Couple, Aigbovbioise & Funke

Wale Tinubu, Aliko Dangote & Teni

Lara Rawa 


So they had kept all the information about the wedding ceremonies hush-hush for those they didn’t want to come, but as your neighborhood good snoop that we are, we were able to know that the engagement/traditional wedding was done on Thursday and that the actual wedding was on Saturday, April 13, 2019 and then the private party of all private parties, Groom’s party was on Sunday, April 14, 2019 in Ikoyi, Lagos. Party still ongoing as this report was published.

The duo had apparently decided that it was better to have a so called ‘low profile’ wedding ceremony in quote than a loud celebrity one with all the attendant noise. What with Aigbovbioise being in his 40s, that’s middle or late 40s say about 48 at that and Funke doing this same thing a 2nd time around and clocking about 35. So though devoid of the so called ‘expected razzmatazz’ like Funke’s 1st one that was extremely loud for a purpose, like Nigeria’s own version of Princess Diana got married then, it was still class and distinction all the way. But we heard that to enter the Oriental Hotel, Lagos venue of the Saturday part of the event was like a camel ? passing through the eye of the needle! The security to say the least was ‘unbecoming’. That party from what we heard was more of a Fowler thing. Though if these series of ceremonies are what people generally refers to as ‘low profile’, then it beats hands down, many of the very loud ones then without a shadow of doubt.

This one & by that we mean the couple like you all already know very well, is good money jam super good money ooooo, so equation is balance all the way as it is 1-1 scoring draw. This dude here, by name Aigbovbioise is not in any way reliant on daddy’s funds at all, you can easily follow his trail and see that the University of Buckingham graduate has risen gradually to the pinnacle of his career and his still growing. Funke’s dad on the other hand, is probably one of Nigeria’s ‘most liquid’ Nigerians alive, as he heads the FIRS-that is, ‘Federal Inland Revenue Service’, one of the cash cows of the Federal Government, a station where he has performed magic, having left the LIRS-‘Lagos Inland Revenue Service’, where he had shown great mettle at delivering very well on the job. Funke on her own is quite a successful Fashion/lifestyle Entrepreneur. “Aig the younger” like we prefer to call Aigbovbioise (he is the last born of 4 kids of Pa Frank Aig-Imoukhuede the renowned veteran journalist, poet & playwright), was named after his ‘paternal grand-dad’ of yore, the Late Pa Isaac ‘Aigbovbioise’ Imoukhuede, who had passed on since May 1, 1938 long before any of Pa Frank’s 4 kids-‘Erekpitan, Aigboje, Oluwakemi & Aigbovbioise’ were born and on his own, Aigbovbioise is a super okay dude by all standards, but he is also backed by an older brother, the 2nd born child & 1st son at that, who is a super multimillionaire in good currency by name- Aigboje, the ‘former CEO of one of Nigeria’s top 5 banks in terms of all ramifications, that’s talking about Access Bank Plc and who was also the former President of the ‘Nigerian Stock Exchange’ and he is currently the chairman of ‘Coronation Capitals’, the owners of the ‘Coronation Group’, owners of ‘Coronation Merchant Bank’, ‘Wapic Insurance Plc’ & other investments. The elder Aig’s (AIG the elder) London home/mansion in a very tush area is said to be a statement in absolute class (that’s a story for another day though). And then also Aig’s 2nd sister ‘Oluwakemi Balogun’, infact his immediate elder sister, a business tycoon, is the wife of ‘Bolaji Balogun’, the MD/CEO of ‘Chapel Hill Denham’, one of ‘Nigeria’s top 5 financial advisory services firm’, who is the gentleman 1st son of the ‘incredibly stylish banker of note and head or leader of the Omoobas (princes) in Ijebu’, the one and only, “Otunba Olasubomi Balogun”. So though Funke is coming in big, her man is also very well sat too in all ways & manners.

This Sunday Ikoyi party was an epic one by all standards. It held somewhere in Ikoyi, more accurately at a private property owned by Aigboje on Gerrard Road, Ikoyi Lagos and the color of choice or of the day was ‘Cobalt-Blue’, which we heard reliably was supplied by none other than Temilade Remi-Adeoye of ‘Kwamule Fabrics’, who since she came on the scene has become the go to for the best fabrics for all occasions and events in Nigeria. Her store we hear is the mecca as people storm the place to source for exquisite fabrics of distinction for their parties, events & occasions.

According to our findings, this party was more of the Imoukhuede’s thing unlike that of Saturday. It was the groom’s after wedding party packaged and sponsored by Aigboje Aig-Imoukhuede, the elder brother of the groom. Though a private party, it had KSA, yes that’s the King himself on the bandstand performing and dazzling all. He always still does his thing, when it is the highest caliber of society that’s involved and this combo the Imoukhuede’s and Fowler’s perfectly fits into that mold. When an Aliko Dangote, a Jide Sanwoolu, Prince Dapo Abiodun  Wale Tinubu et al are at a party how more upscale can a party be? But it just wasn’t KSA on the bandstand though, there was also that American singing group of yore by name ‘112’ that were also there to entertain too to the delight of all. The quartet wore a white native attire of Buba & Sokoto to perform a medley of their hits. Though much more mature now, they still gave a great account of themselves, singing and at the same time stepping to the beats in tandem. They used to be one of the best R&B group then in the early 2000s. Then also there to perform was the rave of the moment, the super talented Teni, this gal Don blow ooooo ooo, we especially loved how she sang that her popular song where she mentioned Dangote, “but my papa no be Dangote” to the richest black man in the world, who laughed in delight, as the smart gal changed the lyrics claiming Dangote now has a new daughter!

More pictures and story after the break.

The guest list was quite intimidating to say the list, it was Aigboje’s party now, so what could one have expected? Just imagine a party where all the ‘captains of industry’ were in attendance. Apart from Aliko Dangote, there was Wale Tinubu, Governor elects- Babajide Olusola Sanwoolu, Prince Dapo Abiodun and loads more. All friends of Aig the elder. The new, gorgeous wife had a few of her friends in attendance too, likes of Lamide Shonekan, Ada Akinrele, Bimbo Oladapo, Lola Ashafa. Other young guests we also saw were Lara Rawa, Temilade Remi-Adeoye, Aisha Kolawole and many more. If you want a small private party without much noise, then this one with about 500 people only, is as small as they come. Sponsored by big bro, Aigboje Aig-Imoukhuede.

The event was packaged as expected by Funke Bucknor-Obruthe’s ‘Zapphaire Events’, bride’s make up as expected was done by none other than the biggest and the best in the land, Celebrity make up artist-Banke Meshida-Lawal.

All in all it was a totally off the hook, very upscale, Sunday evening party. Again we say congratulations to the couple.

Esosa Anenih & Oluwakemi Balogun 

By Maestros Media

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  1. Lol GBG, you mean Ifeoma Williams? She must be there somewhere. She's gone totally off the radar for a bit now. Since after her big birthday which took so much money, she's went Incognito maybe to recover.

    1. It was very low profile,a lot of people did not get invites,awon social climbers e.g Jasmine tukur and her cohorts.even the bride’s real friends didnt post any pictures,i guess respecting her’s them Temi that came and publicized the whole thing.

    2. @anonymous 1.47pm,i always wondered what that yasmin’s claim to fame was.She is everywhere mahn..jeez!!

    3. No claim to fame except that she married Bamangas son,and likes to go to parties taking pictures with everyone on earth.she plays away game too,she just keeps it under wraps and does it outside of the island men’s circle.

    4. Ah you know this!!she is dating a guy in lagos state government now,you really do know her.Shebi Abubukar na mumu.

    5. Temi has done well for herself on every level,kudos to her,but jasmine is a big slut like the first poster stated.i just look at her making a fool of herself with all this married men!and yes i am a friend,i just cant stand immoral women.

  2. If after all you have written about how well heeled, this and that, that they are, how funke’s Dad is this and the groom’s family is that, even dragging otunba balogun and Bolaji, (forgetting to add aunty tutu, ladi, Jide and Gboyega) IF THIS MARRIAGE DOESN’T LAST! Hmmm I will so come and drag you on this blog?

  3. MM all these your loyal bvs make comments that have deep meanings. Aproko, Temi has a child and Kemi doesn't want a matured woman with a child for him. Her deal with Temi is to enrich her thru patronage and gifts not marriage. Aye nserue.

    1. Are you sure re-Temi? Maybe the comment by Anon 1:07pm applies here because this is how most of these people think. Temi has dodged a bullet.

    2. They would never want Temi. All they want is someone from a background that has the clout etc regardless of the persons perceived flaws.
      Fake people all round.

    3. Once her father is out of FIRS, we will see what clout they have.

      At least Temi is hard working and has a trade.

      What does our princess with clout do for a living? She has too grown brothers, what jobs do they have or businesses do they run.

      We need to stop hailing these folks who live off alawee. Hope baby Aig doesn’t get bored with her.

    4. Indeed. They all do nothing for a living. Set up brands with their allowances that never thrive. Fake clout, big names but yet some of the most badly behaved irresponsible children.
      Whether or not Aig gets bored is immaterial as he’s never changed. Same chasing of women and talking badly about women. Go to traffic Lagos and see them sitting down and talking. Shameless men.
      You call out women who are doing the same things you all are still doing without any conscience. Why is a woman a whore and you aren’t? But these men sleeping with all sorts have the nerve to judge? Double standards. You are all no different from the women you castigate. End of discussion.

  4. All Shady fake hypocrites.
    Aigus and his friends always discussing other women and saying all sorts then you still settle for someone who’s no different. All imperfect bunch of men yet they seat down and judge women very badly.
    I hope Kemi opens her eyes to the failings of her brothers as well.
    At the end of the day God sees all things.

    1. WORD! Any guy who disrespects women will get burnt! Ask Maje! The fire is not burning! The guy don black finish! Preaching black is beautiful and his idiotic friends cheering him on while keeping their wives abroad and fucking random girls from instagram and all.

    2. You know them well. Meanwhile, there’s one whose wife gives him hell at home and even in public yet he has the temerity to besmirch other women. The joke is on them.

    3. @Fan. I don't like this now! Come and finish the story! Please who is the guy? ????. Make it a puzzle. Is it so or bb or who?

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    5. But Maje that I met is a charming guy!. He didn't ask me out. I really like his accent! Great body too. It just amazes me why someone will put his wife's picture up there on gram and be asking for sex! Men are bad sha! We girls are part of it too. What lie did he tell you? Until you get one serious infection from him, then your eye will clear. Following on Instagram ! I will never let my hubby get instagram acct once i get married . Too many temptations !

    6. He has two close friends from their university days and their names start with C. You know the two alternatives for God in the Igbo language. It’s not hard to know which one of them has a cantankerous wife.

    7. Why should married men have Instagram acct? Social media destroying homes! Snapchat nko? Any woman whose husband has acct on these network, forget your man ooo! He is a public toilet! Just go and check how many girls he is following and those following him! Everytime he is on gram, Snapchat sollicting for sex and all. If you are single like Maje then it is okay but putting your partner's picture up there and messing around with random girls is really disrespectful to your wife! All these girls you are sleeping with discussed you and belittles your partners! Grow up man!

    8. Aloba! Please make a post on wicked spouses on social media messing up, let's call them out! Not fair on their wives! Maje! This post is not for you and no, I am not toke you stepped on many toes! You and Shola and ladi. Abi's time is coming!

    9. I know a girl that dated these guys and have pictures of them naked talking to her. They should be careful who they sleep with. Most of these girls are wicked! They talk too much! If only Aloba will permit ! I will send him evidence!

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    13. Thanks for your contribution to the literary World, now crawl back to grandpa's bed and do what you know best.

    1. Would she have married him if he did not come from a successful family?

      Temi ke? Aunty kemi wants a prestine woman for a her fav brother. Some of baby Aig’s friends have gone through Temi during her up and coming days.

      Funke is the ultimate trophy wife.

    2. ….Some of baby Aig’s friends have gone through Temi during her up and coming days…
      Not shocked, she's all about money dropping.

    1. Hehehehr! I thought that was her dad in the first picture! The guy is old man! Still prefer Abi, if you ask me!

  5. Congrats to the latest couple in town. Money truly answered all calls! That this pretty gal will marry her grandpa! Love is really blind!

  6. I am happy for them. Congrats guys but you know that this is a trap because if it's not working , you guys can't call it quits! The whole world is watching! So make it work ok. Good luck cos you guys will be needing it!

  7. Please can we discuss Servant Leader’s disappearing frame. She is so gaunt and frail. I hope she is not ill.

    1. Bariatric surgery. She doesn't look frail or gaunt, she's only the slimmest she hasbeen in a while. You all will get used to it.

  8. Why is Kemi looking like this? Is she sick? The weight lost is drastic.

    Aig, attache of life to Aliko

  9. … the marriage will last. After her previous try, she will die there. if it wasn't that Abi kuku kicked her out and her parents came to get her, she was going to stay and tolerate his shenanigans… very "loyal" girl.

    But why the unnecessary tagging of otunba balogun and his sons? Can't the groom stand on his own as a man of significance? Na these tagging go make the guy go do pass him own just to keep up with the joneses.

    Was Dapo Abiodun and Sholaye at the wedding?

    1. Your first paragraph mentioned the story the way it happened. She didn't want to leave, my fine boy used violence and threats to make her call home for pick up.

  10. Abi in the corner singing," I hit it first". Abi, sweetie! I am here ! Waiting to be sucked as usual. Shola , Maje, Ladi! Wait, you will get your turns! Yeah! I am bad like that!

    1. This is the result of sleeping with girls from different social media! That's the result! No more respect! People see you guys in public and laugh! You guys are not kids anymore! So bad! You sleep with dogs, you get ticks and ringworm !

    2. Reading most of the comments here, I now believe Toke. These guys are really dirty . I now believe the std saga! Hmmmm! My girlfriend is fucking shola as I type, even follows him on gram and he follows her back. He's married o! She should better get tested! Thank you so much Toke for opening our eyes! Fine boys with diseases! Yuck . Aloba need to do a post on married men and women on Instagram! Rubbish! No respect for their partners anymore!

    3. That's why my boss will ask first who the chick has dated previously before diving! Most of these guys mentioned here have std! You see them at event looking dope but be warned! Obaro has calmed down, Maje the fitness magician and Shola the pussy beggar has taken over

  11. I hope she doesn't follow the footsteps of A..her married Igbo jobless friend that won't allow Banana island married men rest.

  12. @Fan. It is their wives I blame. You know that normal guy can't hold body! Then you leave a wandering pink, what do you expect? Until they infect them like Toke was infected. Too many std around, they won't listen. I know a neighbour that has herpes that these guys have sucked! The worst is that they share these girls! I don't know how they do it! Without nothing in the acct. Well, as long as they use condom, it's safe .

    1. Mr.T is one of many. This reckless girl has no respect for her marriage and the family she married into.

  13. So true anonymous 9:16.

    Her best friend Ada is dating married men.
    She’s been spotted in a famous store in London with Mr T. So shameful.

    1. Please leave her alone is it only her, why single her out! Wicked people everywhere! Go and work on your man and leave me alone! Idiots .

  14. No ones perfect but the way Aigus criticises women with his friends is terrible. As a man who’s sat in their midst I am embarrassed each time.
    You marry someone who isn’t a saint, who has dated her fathers friend, who looks down on people, who’s character is widely known as poor.
    From today stop judging other women unfairly Aigus. Those in glass houses don’t throw stones.

    1. Mama borngirl, come and read your virgin story!!! I remember you started this her virgin gist.

    2. Yeah!yeah! Married as a virgin yet couldn't keep her man! Please leave matter for Matthew! No matter how promiscuous a man is, there is antidote for it! Ask around and you will get! Give him efo riro!

    3. Come on! Stop it! Married as a virgin keh? Don’t say what you don’t know please. Don’t make us pull up the list with receipts.

    4. MBG, which kain virgin? Was Gbenga A just looking at her face each time she went to his place and also that African American she dated in the states?

  15. I just went to view the picture of the supposedly cheat on Instagram! Wow! He placed a picture of himself and his wife on Instagram. But that's an old picture nah. His wife isn't that slim and young anymore! After birthing, she has aged nah ?????????! These guys sef! I now understand why he is cheating, The babe worwor die! ???????! Old picture fa! That picture was taken in 1980. Please post recent pictures nah ! Please let me go and be coming! The guy is creepy

    1. Please whats the name of the guy so i can check his instagram profile? Thats always pleading for nudes. Please spill the name I beg you.

    2. ?????????! BVS are the worst! ALOBA is back ooooo! I checked the guy's Instagram profile. The wife is cute but i must admit that she does not look like that anymore. I am sure she knows about her husband's playing around but can't do anything. Poor woman! Well she should return to Nigeria to maintain sanity to her husband before he catches the deadly disease like his friend. I know for sure he has something now at the rate he is going! Hope is not herpes sha ! But something curable!

    3. Don't mind the idiot supporting his friend on gram on being black is the best! They tried to shame toke but it back fired! Married a dark skinned woman yet won't let light skin girls rest. Idiot! He has std for sure because I know a girl that he is following on gram that has herpes but I don't know if they have done the deed! If they have, then i am disappointed! He can do better

    4. I have to go Anon here or else he might know it's me! Please check their pictures on whatsapp! We are buddies and I know for a fact that the picture there is old. The wife looks like a kid there, don't know if it was edited or what but she looks sick! Guy man dey deceive himself! He is a dad and should act like one! All these stories about him is not healthy at all. Come on bro! You need to cut it out! Now i am hearing that you have caught something! Not nice at all.

    5. ?????????! Just checked the pictures ! The girl that he is currently fucking and the one he is about to fuck are both finer than his wife! The hustle is real. Toke winning!

  16. This " Me too movement" should come to naija I want to read stories and laugh please. It's about time.

  17. Wait o. She dated Gbenga Ashiru? Hmmm, her taste in men is very questionable o. She seems to like all these no future ambition men. Guys with name living of family past glory.

    She will stay in this marriage by fire by force. It helps that she has a doting sister in law unlike the last marriage that the sisters did not like her b/c they were intimidated by her family wealth. it was said she (her family) was the one maintaining the couple's lifestyle.

    So this Ada story is true. Hmmmmm, these women sha. What is she looking for out there despite all that her husband provides her. Can she be that jobless with 2 kids?

    1. Anon 2:13pm! If it hurts you, then change! You are not the only married man whose wife lives abroad ! You are just nasty! From most comments here, it shows you are really a cheat and a bad husband. Why can't you be responsible ? Ode! Fool at 46 is a fool for …….! Chasing small small girls on Instagram, Snapchat and the rest. Disgraceful! Shameful ! Go to Instagram , Snapchat etc. No job! Shebi, you have caught something now, herpes as they said. Your body will cool down now!.

    2. Herpes ????? There are 2 types of herpes. Please which one? I'm scared right now. But his underwear are always clean. He does not smell and he is neat. Oh my! What have I done?

    3. Does herpes show on underwear? Anon 10: 37pm! You are crazy! Better get tested! Wait! So this guy sleeps with prostitute without condom! Chai ! Na so Toto dey sweet am reach.

    4. The Fowler’s maintaining Abi Kuku’s lifestyle? What a load of hogwash! His sister’s intimidated by the Fowler wealth? Please shut up! It’s obvious you’re an outsider. You want to compare the wealth of a prolific looting public servant to that of a sage/billionaire business man/ the Ogbeni Oja of Ijebu land. Go do your home work and then attempt to reenter the inner circle. Funke married up when she married the Kuku’s.

    5. While I agree that Fowler’s wealth is new money from ill gotten means, the kuku’s are old glory. No money just name. Apart from Otunba Balogun, all those big name ijebu guys of your weren’t holding like that (see Ayoku’s also).

      What does abi do for a living.

      And yes, The Fowler’s were the ones taking care of the bills.

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  23. Aloba! The comments here made me laugh so hard I almost peed in myself! Please, which shola is this? The guy is in trouble oooo! Never fuck small girls.They are so ill mannered! No home training whatsoever! Stupid , dirty girls. Shola! Ignore them all. They are not worth your time!

  24. Wait! So instagram brought all you guys together! Wonderful! If instagram Snapchat and dating sites crashes for 1 year, some men will become suicidal.

  25. Anon 9:55pm! Did you say " Reputation? Who knows Shola O. Their time has gone nah! Shola O reign mo! Haba ! He reigned in the 60's! The guy is OLDDDDD!

  26. Shola should better retire now and collect his gratuity! He can't keep up! Imagine! Fucking small small girls without condom fa! Too old men!

  27. ??????? @ Reputation sha! What stupid reputation! Who knows him? Only people born in 1900 era! Move over grandpa!

  28. So Shola is 46yrs old and Maje is 49yrs old yet they look so good! He looks more of 37 sha to me! Well, why wont he? When he swims in pussy juice all nite long! Keep doing you jare . Haters gonna hate! Ballers gonna ball!?

    1. From calculation on dating toke Anita, hauwa and the rest! That should be his age! No football age here!

    2. So he's this old? He should act his age by being a responsible parent and stop chasing young girls all over the place. He should leave that to the Davidos and Wizkids of this World.

  29. That's how Maje was fucking up and down till toke took him to school. Now he is a fitness educator/ pimp. Shola will soon Go to the same school and come out as a " sex therapist Watch this space.

    1. These anons are wicked sha? They shred this Shola guy street cred into a million pieces. Abeg e don do.

    2. Wow! That's the disadvantage of been everywhere! You don't need social network to get a real woman though!

  30. The guy is in every network! Name them, he is there! Snap chat, instagram , LinkedIn, Badoo , WhatsApp, dating sites, pornhub etc. He can't get enough yet he has a wife! Where is his wife? She should come and take him !

    1. Yes, shola is on tinder and bumble! Have you slept with him? Better head straight to the clinic! Get test bit there is no cure for herpes! Hope you know.

    2. Yes, he is and other dating sites! He's into everything messing up! He has caught something ! Herpes has NO CURE! Dirty guy!

    3. Dont blame shola O. He has to be everywhere including dating sites because the competition is real! Too many fresh, young handsome boys with money plus 6 packs!?. Shola o reign mo. That phrase got me!

    4. Dont blame shola O. He has to be everywhere including dating sites because the competition is real! Too many fresh, young handsome boys with money plus 6 packs!?. Shola o reign mo. That phrase got me!

  31. I respect myself ! I don't do small small girls! Their mouth is too sharp and heart, evil. There are lots of big girls on the island now! I guess he is cheap as they said.

  32. You are crying that a man is dirty as slept with you without condom but you are no better. You are dirty like he is. Both of una fit yourselves. Man slut and female slut. Both wide open to all manners of STIs. Case closed.

  33. You sucked me, you did this, you did that. So what should we do? Were we there? Better go and treat yourself in peace.

  34. Ì want to believe that Shola caused all these insults for himself! When you are married and your wife is not in town, respect her and hold yourself. If at all, you want to play, look for a matured woman or escort girls not all these fake girls on social network! Most of them are not happy at all. They talk too much and have no secrets! Ignore their beauty, they are ugly in the heart! Shola! Learn to be a SNUB! Snob all of them! No matter the beauty, SNUB them! Get a matured woman I prefer married women , divorced or widows! They can keep secrets well. Be a man and pretend all these things never happened. It is well. I am rooting for you! It's a man's world, remember !

  35. Women have suffered sha! Risking your life for how much? Exposing yourselves to what gain? Shola should offer these women jobs in his company. These girls are broke! Rehabilitate them! It's not easy to spread legs and collect prick ! The girls sound angry!

    1. The so called" ashewo " gives shola funds or gifts sometimes! The guy is wicked ! And he is calling her a slut. But its not only shola that is everywhere! Abi, ladi and maje are on it too! Hope they are not using sha!

    2. Shola is a fair weather friend! Not loyal one bit. I dont understand him! Very envious man! Too proud! Too demanding! You must have big boobs and butt!like his wife has any! Very dry woman! Desperate thing! You didn't see any man to marry in Baltimore ! Kojo 's wife is still the finest and well read!

    3. Aloba! Please take down this post! My girlfriends have refused to talk to me. They think i slept with shola but i didn't! They think i have herpes! Please take down this post or lagos will be on fire!

    4. Shola is lucky! He doesn't need to go to the clinic, he has gotten free diagnosis here so all he needs is medicine to treat it cos there's NO CURE !

    5. Anon 2:59
      Leave his wife out of this. If you choose to be loose and frolick with a married man, your business, has nothing to do with HIS WIFE. You that are 'fine' and not dry, how come you are still sleeping about?! You are the desperate one in actual fact. No self respect.

    6. This is super sad. Aren't these men pushing 50? It's a different thing if you are doing all this nonsense with a day job or thriving business to show for it but no…..

      With the exception of Ladi Balogun, I just wonder why most of these men couldn't use their parent's name as leverage to get jobs and build thriving businesses….

    7. Anon 5:04pm! Will you keep quiet! Oh! I'm not married! Oh! I'm sleeping around! Oh I'm desperate! I will rather remain single than to be desperate and marry a public toilet! When shola called us sluts, it included his wife so STFU! I have a pussy his wife has a pussy, i have boobs, she has boobs as well! She fucks Shola without condom, Shola fucks me without condom! Wait for it! Shola also sucks me and eats my arse! Shola is legally married to his wife, shola is legally bonding with my pussy, legally living out his dreams with me! So tell me, Amebo ! Am i still the desperate one! My friend go and look for sympathy else where!

    8. Anon 5:04pm! How dare you! I have no self respect? You are MAD! You should be telling that to Shola! If i sleep around is it your business? Sorry ooo! Mother Theresa ! Virgin! I am young, vibrant and intelligent. It has nothing to do with sex! Shola was just a bad client! Period! Too harsh! Otoge !

    9. Hey anon 5:04pm! Go and tell that to your loose husband! Does he have self respect? No! Please STFU ! Why dont you come home and satisfy his needs so he can free us! You are there saying, bla bla bla! Anyways he has herpes now! You can have him! Trying to disrespect women who did you good by calling us sluts and expect us to keep quiet! This is just the morning! By afternoon you will know , how far !

    10. Anon 5:04pm! If you were not desperate why did you choose to marry shola and live outside the shores of Nigeria? Come here and live with your so-called husband now! Oh! You are doing career woman! Wait till shola knocks up a " slut" , then we will know who really is desperate! My friend, will you shut it! If Shola calls us Ashewo, you are also an ashewo as well BUT the difference is " Ashewo get class! He fucks us without condom and sucks us! You, his wife, he only fucks! So who is the wife and who is the under previlidge ashewo? My friend, go and register in a good school and get a degree, the one you have is counterfeit !

  36. Why did Kemi balogun and her sis in law wear white??people that won’t allow the bride to shine in peace on her wedding day, what they did is so wicked. They should have picked another colour pls. Rubbish. I can bet my life that they will always interfere in this marriage. Awon busy body in law.

    1. Shola has a company ! Ok ooo! A word of warning to him! The company might collapse if he carries same attitude of fucking and sucking girls there because i know for a fact that if fuck a bomb pussy in a work place, it will affect the foundation of the company! And knowing Shola being cheap and all that, he definitely will turn a section of the building to his slaughter house! And be claiming working late!

  37. ALOBA Your blog is the BEST !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I swear … LMAOOO the comment section is Bomb.

    This shola guy has suffered sha. He should beg all the babes he fucked cause ehn they are all angry with him.

    God of Mercy, seeeeee commments oo ????????????????

    Aloba pls dont disappear on us AGAIN ! Abeg

  38. Aloba I'm vexing with you.The post is showing 198 comments but I used toothpick to count all the comments and it's not up to 198. Abeg release the remaining comments!

  39. Anon5;04pm! Go and die! You believe you have made sense with that comment! Abi? Go and die! Give your loose husband a week! He's back to the network! He's addicted to our pussy but we are tired of him! OTOGE

  40. The guy doesn't rest fa! Gi to his instagram acct. He just started posting! When your followers are inversely proportional to those you are following, you are a " Shola! If you know , you know!

  41. This Adas gist is so true, seen them around the block. They were even on a flight from London to Lagos and were all loved up. The husband is a fool for letting her be so loose. And that Tunde guy is a bastard that just wants to ruin the poor girls life. Doesn’t she have friends that can tell her the truth.

    1. Birds of the same feather they say.

      How can her friends the likes of Funke, Nnena, Toke etc advise her when they aren’t any different?

      Like that anonymous said up there, hope sholaye and Dapo Abiodun didnt attend?

      From the pilot to sholaye plus Dapo, Funke’s list is quite something which shouldn’t mean anything in this day and age but for her habit of looking down on people and junior Aigs habit of abusing and gisting about other women meanwhile you married a woman who isn’t a saint. Hopefully all the unfair judgements of other people ends as he’s now married.

  42. As a BV for years on this blog, one thing i can say correctly is that, these "Anons" are highly educated based on their English and choice of words! Shola does not do illiterates These girls are really smart and outspoken! Shola likes intelligent women! I dont think these girls gave Shola herpes, maybe he got it from Maje! Since they share!

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