Aigbovbioise & Olufunke

Nigeria’s VP officiating the vows

Pastors Yemi & Sola in a tete-a-rtete

We have already said all and by that we mean all that we should say about this wedding already. To say anymore again, would most definitely be an overkill. So this post is more about the pictures of the white wedding that took place at the Oriental Hotel, Lekki, Lagos on Saturday, April 13, 2019 than anything else.

So here again, most exclusively for your viewing pleasure, pictures of the wedding with the Vice president of Nigeria, Prof/Pastor Yemi Osinbajo and his lovely wife in attendance.

You can easily see the radiance on the couple. This is truly and surely L. O. V. E!  And we just found out quite reliably from sources very very close inside the family, that Funke is actually not yet pregnant!

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More gorgeous pictures after the break.

Pa Frank Aig-Imoukhuede, Aigboje Aig-Imoukhuede 

Couple with the VP & wife, plus family members 

Pastor Sola Fola-Alade of the Liberty Church London 

Bride’s parents & Lady Dolly Osinbajo

Bolaji Balogun, groom’s brother in law 

Gorgeous Couple 

The VP with Pastor Fola Sola-Alade 

VP, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo, Money man Aliko Dangote, Pastors Ituah Ighodalo, Sola Fola-Alade. 

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  1. I thought they said it was low key! This is not low key! Congrats again ! They look so beautiful together!

  2. Beautiful pictures! AIG looks better in Orthodox attire than native attire! Native aged him . Love the way he is admiring his wife! Love is sweet mehn!

  3. Hmmmm! Please let this be the last wedding you do abeg, Liz Taylor comes to my mind right now. Only you, different wedding pictures all over the Internet. Please this one na die o! People are counting it o. Only widows are exempted.

    1. Oh Blair Witch you crack me up with your comments. Funnily, I prefer the multi marriage thing instead of staying there by fire by force. That Nigerian pressure to stay and suffer in marriage isn’t healthy and has led to the deaths of some people.

    2. Iya Aje Blair, I’m sure she’ll be ok. And I’m sure she would change her attitude too after all the bashing she has received. Happiness makes us happy people

  4. I call him a fake Pastor. Pastors have no business in dirty politics which he engages in. He’s now remembering he’s a Pastor. Hiss!

    Funke is pretty. She always looks set in pictures. Agreed, Aig looks better and younger dressed up this way. Congrats again.

    They pushed Otunba FCMB and his Madam to the back. How dare they? Lol!

    Kemi’s weight loss has completely changed her face. Her head looks bigger than her body and she needs to do her teeth again. If I remember she wore braces a while ago. She needs a refund because she needs those teeth pushed back better. Try invisalign this time around instead of tracks.

    Talking of Pastors, yes to Sola Alade.

    1. O shut it Fan. Yes he’s first a pastor and secondly being a pastor does not give you super natural powers to solve Nigeria’s problem!!! Maybe when our mindset changes from killing Christians to killing human beings then we are Christ like.

      You’re right Kemi doesn’t look good. And the couple look very happy. Glad they are. The other Kuku boy was too irresponsible.

    2. Be quiet! He should better remove that honor, Pastor! Deceiving himself! Only GOD knows HIS true disciples ! If VP doesn't support evil going on in the country, then he dhould resign. But he won't! Just like the Pharisees in the Bible. You can't serve 2 masters! Enjoy on earth ! This too shall pass. Mark the Word of God. I support @Fan.His comments were on point. Argue with your keyboard!

  5. They all kind of look sad…

    Hopefully, it works out well this time. Maybe the second time will be the charm for her .

    That said, it's great to see Nigerian women living their best lives like Our grandmothers and great-grandmothers did.

    Side tea- I also saw on Bisi Olatilo Show that Ameera Abraham got married again to Alameyesiegha's son. This chic is like 30 and some other Chics are still hustling for their first .lol Nigerian women are not smiling anymore …

  6. Is it not RCCG pastors who kick against divorce and pregnancy before marriage. Yet one notable of them can solemnize a pregnant divorcee. She should have done the solemnization in a RCCG church.

    Since his entrance into politics, I doubt the purity again.

    This white wedding is still low-key, devoid of social climbers. It was the groom's party on Sunday that was loud.

    Anon 4:15pm, yes bride's parents look not excited…any good parent should be for a second marriage.

    Let's honour her, she's learnt her lessons.

  7. The guests look so sober! Mother of the bride looks so solemn as if they have heard all sorts, their ears are ‘overfilled’ with jist. Ahn ! Internet is not good o?, when you read your life history here from people who know all your past ‘runs’ you will be sober and sit up!

    1. Hope shola can also read and be sober from pussy juice! The rate at which he is going, he might be drunk soon! Yuck ??

    2. Welcome Shola ! You fucked me and now I am ill. You must pay for infecting me. I will drag you till you pay up! Idiot. Toke is a good girl, me! I will show you. Next time you won't disturb for sex! I don't care if you unfollow me! Ode. Fuck you too

    3. Hahaha shola is now following more of his ancestors to deceive people as if he is not bothered! Idiot! Instagram kill you there! Leave oloshos alone ! Oshomo! Friday nite are his hunting period!

  8. LMAO at all the Assistant Jehovahs and Deputy Jesus Christs' in the comments. Let's hope when you're in PYO's position and you literally have to carry a country on your back, you'll do better than he has. As for me, my PYO that I know is a gentleman; intelligent, visionary and a man of integrity. A man whose passion for our country led him into politics. He will always be my PASTOR! Trust and believe that there are many more of us who feel that way and that is more than enough.
    LOL I think Funke is incapable of doing anything completely low key. She's much more mature this time than she was when she married Abi. Hopefully this marriage will go much better. She's a very beautiful girl!
    Congrats to them!

    1. Anon 11:16 Your Yemi has rolled with pigs in the mud, therefore, must face the consequences.
      We understand the religious opium in your system

    1. Shola ojora is legally married to kemi Abayomi. ALOBA reported it here first before other bloggers started reporting it! The guy can lie for Africa! The gorl was born in 1975! Shola 1973!

    2. I guess he is not proud of his wife! Alas ! All the lies! She couldnt get a man in us for years! Dated several but nothing so opted for this cheat, liar and herpes for a husband ! The girl no fine! That oniru girl is finer if you ask me! Good for him that he has caught herpes!

    3. Anon 10;56pm! Envy kill you there! If you insult my girl i will come for you! Idiot! You dare enter the beehive! Hahaha! Dont let us sting you

    1. You are equally on all the sites you mentioned to know he is there. Mschew. Leave these guys alone biko.

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