if my dad is dating one of this beauty queens they 2 like money sha

  4. Funnily I like how she dresses. It suits her. Not so sure if I dress the way she does I will look good. Or anyone else for that matter. Her clothes have a nice way of skimming off her slim frame. I cannot get into turbans, but they fit her.

    Now that there is a new Governor in Ogun state she may reappear. Don't ask me anything oh! I am serious!!

    1. That’s not possible. John and a Dapo were like 5&6 at a time. Dapo was with Samira while john Ene. I completely agree that there is a possible of the Ogun factor with Ene.

  5. M is always jealous of her dads babes. This one is paining her. She is always planning with E her brother on how to bring this girl down. Una don reach here. Better face your ashawo husband if not it's this aloba that will still carry your gist. Mind your business and leave your dad alone. I always tell u. Am sure you know who this is

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